Research & development

R&D mission

Itransition drives innovation through industry collaboration, trusted relationships with customers, and our technologically savvy R&D approach.

We run a company-wide R&D Program to provide additional value to our clients by leveraging emerging technologies, thus helping our customers better compete in their markets.

Itransition R&D program
Respond to customers’ business challenges
Encourage people
Improve skillsets

R&D labs

Itransition’s R&D labs are our live collaborative environment where we create, incubate, pilot and test new technologies, prototypes and solutions that can become parts of real projects or products.

The structure of an R&D lab is a self-sustaining cycle, where Itransition invests human capital into developing proof of concepts for projects intended to solve our customers' business problems. Our labs are customer-aligned, so we connect our clients to disruptive solutions in technology space to help gain competitive advantage while optimizing time to market.

R&D process

Itransition helps businesses achieve long-term success in today’s markets by adding order to systematically processing innovations as a new source of growth.

Strategic portfolio management
Discovery & selection
  • Tech trends monitoring

  • Market assessment

  • Selection criteria generation & validation

  • Feasibility study

Incubation & testing
  • Proof of concept development & testing

  • Value engineering

  • Risk assessment & mitigation planning

  • Rollout planning

Implementation & scaling
  • Launch & measurement

  • Evolution & scaling

  • Maintenance

  • Customer service

  • Replacement planning

R&D partners

Technology upgrade

Our R&D endeavors enable us to offer technology upgrade services, while providing a clear upgrade path to help you efficiently make the transition, optimizing costs, timeframes and downtime.

Risk management
  • Technical check

  • Functional check

  • Upgrade validation

  • Upgrade roadmap

  • Risk mitigation

  • Proof of concept

  • Environment preparation

  • Backup & rollback process

  • Technical upgrade

  • Functional upgrade

  • Data migration

  • QA & testing

  • Knowledge transfer

  • User & admin training

  • Post-production support

Upgrade support

Innovation infrastructure

To make innovation an attractive initiative for everyone, we utilize specific tools to promote the flow of ideas, motivate and encourage the team members to participate in the R&D Program and help them bring their ideas to life. Itransition has created the infrastructure both for gathering ideas and tracking execution of the R&D Program.

Any team member can easily do research, contribute to others' or own ideas, while the management team can monitor the entire R&D Program and its efficiency by tracking and measuring the progress in the defined sectors.

  • Collaboration
  • Idea generation
  • Idea capture & organization
  • Idea evaluation & selection
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Repo management
  • Database management
  • Release management
  • Security
  • IP management
  • Monitoring & logging
  • Workflow management
  • Knowledge management