Ecommerce development services:
solutions, technologies, and features

Ecommerce development services: solutions, technologies, and features

Ecommerce development covers the design, building, and launch of an ecommerce website. It includes building both the solution’s frontend like product pages, a shopping cart, checkout forms, and support pages, and its backend infrastructure. Itransition creates feature-rich ecommerce solutions for companies of any size and business model to help them reach target audiences and grow revenue.

global retail ecommerce software market CAGR by 2030

Research and Markets

of consumers plan to increase online shopping in the next six months


of software buyers consider increased productivity their main investment driver


Why choose Itransition

25+ years of ecommerce website development

Company-wide Ecommerce Center of Excellence

Solution partner for Adobe, SAP Commerce, Salesforce, and Odoo

Recognized in the IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnerships list 

Listed as a Top Ecommerce Development Company by Clutch

Ecommerce solutions we develop

Itransition builds customer-centric and feature-rich ecommerce solutions for every business model, helping our clients establish a strong digital presence, better engage with customers, and generate more conversions.

Case study

partner base growth

Ecommerce store for IT retailer

Our team developed a comprehensive ecommerce solution for a hardware and software retailer selling hundreds of product types to 90,000+ customers.

Ecommerce portals

Ecommerce portals

We deliver user-friendly portals to serve as digital buying hubs for effortless deal management and safe transactions. Our ecommerce portals are also equipped with analytics tools to help businesses tap into consumer preferences and create more tailored and consistent customer experiences.

Case study

annual turnover

Itransition delivered a high-performance B2C portal for a German publisher that drove exponential business growth and achieved high ROI.



We deliver robust marketplaces to connect manufacturers, distributors, and consumers and facilitate commerce workflows, streamline sales, and deliver tailored shopping experiences. We also implement separate sets of features for admins, vendors, and customers to cater to every participant’s needs.

Case study

technical debt

Online supermarket performance optimization

We doubled the indexing speed and reduced the number of HTTP 404 errors tenfold for a leading European retailer serving thousands of corporate clients.

Mobile ecommerce apps

Mobile ecommerce apps

We develop mobile ecommerce apps and marketplaces to bring products or services closer to a target audience and simplify customer interaction with a brand and the buying journey, which leads to more sales and higher customer retention rates.

Case study

mobile purchase share

Mobile app for a retail chain

We enhanced the performance of the online store’s mobile version and developed a fully functional mobile shopping app. As a result, over 500 clients downloaded the app within three months of its launch.

Ecommerce ERP

Ecommerce ERP

We can consolidate the data from a retailer’s departments and siloed systems into a single back-office management center and integrate it with ecommerce-oriented modules to streamline day-to-day operations and ensure full data control.

Case study

sales volume

A software suite for a furniture retailer

Itransition helped a furniture retailer significantly improve business processes by automating back-office workflows and replacing legacy systems.

Ecommerce CRM

Ecommerce CRM

We create tailored CRM solutions to give digital merchants access to comprehensive customer data. Using it, they can orchestrate personalized shopping experiences, analyze sales and marketing activities in-depth, and collaborate effectively across departments.

Case study

conversion rates

Salesforce CRM implementation

Our team helped a property management company cut the sales cycle by 10%, reduce the time for board papers preparation by 60%, and ensure better scalability.



Itransition develops point-of-sale software for the effective management of sales-related processes. In addition to payment processing tools, we can help companies deploy inventory, staff, customer, and sales management tools for all-around workflow control.

Case study
up to 200,000

daily transactions

Payment processing system revamp

Our developers rebuilt a payment processing system for quick and easy payments with a response time of up to 5 seconds.

Logistics software

Logistics software

We assist ecommerce businesses with accelerating their transportation processes and keeping their supply chains sustainable. With logistics software, shipping teams can optimize delivery routes, check shipment statuses, and control order pickup and dispatching.

Case study
Fully automated

transportation process

On-demand truck sharing solution

We created a solution for on-demand transportation services and automated the entire process, from order placement and payment processing to client review management.

Data analytics and BI

Data analytics and BI

With our data analytics and BI solutions, ecommerce companies can derive valuable insights from their multiple commerce channels to improve offerings and services, identify growth opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

Case study

monthly infrastructure costs

A retail-specific BI platform

With a BI platform by Itransition, an ecommerce company can better understand online user behavior and increase conversion rates and sales.

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Key ecommerce integrations

Our ecommerce development team integrates your solution with other relevant retail tools to create a unified infrastructure and enable full visibility and control over data and processes.

Key integrations
Payment gateways
Accounting software
Shipping provider software
Customer support solutions
Marketing and sales automation tools

Payment gateways

Integrating with trusted payment gateways will ensure safe and seamless processing of online transactions, better choice and convenience for customers, and less friction at checkout. We can connect your ecommerce store to the gateways supporting payment methods your customers prefer and the currency your target market uses.

