Customer experience consulting

Customer experience consulting

Our customer experience solutions

From small businesses to enterprise-level brands, from standalone modules to complete customer experience management (CXM) ecosystems, Itransition creates turnkey solutions to cover every stage of the CXM cycle.

1 Data collection

2 CX analysis

3 Engagement

4 Customer support

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Itransition’s developers configure and customize Salesforce products to enable an omnichannel approach to marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service.

SAP Commerce

An SAP Silver Partner, Itransition implements and customizes the SAP CX suite to create truly customer-first business development platforms.

1. Customer experience software for cross-channel data collection

Access to a unified customer data pool is a key enabler for truly customer-centric companies. Itransition automates cross-channel collection and unification of online and offline customer data on past experiences, transactions, behavioral patterns, and real-time actions as they happen.

Voice of the customer

We apply automated cross-channel feedback collection to source structured and unstructured data and unlock trends, patterns, spikes in sentiment, and conversation drivers, as well as to detect deviations and issues. Itransition’s customer experience experts leverage machine learning capabilities to harness structured and unstructured data:

Structured sources
  • Email and website surveys
  • Customer interviews
  • Feedback collected via internal and third-party systems
  • Transactional data
  • Customer location data
Unstructured sources
  • Social media conversations
  • Customer support inquiries
  • Product reviews on third-party websites
  • Customer calls
  • Sales agents’ notes

2. Customer experience analysis

By connecting multiple data sources to our BI solutions, we can help you segment customers, better understand their journeys, analyze sentiment, and successfully predict customer behavior.

Analytics & reporting

  • Segment customers by criteria
  • Recognize behavioral patterns and anomalies
  • Use predictive and prescriptive models
  • Monitor brand sentiment
  • Generate performance reports

Social intelligence

  • Identify influencers and measure awareness
  • Monitor competitors’ performance
  • Categorize mentions and define critical topics
  • Spot root causes of customers’ concerns
  • Interpret customer intent channel-wise

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3. Personalized communication & engagement

With unified data and built-in analytics, our solutions help get a deeper view of your customers and bolster your service with experiences tailored to individuals, not personas.

Content management

We employ RPA and IPA for content management and personalization, to ensure content is consistent and dynamically rendered across channels and devices based on the context.
  • Context-based visitor segmentation
  • Content scheduling & publishing
  • Real-time content personalization
  • Content performance analysis

Omnichannel marketing

We provide solutions for end-to-end marketing automation backed by powerful predictive analytics, behavioral pattern recognition, and data management.
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • AI-powered conversations
  • VR/AR experiences
  • Omni-platform customer intelligence

Loyalty management

Our integrated loyalty management solutions support customer acquisition and retention, rewards, offer personalization, and feedback aggregation.
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Synchronization of online and offline channels
  • Customer self-service portals
  • Built-in performance analytics

4. Omnichannel customer service

Our customer experience solutions ensure seamless personalized interactions between customers and support reps across all touchpoints.

Omnichannel customer service

We leverage customer experience technologies for processing data in real time and delivering the next best action for each use case. It can help you provide truly connected experiences via all the support channels preferred by your customers.

Integrated customer support
  • Social channels, web chat, click-to-call, phone, email, messengers
Self-service options
  • Voice-first interactions, virtual assistants, self-service customer portals, beacons

We design and implement automated scenarios for addressing customer requests and build workflows for tracking issues with automatic escalations and alerts.

As customer experience directly correlates with service quality, we deliver solutions to monitor, analyze and optimize employee performance.

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Customer experience consulting and more

As one of the specialized customer experience consulting firms, Itransition helps commercial and non-profit companies alike find their way around dozens of tools and deliver a future-proof strategy based on a lean tech stack. To support your company’s pivot to customer centricity, we provide more ancillary services:

Legacy system migration

To help you build a borderless organization, we will refactor your legacy systems, moving them to a cloud environment as needed, and keeping your migrated data intact.

When internal data sources and capabilities are not enough, we assist in building a well-integrated network of third-party services and products, ensuring their interoperability and native operation within your digital infrastructure.

We assist businesses in onboarding AI & ML to bring more efficiency through process automation, drive personalization based on intelligent data models, and enhance customer service and engagement with NLP-based channels.

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