Customer data analytics

Customer data analytics

Customer analytics that drives leadership

Itransition provides businesses with customer analytics software that offers powerful capabilities for smart personalization, stronger customer relations, and, finally, bottom-line improvement. We do this by applying our knowledge of data systems, big data aggregation and processing, meaning-making and comprehensible presentation that’s accessible for business end users.

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Customer data analytics types

Customer analytics software accompanies each customer-related process with insightful metrics and helps managers make informed decisions along the entire customer lifecycle.

describes customer behavior and all interactions along the entire customer journey
explains customer behavior and spots correlations and anomalies
predicts what customer attributes or activities can lead to certain outcomes
offers next-best actions for certain customer-related situations
describes and categorizes customer segments

Essentials of customer analytics software

Customer databases

We set up storages where raw customer data from different sources gets accumulated and processed to form robust and dynamic data sets with mapped relationships. They span customer details and the entire history of customer interactions and serve as the foundation for analyzing both individual customers and persona cohorts.

Data models

We build data models as a part of a customer analytics platform, which power customer data analysis happening in the background of the company’s operations. When infused with machine learning, the algorithms are able to single out individual customer characteristics, predict certain behaviors and outcomes, and underpin day-to-day decisions.

Customer analytics integrations

To make customer analytics solutions all-encompassing, we build API layers that make it possible to connect necessary data sources and third-party applications, letting employees engage with data from a centralized location in a seamless and secure way.

Data dashboards

We create highly visualized analytical dashboards to serve as user interfaces for the underlying customer analytics engines, following the best practices of data presentation and storytelling and assisting customer management teams in uncovering insights in just a few clicks.

Our customer analytics development framework

We will put your customer data through all the stages necessary to provide you with a holistic customer view and valuable insights essential for refining business processes and making informed decisions.

Customer analytics development framework

Itransition’s team will develop and set up processes that will help extract, clean, transform, and load data to a target location.

We will implement mechanisms that will make sure that all the ingested data goes through proper quality validation.

We will set up rules that will help segment your customers on both persona and individual levels and let you look at customer data at different angles.

We can connect various visualization tools or build bespoke solutions that will turn dashboards into interactive and dynamic analytical sources.

We can provide your customer analytics platform with robust data storytelling tools to generate contextualized reports that present data as narratives.

We ensure your customers’ data is safe and used appropriately by building a system based on data privacy and cybersecurity best practices according to international and local regulations.

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More data solutions for your business

Data management

Data management

Our team of data professionals offers full-cycle data management services to provide you with an efficient data management framework shaped around your business needs.

Big data services

We will consult you on a big data strategy and architecture, verify data quality, and train machine learning models to provide you with a solution that turns big data into your asset.

Data science

We offer full-cycle data science consulting services that include building data models, training and implementing ML algorithms, and integrating them into enterprise and consumer-facing systems.

Predictive analytics

We can build custom predictive analytics software that will help you make decisions based on accurate forecasts of business risks, market trends, pricing strategies, customer demand, and more.

Power BI

Being a certified Microsoft partner, Itransition has a team of data professionals with a field-proven expertise who are ready to implement Power BI to meet your needs and requirements.



We can complement your data analytics software with Tableau to democratize data visualization and reporting for your employees regardless of their levels of tech proficiency.

What you can do with a customer analytics solution

You may use a number of various tools and apps for different aspects of customer data analysis, yet a single customer analytics platform can make a difference for your customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Get the full picture

You can gather all kinds of customer data across various touchpoints and consolidate this wealth of information in a centralized location, getting access to a truly holistic analysis. Customer data analytics software can become such a hub where you will be able to zoom in or out on customer profiles, reveal problems, spot growth opportunities, and more.

A single data hub
Customer data source

Interactions per touchpoints


Personal profiles

Purchase behavior

Browsing behavior




Customer data pool


Ecommerce platforms

Social media channels


IoT devices

Marketing tools

Make your teams cross-functional

A customer analytics platform can be used to nurture a synergy by making data sharing streamlined and providing access to a unified customer view. By connecting marketing, sales, service and product development processes through analytics, any team member can view the entire history of customer interactions, contribute to seamless omnichannel experiences, and pick up conversations with customers where they left off.

Map customer journeys

Based on the complete history of customer interactions, customer analytics solutions can help orchestrate multichannel customer journeys. As a result, it’s possible to analyze the channel where customers are most likely to start a conversation, optimize or abandon it altogether and direct more resources into other, more profitable touchpoints.