Accounting software

We can sync up your web store with accounting tools to make ecommerce bookkeeping more straightforward and accurate. You can track your ecommerce cash flows, calculate sales taxes, accept payments in multiple currencies, get comprehensive financial reports, and automate billing and payments.

Shipping provider software

We can fully control your shipments by integrating your ecommerce order management system with your carrier’s logistics solution. As a result, you will deliver your orders quicker with features for planning routes, tracking parcels, notifying customers of the shipment status, and automating the return process.

Customer support solutions

With customer service tools connected to your ecommerce site, you can set up a ticketing system, centralize requests from various channels, tag complaints according to your workflows, create knowledge bases, and give quick answers to customers via live chats. Our experts can also add self-service features to your store to enable users to solve their problems independently.

Marketing and sales automation tools

We can equip your web store with marketing automation tools to scale up your marketing activities through programmatic advertising, behavioral customer segmentation, email campaigns, loyalty programs, and multi-channel communication. We can also help enhance your sales capabilities by automating customer data management, scheduling, lead prioritization, and comprehensive reporting.

Advanced technologies for ecommerce solutions

Itransition equips ecommerce solutions with emerging technologies to help businesses gain a unique competitive edge.

Advanced technologies for ecommerce solutions

We use the extensive capabilities of AR and VR technologies to level up your online store’s operations and customer journeys.

  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • AR product catalogs and product reviews
  • Virtual showrooms
  • Product samplers
  • 3D product demos
  • Product info and support captions

We create ML algorithms to help you personalize customer experience and better meet their needs.

  • Product recommendations
  • Smart search engines
  • Intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Customer sentiment analysis in support chats
  • Pricing optimization
  • Fraud detection
  • Contextual shopping

Our data scientists and engineers train computer vision models to transform your digital store.

  • Image-based product search
  • Shoppable video solutions
  • Smart inventory management
  • Image moderation for marketplaces
  • Product image tagging

Our intelligent solutions analyze and match various data points to predict customer behavior and sales trends.

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Recurring purchases notifications
  • Demand prediction
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Supply chain optimization

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Ecommerce platforms we work with

Analyzing your current business requirements and growth goals, we recommend the best-fitting platform with a suitable feature set.

A flexible ecommerce platform for medium and large-scale B2B and B2C merchants, Adobe Commerce offers multiple extensions and intelligent workflows and is easy to scale.
Key features
  • Real-time inventory management
  • SEO features
  • Marketing automation tools
  • AI-powered dynamic content and personalized recommendations
  • Multi-store functionality
  • Pre-built integrations with Adobe software

Customized pricing on demand

A cloud solution for medium and large-scale enterprises with features for omnichannel commerce.
Key features
  • Options for different business models
  • Automatic upgrades without process disruption
  • A suite of related services complementing the ecommerce functionality
  • Improved search
  • Advanced insights and personalization

Various pricing options for different business models

A cloud solution for medium and large-scale businesses equipped with a wide scope of built-in features and powered by AI.
Key features
  • Flexible content management module
  • Smart storefront editor
  • Seamless integration with all SAP products
  • Customizable authentication and access control framework
  • Enterprise support and autoscaling
  • Omnichannel customer engagement

Price upon request

An all-in-one modular management platform for businesses of all sizes offering multichannel sales opportunities and diverse integration options.
Key features
  • Intuitive UI
  • Drag-and-drop online stores
  • Inventory and delivery management
  • Built-in marketing promotion tools
  • Multiple store management
  • Integration with payment platforms and shipping services
  • BI and reporting

A free basic plan

with one app integration

Paid plans start

at $11.90 per user per month


An easy-to-use ecommerce platform for small and medium businesses with multichannel commerce capabilities and an array of integrated apps.
Key features
  • Multiple mobile-friendly design templates
  • Customizable checkout
  • Multiple payment options
  • SEO and marketing tools

A free 3-day trial

+ $1 per month for 3 months on select plans

Multiple payment plans starting

from $24.00 per month


A website builder designed for small to large enterprises that offers ecommerce-focused plugins for creating online stores and tailoring them to specific business requirements.
Key features
  • Powerful WooCommerce plugin for creating fully-functional ecommerce stores
  • Many free and paid extensions for enhancing store functionality
  • SEO-friendly
  • 1,200+ ecommerce-focused templates

Online store plans

start at $25 per month

Fees for additional paid services

Ecommerce web development roadmap



Defining requirements for every element of the future ecommerce solution

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers



Hands-on prototyping, specification review and technical sketching, UI/UX design

  • Tech team:
  • UX/UI design:
  • Architect
  • Analyst
  • Tech lead
  • UX/UI expert
  • Project manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Project manager



Coding, front-end and back-end development, integration with other systems and tools

  • Project managers
  • Developers
  • DevOps engineer
  • QA engineers


Acceptance testing

End-to-end acceptance testing and expert supervision

  • Analyst
  • QA engineers
  • Project manager



Deploying the final project, post-release testing, and corporate training

  • DevOps engineer
  • Architect
  • Tech lead
  • Analysts
  • Corporate trainers


