Cyber security consulting

Cyber security consulting

Our security services

We provide businesses with a broad range of cyber security services, covering all types of organizational IT assets. Our objective is to help create protected IT ecosystems where each building block is strong enough to resist a cyber attack.

Software-level security

Security features are integral to all solutions we deliver. We also deploy available security updates to the software in place and deliver custom security enhancements.

Network monitoring

We set up 24/7 network monitoring to ensure permanent control over network elements (servers, firewalls, routers, switches, etc.) and keep an eye on their safe operation and integrity.

Infrastructure protection

Our team sets up security solutions and practices to shield enterprises’ IT infrastructures, including hardware and software assets, from potential cyber attacks.

Cyber security consulting: 3 levels

We understand that implementing specific security features is only right when they fall in line with the overall organizational security policy. When companies aren’t sure about measures they need, Itransition offers its cyber security consulting services as essential for establishing effective security practices.


Working with corporate IT ecosystems, we evaluate the security posture to reveal its strengths and weaknesses, as well as check if it complies with regional and global security standards.


We help businesses document their security roadmaps with imperative steps for achieving required cyber security levels through personalized methodologies and security solutions.


Upon request, we carry out security training for IT professionals and business users. We explain how to manage security solutions and establish secure working practices for different devices.

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Security pre-audit assistance

We are a cyber security consulting company that provides advisory services to companies preparing for certifications and compliance checks as part of a comprehensive security audit. We carry out all-round security assessments across an enterprise’s documented security practices and security solutions in place. We also help fill the revealed security gaps and improve security across all the domains.

  • Security policies
  • Documented IT assets
  • Incident response programs
  • Data protection policies
  • Security training materials
  • Application security
  • Network analytics
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Physical security
  • Endpoint security

Cyber security testing

With its dedicated testing center, Itransition supports businesses ready to take a close look at their cyber security status. We thoroughly examine solutions, networks, and infrastructures to discover unseen vulnerabilities and security gaps that could be leveraged by malicious external and internal users. Our post-testing action plan includes countermeasures for patching revealed security loopholes and improving the overall state of the tested systems.

Vulnerability assessment

We deliver vulnerability assessment services to review corporate security objectively. Using a variety of vulnerability scanners, we scrutinize our customers’ environments and solutions to discover unpatched vulnerabilities that can attract hackers and leave a loophole to corporate assets and sensitive data.

Security code review

Our security engineers look into applications to inspect their security at the code level. The key goal of such code reviews is to make sure that the code doesn’t contain errors and that security controls are implemented correctly and operate as intended. By verifying every line of code, we ensure that applications have no blind spots and can withstand attacks.


We analyze the systems to be tested, identify their role in the environment as well as key parameters and required configurations.


We examine requirements of the tested systems’ normal behavior and expected reactions in response to a cyberattack.


Based on the compliance guidelines and the customer’s business context, we configure and launch vulnerability scanners.


We report on the discovered vulnerabilities and their potential impact on company-wide security in detail.

Security code review

Penetration testing

Itransition’s ethical hackers perform penetration testing to examine app and network behavior in scenarios close to real-life cyberattacks. Relying on the proven OWASP and PTES methodologies, our team carries out white-, grey- and black-box penetration testing by simulating internal or external intruders’ actions and trying to exploit existing vulnerabilities.

The testing results in a detailed report with a full list of detected vulnerabilities classified by their nature and severity. The list is extended with effective measures for patching the vulnerabilities and restoring security of the tested systems.

1 Reconnaissance

Collecting knowledge about tested solutions and networks

2 Discovery

Identifying exploitable vulnerabilities

3 Intrusion

Exploiting vulnerabilities

Trying to get privileged access

4 Analysis

Summarizing testing results

Describing vulnerabilities

5 Remediation

Outlining an action plan to eliminate security gaps

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Cloud security

Delivering cloud solutions for businesses globally, we put our effort into ensuring they are attack-resistant. Our cyber security consultants help businesses deploy protected cloud environments that support impregnable business workflows, enterprise collaboration, content and data management.

Secure cloud architecture

We design secure cloud architectures across different deployment models (public, private, hybrid, multicloud). Using cloud best practices, we ensure protection of network components, endpoints, and connections within cloud environments.

Cloud data protection

We mitigate security-related risks of cloud data storage, exchange and governance. Data loss prevention, encryption, data access management, and data monitoring are at the center of our data security services.

Identity management

Following the organizational hierarchy and security requirements, we build user taxonomies, define user permissions and access rights. We also handle user authentication issues within cloud apps and set up user metrics within cloud monitoring solutions.


We hold ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, which guarantees the highest information security during our software development projects. We also help our customers from various business domains to align their IT ecosystems with the industry-specific regulatory compliance (PSI DSS, SOX, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, etc.). Our testing services are the right choice for businesses that want to make sure their solutions meet the global standards of data and business process management. At the same time, our informed recommendations form a solid basis for companies to improve their security practices overall and the protection of certain apps and network components in particular.


Cooperation models

To start your cooperation with Itransition, you can choose the option that fits your security goals and budget best.

On-demand security consulting

We are open to on-demand security assistance to help you resolve security issues of various origins and restore the normal operation of your IT environment. Our team delivers security enhancements and fine-tunes security solutions, as well as helps pass security testing and certifications.

When you don’t have internal computing and human resources to manage your IT ecosystem, you can delegate this demanding task to Itransition. Through our managed IT security services, we ensure ongoing monitoring and optimization of your enterprise security posture.

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