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Tailor customer experience

A customer data analytics platform can help spot specific patterns and anomalies in customer behavior by channel and provide contextualized personalization recommendations depending on the situation. For instance, you will be able to personalize messaging beyond just using a consumer’s name and let employees tailor offers on the spot.

Make accurate forecasts

Customer analytics software allows using behavior modeling techniques based on historical and real-time data in order to anticipate customer behavior more precisely and understand what motivations drive their purchasing decisions. For example, you can categorize your customers according to their likelihood to churn, buy, unsubscribe, spend more or less in a certain period of time, and more.

Do customer analytics on your own

We can build a customer data analytics tool in a way that democratizes data analysis for your non-technical employees. They will be able to interact with data via user-friendly dashboards, customizing their view, filtering, and rendering them in different ways, be it charts, plots, heat maps, or more. It will also be possible to query the system with questions using natural language and get relevant information in real time.

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Key consumer data analytics metrics to track

A customer data platform allows keeping an eye on a number of metrics and, what’s more important, helps find answers to a number of strategic questions.

Customer acquisition

What channels attract new leads? How do customers discover your brand? Whom to target to reduce marketing overheads?

What is the cost per lead? How effective is a promotion?

Customer retention and churn

What behavior leads to higher/lower retention? Where do you lose customers and why? How many customers will you lose this year?

How do customers move from awareness to advocacy? How to identify at-risk customers?

Customer lifetime value

What’s the average customer tenure? What makes customers unsubscribe? How to boost the average lifetime value?

What makes consumers profitable? What customers are more valuable to invest in?

Customer engagement

What minimal engagement do customers expect? What makes customers convert better? What features are valued best?

What personalization efforts lead to higher ROI? What are the strongest/weakest touchpoints?

Customer satisfaction

What features/services are favored by customers? What emotions are associated with your brand? What makes customers provide positive feedback?

Is your offer shaped around customer expectations? Do customers consider you a trusted partner?

Why you need customer analytics software

As a customer analytics company, we help businesses highlight the most valuable information and use it to meet customers’ expectations.

of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services


We can turn a customer analytics platform into an indispensable tool that lets companies make decisions backed by data instead of guesswork. You will know how customer behavior can change in the short- and long-term and take corresponding actions to reach better outcomes. Plus, the system will be continuously updated with new data used for generating forecasts and recommendations.

Adopting customer analytics software lets your service agents access all the necessary cross-channel customer information in real time, personalize their help, build relationships while being on the same page with other customer-facing teams, and get proactive to prevent CX issues. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy seamless experiences no matter the channel they choose to reach out.

Customer analytics software lets you understand who your audience is, what they want, and which segments are most likely to convert, for you to tailor your marketing campaigns exactly to the revealed expectations. Plus, the software can analyze how your campaigns perform and make adjustments on the go based on insights and smart recommendations.

A customer analytics platform helps find out what your customers expect from your brand by evaluating usage, feature popularity, and customer footprint. It’s possible to boost efficiency and increase profits by streamlining targeting, content management, and product development. For instance, you can cut on campaigns or product features that don't really match the target audience’s interests and focus on activities and products shaped around existing needs instead.

Customer analytics solutions let companies measure lifetime value for each customer and switch from focusing on short-term revenue to maximizing customer tenure. For instance, the system can reveal what product features or messages attract or repel new customers, what activities make customers sign up for loyalty programs, and how to fine-tune products or services to present a long-term value for individual consumers thus keeping them loyal to the brand.

Overcoming customer analytics blocks

Data to be used for customer analytics is scattered across multiple locations

Together with you, we will map out all the data sources, integrate them with the customer analytics solution through ready-made or custom connectors, and set up uninterrupted flows of high-quality and analytics-ready data.

There is no big data storage yet in place

We will architect and build your big data storage consolidating any amount of data in any formats, setting up data lakes and data warehouses depending on your needs, on-premises or in the cloud, in line with your data governance model.

It’s hard to leverage customer analytics because of poor-quality data

Prior to integrating your data into a customer analytics solution, we will set up a data quality pipeline with processes for gathering, cleaning, cross-checking and de-duplicating it, ensuring only correct and reliable data is used at any time.

Customer analytics is inaccessible for citizen analysts

We will develop a customer analytics tool that’s friendly to non-tech users by design. Such a solution can contain an interactive UI, no-code tools, and self-service analytics dashboards tailored to your users’ roles.

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