Employee portals development

Employee portals development

Employee portals to assist your workforce

Itransition delivers employee self-service portals providing your staff, HR managers, and organization as a whole with a vast range of tools to access human resources services, streamline administrative processes, and foster collaboration across your workforce. Check out our take on employee portal core features, benefits, and security measures, along with Itransition’s development and consulting services to properly implement these solutions.

of employees expect employers to provide them with a high level of employee self-service options

Paychex, 2019

of consider enabling employee self-service via a portal important to their company's success

Paychex, 2020

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Employee portal key features

Depending on your technological infrastructure as well as the needs of your workforce and HR department, Itransition can deliver an employee portal with the feature set that best suits your requirements. Here are some of the key functionalities you should consider implementing.

Employee portal key features

Employee onboarding: features to facilitate and automate onboarding (online registration, electronic contract signature, etc.).

Payroll, leaves, and benefits: a feature to check payslips and request PTOs or other benefits such as insurance coverage.

Employee information: a staff directory to upload and consult personal data like photos, phone numbers, and departments.

Document management: features for digital document storage, access, search, and e-signature (contracts, sick leaves, etc.). 

Shift management: a planning system to set your employees' work schedule, share it with your team, and notify of eventual changes.

Event management: this might include integrated tools for event scheduling, room reservation, and participant registration.

New hires mentoring: a database containing all necessary learning content to guide your employees during onboarding. 

Performance assessment: analytical and reporting features to monitor your employees’ major KPIs and track their progress. 

Corporate training: a virtual meeting calendar and self-service registration feature to facilitate course scheduling and enrollment.

Employee recognition: a section to register your employees' certifications and highlight important professional achievements.

Workflow management: project tracking and planning tools to coordinate your staff and harmonize your business processes.

Feedback system: an embedded survey tool to collect suggestions, complaints, and other useful insights from your staff.

Employee handbooks: digital documents encompassing all your corporate guidelines, policies, and FAQs for easy consultation.

Internal communication: newsletters, notifications, and other tools to inform your staff about job offers, events, and more.

Corporate training resources: these include employee learning materials and multimedia galleries for corporate content authoring.

Social features: discussion boards, blogs, and social intranets to promote peer-to-peer discussion in your digital workplace.

Product and service info: a library containing data about your company’s offering to keep your sales department up to date.

Helpdesk: a ticketing system integrated into your employee portal to provide your staff with the necessary tech support.

Employee portal benefits

Implementing an employee portal in your digital ecosystem offers significant benefits to both your staff and your enterprise. These are the potential opportunities you can expect to seize.

For your workforce

Resource accessibility
Thanks to your employee portal's intuitive user interface, your workforce can access corporate resources, benefits, and HR services 24/7 right from their laptops.
More control to your staff
Itransition’s self-service portals allow your employees to easily edit their personal data, keep track of the team workflow and shifts, and check their payroll information.
Support for HR managers
Portals' self-service model and automation capabilities relieve your HR managers of the administrative workload, increasing accuracy and ensuring legal compliance.
Streamlined onboarding
Itransition’s employee portals speed up the hiring procedures and enable newcomers to access corporate policies, calendars, learning content, and benefits information.

For your organization

Talent retention
Employee self-service platforms promote staff engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, strengthening the corporate culture and mitigating workforce turnover.
Increased workforce productivity
Employee portals come with features to facilitate communication, coordination, and information sharing among your teams, thus improving their overall performance.
Optimized corporate expenses
The self-service approach embraced by employee portals reduces the time spent performing various HR tasks and therefore helps to reduce administration costs.
Upscaled decision-making
An employee portal allows you to digitize your corporate documents and centralize HR information, enabling your management to make data-driven workforce decisions.

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Itransition’s employee portal services

Whether you need to build an employee portal from the ground up, integrate it with your corporate systems, or enhance your legacy platform, we’ll make sure to deliver development and consulting services matching your business goals and meeting your expectations.

Employee portal development

Custom employee portal

Itransition can build a custom employee portal from scratch, delivering a bespoke solution equipped with a personalized set of features and ensuring full product ownership. Our service offer includes the creation of wireframes and prototypes, UI/UX design, back-end development, and end-to-end testing.

Platform-based employee portal

We create platform-based employee portals requiring lower upfront costs and a shorter implementation timeframe. You can opt for a solution built on top of SharePoint, Liferay, Alfresco, or Workplace, leveraging their rich set of HR-related features for employee management.

Employee portal consulting

We offer our expertise to assess your business priorities, perform an accurate budgeting and ROI analysis, and select a proper software model (custom or Saas) along with a suitable feature set. We can also provide post-release user support and training to help you implement your new employee portal.

Employee portal integration

Our team will interconnect your employee portal with other corporate solutions via API layers or custom integration modules to allow exchanging data among different applications and amplifying their effectiveness. Among the potential integrations, you might consider HRMS, accounting and ticketing solutions, collaboration tools, and other corporate software.

Ticketing application

HR management software

Accounting software

Collaboration tools

Qualification management system

Vacation management system

Employee loyalty program

Enterprise LMS

NPS survey tools

Employee portal

Employee portal modernization

Itransition's team can reengineer your existing employee portal to enhance its performance or make it more suitable for your new business requirements. This can involve an in-depth user interface redesign, the implementation of additional features, or a complete portal re-platforming.

Related services

Drawing from our multidisciplinary experience in software development and consulting, we offer a full array of HR-focused solutions that will allow you to build a comprehensive technological ecosystem, enhance your staff’s synergies, and streamline your workflows.

HR software

HR software

Itransition builds bespoke HR software solutions that help optimize human resources management, including recruitment campaigns, shift scheduling, payroll accounting, leave planning, employee performance evaluation, and many other administrative tasks.

Enterprise LMS

We craft LMS that streamline the design, administration, and delivery of eLearning content and services. The software will ensure faster onboarding, ongoing workforce upskilling, and superior employee retention.

Digital workplace

Itransition configures digital workplace solutions to promote employee cooperation and integrate all your business functions and enterprise systems, such as collaboration tools, content management software, workplace analytics solutions, etc.

HR data analytics

We create data analytics solutions fuelled by powerful algorithms and equipped with intuitive visualization features to turn your human resources data into valuable insights and forecast HR-related trends or business risks.

Collaboration software

Our team sets up collaboration solutions to help support teamwork among geographically distributed professionals and connect your staff and partners with unified communication tools.

Document management

Document management

Itransition develops DMSs meeting the specific requirements of each industry or corporate function and designed to streamline the digital document lifecycle with features like workflow monitoring and design tools, scalable repositories, and more.

How we ensure employee platforms’ security

Itransition's team protects your employee portal and your HR data assets from breaches, data leaks, or cyberattacks by implementing proper security protocols and designing software solutions in strict compliance with current legislation and major quality standards.

Identity and access management

We equip your portal with IAM features, including role-based access and user activity monitoring, to safeguard sensitive personal data (such as applicant reviews, payroll, benefits, or social security numbers) from unauthorized exposure and updates.

Security info and event management

We set up efficient SIEM tools providing non-stop supervision over user interactions with your platform and identifying malicious intrusions through network log aggregation, real-time analysis of security alerts, and data storage for forensic analysis.

Penetration testing

We perform an in-depth analysis of your portal's security measures and vulnerabilities through different types of penetration tests that simulate a potential cyber attack, including remote access testing, network security testing, web app security testing, and more.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance is one of the fundamentals of Itransition's software development. Our employee portals are built in accordance with HR management standards and personal data protection regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 30400, and ADA.

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