Machine learning consulting

Machine learning consulting

Machine learning consulting streamlines the deployment of ML solutions powered by self-learning algorithms and designed to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. Itransition offers its ML expertise to help companies get the most out of this technology and overcome adoption challenges.

Why choose Itransition

25+ years in IT consulting and software development services

5+ years of experience in machine learning consulting and development

Standing partnerships with Microsoft and AWS

Delivering AI solutions in full adherence to HIPPA, GDPR, FDA, and other standards and regulations

Client spotlight

ML-powered BI platform


buyer conversion rate

Itransition delivered an advanced BI platform with an ML-powered recommender system and computer vision capabilities to help the customer predict user behavior and personalize customer interactions.

ML-based shoppable video platform


customer satisfaction

Our team enhanced a video ecommerce platform with ML-based functionalities, allowing the customer to create shoppable images and videos for online channels and provide a frictionless ecommerce experience.

Our customers say

Over the course of our collaboration with Itransition, we were consistently impressed with both skill and dedication their team employed to fulfill our business needs. Itransition’s involvement extended beyond the technical realization of the project, they acted as consultants, continuously helping us hone the project vision and suggesting approaches that would be best suited for the intricacies of our business.

Dr Sarah Melville

Media Director, YouGov Sport

The scope of our machine learning consulting services

The scope of our machine learning consulting services
  • Identifying business needs via discovery workshops, interviews, and process observations
  • Selecting use cases where it makes sense to opt for ML over conventional software
  • Assessing the customer’s current technical environment
  • Helping define the solution’s functional and non-functional requirements
  • Defining dataset requirements
  • Assisting with data sources selection
  • Assessing the quality of available data
  • Advising on data analysis and cleaning
  • Assisting with data imputation or dimension reduction
  • Designing a data preprocessing pipeline
  • Offering guidance on the creation of a data analysis flow
  • Suggesting suitable machine learning techniques and ML algorithms
  • Helping select a technology stack
  • Detailing the ML solution’s architecture
  • Advising on UX/UI design
  • Planning the development stages (PoC, MVP, and main releases)
  • Developing testing strategies
  • Advising on ML model performance assessment
  • Defining the project's goals, scope, deliverables, and timeframe
  • Monitoring data preprocessing tasks
  • Providing guidance on ML model training
  • Keeping track of the solution’s development progress
  • Ensuring adherence to ML implementation guidelines
  • Offering recommendations on the ML model’s security and compliance
  • Selecting suitable deployment environments
  • Defining an ML deployment strategy
  • Offering guidance on ML model integration into corporate software
  • Providing assistance with ML model scalability in the target environment
  • Ensuring the ML model’s performance and security
  • Assessing the adherence to ML integration and testing guidelines
  • Setting up a maintenance plan
  • Assisting with ML model performance monitoring and issue detection
  • Advising on the need for ML model retraining
  • Defining a continuous improvement strategy
  • Providing ongoing user training and support

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Our machine learning expertise

Itransition’s ML skills include computer vision-powered solutions that can capture, process, and make sense of visual inputs from multimedia content or the physical world to extract valuable information and autonomously trigger certain actions.

Natural language processing

The scope of Itransition's ML consulting services encompasses NLP-based tools that use complex language models to gather data from text or audio, interpret and mimic human communication, and perform real-time transcription or translation.

Data mining

Itransition's consultants are well-versed in data mining solutions that rely on statistical and ML-based techniques to delve into wide sets of data, identify patterns, outliers, or relationships between variables, and derive business-relevant insights.

Machine learning solutions across industries

Itransition provides ML consulting services to help our clients incorporate insights derived from big data into their healthcare practices and personalize treatments, achieve better medical outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce operating costs.


Itransition equips financial institutes with ML solutions to help them attract more customers, minimize credit score risks, identify new liquidity opportunities, and automate various business processes.

  • Fraud detection
  • Credit scoring for loan/credit card approval
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Active portfolio and wealth management
  • Dynamic customer segmentation and product recommendations

We offer ML consulting services to help retailers create customer-centric shopping experiences, enhance inventory management, and ensure safer shopping environments. 


Our consultants help online retailers implement ML-based tools to deliver a more interactive and personalized user experience, optimize logistics, forecast ecommerce trends, and drive sales.

  • Chatbots and digital shopping assistants
  • Targeted marketing
  • Recommendation engines
  • Dynamic product pricing
  • Smart route planning and anticipatory shipping

Itransition helps companies in the real estate domain apply machine learning algorithms to detect shifting market trends, predict the price of properties in relation to market offerings, find the best investment options, and deliver superior customer experience. 

  • Home search and recommendations
  • Property performance and market value prediction
  • Automated property management
  • ML-powered lead generation
  • Virtual tours
Real estate

We assist manufacturing companies in implementing ML-based solutions that enable them to work out an optimal maintenance schedule, better manage fluctuations in demand and supply, and timely address anomalies in production processes.

  • Equipment failure predictions
  • Product development
  • Automated product inspection and quality control
  • Energy consumption monitoring and prediction
  • Supply and demand forecasting

Itransition offers ML consulting services to help logistics companies achieve complete supply chain transparency and timely handle any issue, be it a vehicle breakdown, a sudden drop in demand, or shipping delays.

  • Vehicle and equipment breakdowns prediction
  • Dynamic route optimization
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) prediction
  • Supply and demand balancing
  • Warehouse layout planning and workload prediction

Itransition’s team assists businesses across industries to adopt ML systems that will boost their marketing initiatives with automation and data-driven insights.