Maintenance and support

Performance monitoring, software upgrades, repairs, and fixes. First-line support of customers and partners

  • Help desk specialists
  • Support engineers
  • Software developers
  • QA and DevOps engineers

Top technologies for custom ecommerce development

Hosting platforms

DigitalOcean GoDaddy

AWS Cloudflare (CDN)

Shopify On-premises hosting

Front-end technologies




Back-end technologies

Programming languages

JavaScript PHP Python Java C++


Angular React Node.js .NET


MySQL MongoDB Firebase

Third-party business tools

Payment gateways

PayPal Apple Pay Google Pay Stripe

Content creation

Canva WordPress

Inventory management, accounting, and logistics

Shipwire ShippingEasy Veeqo

Quickbooks Commerce Zoho


Google Analytics Optimizely

Customer service

Acquire Zendesk


Semrush Ahrefs

Marketing tools

MailChimp Buffer

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Must-have features for ecommerce solutions

Responsive design

We create responsive, mobile-friendly online stores with automatic website reformatting for a mobile screen to ensure consistent user experiences for desktop, phone, or tablet users.

Comprehensive navigation

We help web store owners build proper product hierarchy and arrange it in a clearly categorized menu to simplify the product search for customers. With optimized navigation between pages and clickable breadcrumbs in place, customers know where they are on the website and can quickly return to their previous search results.

Easy-to-use checkout

We equip ecommerce solutions with a transparent and frictionless checkout that helps minimize cart abandonment rates. We can add a one-click payment option for logged-in customers or integrate third-party e-wallet payment tools for faster sign-in.

Advanced search capabilities

Our developers can add robust ecommerce search functionality, including diverse filters and faceted and semantic search tools, to simplify the search process for customers, helping them find what they’re looking for faster.

Omnichannel experience

Our team can connect all your ecommerce channels into a unified, consistent shopping environment. This way, your customers can seamlessly switch between the channels while searching for products, arranging refunds, or seeking customer support. Moreover, with data automatically collected from various channels, you will better understand your customers and tailor their journeys to their needs.

Stable website performance

Our developers can optimize your ecommerce solution to achieve error-free operation, high loading speed, and performance stability. We can also perform regular or on-demand tests to detect and timely correct performance issues and ensure an uninterrupted customer shopping experience and better search results positions.

Diverse payment options

We can integrate multiple payment methods for your checkout, such as credit cards, online payments, coupons, gift cards, and Buy Now Pay Later options, catering to your audience’s preferences and ensuring effortless payment experiences.

Our experts can equip your ecommerce solution with effective cyber security mechanisms to enhance its resilience to attacks and ensure safer online transactions. We can also advise you on the best data management practices in line with the major data protection regulations to keep your sensitive data safe.

SEO capabilities

We help ecommerce businesses improve technical aspects of their online stores to rank higher in search engines. We can optimize your website structure and navigation, fix crawl errors, improve page indexing, and increase loading speed.

FAQs about ecommerce software development

What is the role of ecommerce developers?

Ecommerce developers know how to translate your business needs into a functional online store with a branded design. Ecommerce developers can help you select and implement the features that will work best for you, solve emerging errors, and make the shopping process easy, delightful, and secure for your customers.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce solution?

Various aspects of ecommerce development affect the cost of the final solution, including hosting type, custom or platform-based development, the feature set, integrations, and developers’ experience and pay rate. The cost also varies greatly depending on the store’s functionality and inventory size and can start from $25,000 for small online shops, $55,000 for mid-sized ecommerce stores, and $200,000 for complex platforms and marketplaces.

How long will it take to develop an ecommerce solution?

If you opt for a customized off-the-shelf store, the time-to-market will be shorter than with a custom solution built from scratch. The complexity of the prospective website and the number of integrations will also impact the development timeframe. Generally, it takes 6 to 10 weeks to develop an average ecommerce website depending on its functionality and the number of integrations. The more complex a store is, the more time the development will take.

How to pick the right ecommerce platform for my business?

The choice depends on various factors, including your business model, size, and the budget you’re ready to spend. You also need to look into the advantages and disadvantages of the platforms and prioritize ones with only necessary functionality. If you feel overwhelmed and can’t decide, our ecommerce consultants will help you select the best-fitting platform.
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Online supermarket optimization for low-frequency search queries

Case study

Online supermarket optimization for low-frequency search queries

Learn how Itransition optimized catalog pages in an SAP Commerce online supermarket for low-frequency search queries.

SAP Commerce store audit and optimization roadmap

Case study

SAP Commerce store audit and optimization roadmap

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Technology partner for digital marketing strategy support

Case study

Technology partner for digital marketing strategy support

Itransition became a technology partner for a global beverage manufacturer to build digital presence for 14 of the customer’s brands globally.

A shoppable video platform for AiBUY

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A shoppable video platform for AiBUY

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