Ecommerce personalization

Ecommerce personalization

Customers want personalization

Our experts develop solutions that enable B2B and B2C retailers to understand their customers better and provide them with highly personalized offers and experiences. This way, companies can optimize their marketing, increase conversion rates, improve customer service, and prevent churn.


of smartphone users are more likely to buy when offered relevant recommendations



of customers expect offers to always be personalized



of online shopping time increase is attributed to personalized experiences


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Personalization benefits for ecommerce

Through ecommerce personalization, companies can provide each of their customers with a unique experience based on their previous purchases, browsing history, shopping behavior, and other relevant data that reveals their needs and preferences. It also allows ecommerce companies to stand out with their marketing and customer service strategies and nurture the target audience’s loyalty, gaining such valuable advantages as:

Growing customer base
More returning
Efficient marketing
Loyal customers
More conversions
Increased sales

Personalization areas we cover

Personalization areas we cover

Dynamic content

We develop and integrate tools that can adapt your platform’s content and layout according to users’ preferences, behavioral patterns, purchase history, geolocation, and other vital data using such types of content personalization as dynamic content grids, informational bars, “second net opportunity” pop-ups, dynamically adjusting recommendations, and others.

Product recommendations

We build engines for B2C and B2B brands to analyze consumer data and show them items similar in style, functionality or other attributes to what they have been interested in or placed in their shopping cart, to encourage them to buy more.

Omnichannel shopping

Itransition can provide you with tools to craft continuous, personalized communication with customers across different touchpoints. Such automation lets your customers pick up their interaction with your brand where they have left off and continue conversations via their channel of choice effortlessly.

Data-driven targeting

We can integrate your ecommerce platform with reliable data sources and analytical engines to help you deliver only valuable information to consumers, assuring them of your knowledge of their needs and preferences thanks to data-driven customer segmentation.

Dynamic pricing

We can integrate your ecommerce platform with a custom AI engine to continuously analyze customer behavior, competitors’ actions and market situation in order to optimize prices dynamically in real time.

B2B vs B2C ecommerce personalization

Both B2C and B2B sellers use personalization tools and techniques to drive more sales and enhance customer lifetime value, yet these tools need to be applied reasonably according to your particular business model.



Customer personas



The customer base can be segmented into personas that clearly show the needs and interests of the particular customer cohort, making it easier to create a relevant personalized offering or a marketing campaign.

Customer bases are typically smaller but customer personas are more complex since they represent the entire company or its departments. Providers need to factor in target companies’ global objectives combined with particular departments’ needs when marketing their products.

Product catalogs



Product catalogs, though extensive, follow simpler structures containing a relatively small range of typical characteristics.

Product catalogs tend to be more detailed, containing in-depth product explanations for different verticals, departments, and decision-makers.

Personalization targets



A person interacting with the ecommerce platform is the end-user, so personalization focuses on their wants and needs.

A person interacting with the platform is rarely the end-user, but rather a business representative. Personalization should cater to business objectives of the respective company the user speaks for.




Mostly fixed, though can be slightly optimized depending on the market trends, buyers’ location, season, etc.

Usually customizable, depending on the size of purchase, the customer’s long-term goals, and other negotiable parameters.

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AI for ecommerce personalization

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help retailers achieve great personalization results quickly and without putting too much pressure on the employees. Our experts can help you determine the area of application that will benefit your business the most, choose the right technology and approach, and then carry out a full-cycle development and integration.

To collect and process customer data

We can implement AI to automatically capture customer data across the multitude of touchpoints and then process it to extract the most relevant bits. This way, you can easily gain vital insights and further use them for customer profiling and experience personalization.

To create intelligent recommendations

Our team can build and implement AI engines to analyze customers’ actions in real time, combine this data with their personal information, and present each customer with a constantly updated list of product recommendations in your web or mobile store.

To deliver human-like interactions

We offer to develop AI-powered chatbots to provide quick support to customers, assisting with their requests and answering frequently asked questions while freeing customer support reps’ time for handling more complex requests.

To drive dynamic personalization

Our experts develop technologically advanced solutions that allow intelligent real-time personalization triggered and executed in a variety of ways according to customers’ behavior and requests, without human involvement.

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Ecommerce personalization with Itransition


Our experts assess your current personalization strategy, gather your requirements, help determine what tools and technologies to implement to achieve the needed results, and provide guidance during the project planning stage.


Our team employs the most innovative technologies, including ML and AI tools, to develop the end-to-end personalization solution that fully covers your company’s requirements, integrates with the existing systems and can be further scaled and tuned.


We fully integrate the personalization solution into your company’s software ecosystem and workflows and ensure its safety, compliance, and interoperability. Additionally, we carry out user acceptance testing to ensure that the final solution corresponds to the stakeholders’ vision and expectations.


We offer ongoing technical support and monitoring of your ecommerce personalization system and can quickly resolve any issues that might come up during everyday operations. We can continuously tune up the solution according to user feedback.