  • Predictive customer segmentation
  • Ad personalization for targeted advertising
  • Marketing automation 
  • Customer lifetime value modeling
  • Customer churn prediction

We share our ML expertise with financial institutions to help them and their customers identify investment opportunities, build balanced portfolios, and mitigate risk via AI-powered software. 

  • Stock price forecasting
  • Market sentiment analysis
  • Automated trade execution 
  • Financial fraud detection
  • Autonomous stock trackers
Stock market

Itransition helps educational institutions and eLearning service providers embrace ML capabilities to increase student engagement and outcomes while improving operational efficiency.

  • Intelligent tutoring systems for eLearning apps
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Identification of students at risk of dropping out
  • Elearning content translation and lesson transcription 
  • Virtual reality for professional training

We help agricultural organizations adopt ML technology to enable the security of remote facilities, ensure better yields, and improve pesticide effectiveness. 

  • Yield mapping and estimation
  • Disease detection and treatment recommendations
  • Classification of plant species
  • Crop quality detection and classification
  • Livestock health condition monitoring

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Machine learning technologies we use

Our machine learning engineers have hands-on experience with major programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and third-party tools and services to build tailored ML solutions or improve the performance and resource usage of the existing ones.


  • Python

  • R

  • Objective-C

  • C++

  • Java/Kotlin

Libraries & frameworks

  • TensorFlow Keras PyTorch Scikit-Learn

  • Theano MXNet NumPy NLTK

  • Pandas Caffe MLlib SparkML

  • Sonnet DarkNet Catboost XGBoost

  • LightGBM Annoy Faiss

  • NvidiaDigits OpenCV Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Network architectures

  • Neural radiance field (NeRF) Convolutional neural network (CNN) Recurrent neural network (RNN) YoloNet

  • Skeleton detection U-Net Generative adversarial network (GAN) AlphaPose

  • Pose2Seg RetinaFace DBSCAN

Task types

Clustering algorithms Regression algorithms  Classification algorithms

AI & ML services

  • Amazon SageMaker Amazon Rekognition Amazon Lex Amazon Polly Amazon Transcribe

  • Amazon Comprehend AWS Deep Learning AMIs Azure Machine Learning Azure Cognitive Services Azure AI Bot Service

  • Azure Conversational Language Understanding Google AI Platform Cloud Vision API Cloud Natural Language AI Cloud Speech-to-Text API

  • DialogFlow Google Cloud AutoML NVIDIA CUDA OpenAI API

Data integration tools

  • Azure Data Factory Azure Functions Azure Event Grid Azure Event Hubs Azure Databricks Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

  • AWS Glue AWS Data Exchange Apache Nifi Talend Informatica PowerCenter

  • Dell Boomi MuleSoft Anypoint Platform IBM InfoSphere Information Server Oracle Data Integrator SnapLogic

  • Precisely Striim Pentaho Fivetran Matillion

Data storage services

  • Azure Blob Storage Azure Data Lake Storage Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Cosmos DB

  • Microsoft SQL Server Amazon S3 Amazon Redshift Amazon Aurora Amazon RDS

  • Amazon DynamoDB Amazon ElastiCache PostgreSQL MySql Oracle

  • Google Cloud Storage IBM Cloud Object Storage SAP HANA SQLite Teradata

Data analytics platforms

  • Azure Analysis Services Azure Stream Analytics Azure Synapse Analytics Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Microsoft Power BI

  • Grafana QlikView Tableau Sisense

  • Amazon Athena Amazon Redshift Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Google Cloud Storage

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage SAP HANA SQLite Teradata

Data visualization tools

  • Datawrapper Chartist.js

  • matplotlib seaborn

  • bokeh Plotly

  • Altair ggplot

  • Infogram Google Charts

  • Fusion Charts D3.js

  • Excel

Benefits of turning to ML consultants

Optimized investment

Our machine learning consulting company can help your organization select an optimal tech stack and identify use cases requiring ML instead of conventional solutions.

Streamlined project planning

With the support of a machine learning consulting firm, you can set up a suitable ML development and implementation roadmap and accurately define timelines, budgets, tasks, teams, and iterations.

Faster rollout

Our ML consultants can complement your in-house experts to complete your ML project within a shorter time frame without recruiting and training additional talent.

Lower business risk

A team of ML consultants will help you address potential business or technical challenges (lack of training data, ML model bias, non-compliance, etc.) and mitigate related risks.

ML consulting FAQ

What engagement models do you offer?

For machine learning projects, we offer the following engagement models:

  • Dedicated team

    We provide a team of selected ML experts for long-term collaboration. The price depends on the time spent to complete the defined tasks.

  • Time and material

    Itransition provides ML consultants for a set fee, with the final cost depending on person-hours and materials spent on your project.

  • Fixed-price

    Our ML specialists will join your project for a fixed price according to an approved scope, development budget, and timeline.

How do you integrate the ML solution with our legacy systems?

At the discovery stage, we analyze your existing technology environment and, drawing on this information, conceptualize the ML solution and define its components. If you want a fully-integrated solution, we can perform the necessary integrations; otherwise, we will pass all the necessary information and documentation to your in-house team.

How do you guarantee the safety of our information?

We make sure your information is processed according to the industry’s best practices and protected with solid cybersecurity measures, including role-based data access, multi-factor authentication, 24/7 user activity monitoring, and data exchange encryption.

Do we need the infrastructure to train ML models?

No, you don’t. Itransition can train machine learning models on local servers with increased CPU power as part of our service offering.

What if we don’t have enough data for training models?

To handle the lack of data and meet established objectives, our machine learning experts help you set up the data collection and generation processes, complementing your corporate data assets with external sources if necessary. We can also leverage cloud-based services providing pre-trained models.

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