AWS DevOps services

AWS DevOps services

Our DevOps expertise and AWS tools combined

AWS DevOps represents the synergistic adoption of DevOps practices and Amazon's broad range of cloud-focused solutions to automate and streamline each phase of the software development lifecycle, from design and deployment to QA and testing. Rely on Itransition's expertise as an AWS DevOps Competency Partner to make the most out of AWS' tech stack and speed up your software delivery processes while safeguarding your CI/CD pipelines and detecting code issues with reliable monitoring tools.

Itransition’s AWS DevOps teams in action

Take a look at these success stories from our vast portfolio of cloud-centered development and consulting projects to assess the potential benefits of AWS DevOps for your business.

DevOps for digital media


in savings per year

The Economist turned to our DevOps specialists to enhance the AWS-based infrastructure of their microsite network, ensuring server setup automation, resource optimization, and a better user experience.

Video ecommerce platform


cut in feature delivery costs

Itransition leveraged AWS services and the DevOps CI/CD practice to redesign the architecture of AiBuy's ecommerce platform from monolithic to microservice-based while streamlining delivery cycles.

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Our AWS DevOps services pipeline

Itransition provides its holistic expertise to close the gap between development and operations and guide you through your software delivery journey.

We plan

Business case identification Framing application requirements and metrics Defining a development roadmap

We create

Software design and configuration Creating software code Release candidate for bug fixing

We test

Acceptance and regression testing Performance assessment Identifying security issues and vulnerabilities

We deploy

Package configuration Release scheduling and coordination App deployment and promotion

We operate

IT infrastructure provisioning and configuration Application provisioning and configuration Version Control to track software changes

We monitor

IT infrastructure performance analysis DevOps pipeline monitoring User feedback collection and triage

We enhance DevOps with AWS tech stack

Our AWS certified DevOps engineers will help your company identify and deploy the most suitable tools from Amazon’s extensive tech array to fully embrace DevOps practices and AWS Well-Architected Framework design principles.

We enhance DevOps with AWS tech stack

Continuous integration and delivery

Our team automates and merges app building, testing and deployment phases into a single, ongoing workflow to deliver incremental code changes, facilitate early bug discovery and fixing, and enable faster release cycles.


We configure AWS-based software solutions built on top of a microservice architecture, namely a range of small services running independently and focusing on specific processes which ensure scalability and cost optimization.

Infrastructure as code

Itransition relies on Amazon's IaC tools to automate, using code and development techniques, the DevOps tasks required for the provisioning and configuration of the infrastructure and servers where your app will be deployed.

Security and monitoring

We analyze logs, identify anomalies, and monitor the application's code and infrastructure’s performance via real-time analytics to enhance security, track the impact of updates, and provide developers with timely feedback.


Itransition's DevOps teams set up and deploy serverless databases dynamically scaling to match your needs and serverless infrastructures that allow you to develop software applications without having to manage servers.

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Holistic cloud services for your business

AWS consulting

AWS consulting

Itransition's team will help your company craft impactful AWS-based solutions and take full advantage of Amazon's vast cloud ecosystem.

AWS migration

We tap into the broad AWS toolset to perform end-to-end migrations of your data, software solutions, and IT infrastructure to the Amazon cloud.

Cloud consulting

Itransition offers a wide selection of cloud-related services, encompassing strategy consulting, architecture design, cloud migration, and more.

DevOps consulting

DevOps consulting

We leverage cloud computing as a powerful DevOps enabler to maximize the positive impact of this approach on your software delivery pipeline.

AWS DevOps payoffs

Itransition draws on the AWS toolkit to help you seize and further amplify the benefits offered by the DevOps methodology in terms of cost optimization, product delivery, security, and more.

Fast adoption

Out-of-the-box applications ready for deployment without setup

Task automation

From manual operations to accurate, software-driven processes

Superior scalability

Flexible solutions offering scalable instances and computing resources

Top security

Reliable DevSecOps tools for access management and data encryption

Wide ecosystem

A rich selection of third-party software to complement the AWS range

Flexible pricing

Pay-as-you-go model with no upfront costs and long-term obligations