Marketplace development

Marketplace development

Marketplace software for your business model

Itransition delivers custom marketplaces that enable their owners to profit by connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers from anywhere around the world. On top of it, our digital solutions help streamline sales, boost conversions, and increase incoming traffic for every business model.

B2C marketplaces

With our B2C marketplace solutions, sellers can provide the most relevant products to their customer segments, ensuring high user retention and the sustained demand across multiple channels.

B2B marketplaces

Our business-to-business marketplaces allow buyers and sellers to interact on the supply and demand sides, enabling both parties to track all their transactions and orders.

P2P marketplaces

The Itransition team builds secure P2P marketplaces for those companies that want to receive regular profit from sales and listing fees by managing transactions between individual buyers and sellers.

Crowdfunding platforms

We build professional and consumer-oriented crowdfunding solutions that connect businesses and their community and enable full-scale funding, investor and project management.

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Vendor management

Product catalogs

Search engine

Order management


Payment integrationst

Data analytics

Ratings & reviews


Complete marketplace features

Our customers turn to our marketplace app development services to cover all aspects of marketplace engineering and day-to-day administration. From order booking and vendor authorization to analytics and customer care, a marketplace solution by Itransition will help you attract customers and vendors globally and reach your ambitious goals.

Marketplace administration

We provide solutions that allow business owners to handle all aspects of their marketplace administration, such as user management, product categories, attributes, configurations, and much more.

  • User and account management
  • SEO tools
  • Content management
  • Marketplace analytics

Multi-vendor management

We build solutions that give you complete control over vendor relationships, helping you accommodate their needs and offer a truly personalized and productive approach to vendor management.

  • User onboarding
  • Personalized commissions and fees
  • Vendor administration
  • Automated billing management
Revenue models we implement

Revenue models we implement

Depending on your unique business requirements, we can integrate multiple revenue models that will enable your marketplace to generate profits both in the short and long run.

  • Subscriptions
  • Listing and publishing fees
  • Commissions
  • Freemium
  • Sign-up fees
  • A mixed model
Revenue models we implement

Marketplace integrations

Itransition integrates custom and platform-based marketplaces with CRM, marketing automation, customer service, and other systems in place to enrich the overall marketplace functionality. Our team helps marketplace owners do it quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring digital infrastructure integrity and security throughout the process.






Inventory management

Live chat

Marketing automation



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Marketplace software development options

Besides custom marketplace development, Itransition’s team has a vast experience in building software on top of market-leading platforms. Regardless of your specific choice, our experts will support you through the development process and assist with your long-term marketplace growth strategy.

Custom marketplaces

We build custom marketplaces that help our customers gain a competitive edge, digitalize business workflows, and sustain a growing user base. From business analysis and requirements gathering to engineering and continuous post-deployment support, we provide full-range custom marketplace development services to guide you through all the project stages.

Platform-based marketplaces

We can deliver a solution based on some of the world's most trusted and powerful platforms, tailored to your unique business needs. You can choose the platform that best suits your requirements or ask our consultants to help you make the right choice, and rely on us for its end-to-end implementation.