Custom invoicing software development

Custom invoicing software development

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Core invoicing functionality we implement

Invoice creation & submission

  • Customizable invoice templates
  • Quote, estimate, and invoice generation
  • Automated conversion of sales orders to invoices
  • Batch invoicing for multiple customers
  • Automated calculation of taxes or additional charges and application of discounts
  • Exceptions detection and alerts for missing or mismatched data, duplicate invoices
  • Sales invoice approval
  • Sending invoices to customers, including recurring invoices
  • Invoice submission for validation to tax authorities

Invoice tracking & archiving

  • Real-time status tracking for outgoing invoices
  • Compliant invoice archiving
  • Invoice filtering and sorting by invoice type, due date, status, vendor/customer, and other parameters
  • Configurable alerting for events like invoice approvals or due dates
  • Automated invoice deletion after the retention period

Payment tracking

  • Payment status tracking
  • Identifying payment errors, such as failed transactions, late payments, or overpayments
  • Automated sending of receipts to customers


  • Scheduled and ad hoc reporting
  • Dashboards with essential invoice metrics, including the number of paid and outstanding invoices, total revenue, and late payment ratio
  • Tax reports for audit purposes

Customer management

  • Centralized database with customer contact, billing, and payment information
  • Customer grouping or categorization
  • Automated sending of notifications and payment reminders to customers
  • Customer interactions management
  • Customer support

Security management

  • Invoice timestamping
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Data encryption and tokenization
  • Automated data backup
  • Secure transmission protocols

Streamline invoicing with tailored software

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Our invoicing software development services


Itransition offers expert guidance on implementing custom invoicing solutions, helping businesses select the right technology toolkit, plan the development process, and smoothly integrate new software.


We deliver a tailored invoicing solution that covers your business needs and fits into your IT ecosystem. As part of our implementation services, we define project requirements, plan project milestones, perform front- and back-end development, test your software, and deploy it to the production environment.

Important integrations for invoicing software

Based on the analysis of your internal software and third-party services, we select an optimal integration approach to incorporate invoicing software into your digital ecosystem and enable seamless data exchange across systems and departments. Our team offers custom invoicing integration as part of our implementation service offering and as a standalone service.

Invoicing software
Accounting software
Local tax authority portal
Payment gateways
Customer portals
Email platforms


to generate and send personalized invoices to customers and apply relevant payment terms, pricing, and discounts using up-to-date customer data


to sync invoicing data across business units, eliminating the need for double data entry and providing real-time financial data across the organization

Accounting software

to automatically record invoices in the ledger, facilitating outstanding payment monitoring and ensuring financial records accuracy

Local tax authority portal

to quickly get validation from the tax authority for each invoice and report taxes in real-time, ensuring electronic invoicing and tax compliance

Payment gateways

to offer customers different payment methods (like credit cards or ACH payments) and online payment options (like PayPal or Stripe), reducing the payment turnaround time and minimizing the risk of missed payments

Customer portals

to provide customers with a self-service tool for checking outstanding invoices, making payments, and tracking payment statuses, enhancing customer experience and reducing payment delays

Email platforms

to deliver invoices to customers immediately upon generation or approval by local tax authorities and remind them of the payments due, contributing to a faster billing process

Itransition’s best practices for developing invoicing solutions

Legal compliance
Legal compliance

Our custom invoicing solutions ensure invoice accuracy, authenticity, and integrity and serve as secure storage for invoices during the period required by the current industry- and region-specific regulations.


We develop robust APIs or other connectors that facilitate communication and interaction of your custom invoicing solution with other back-office systems and legal platforms. This allows you to extend the functionality of the invoicing software and make the invoicing process more flexible.

User-friendly design
User-friendly design

To let your employees spend less time on invoicing tasks, our designers create excellent user experiences and intuitive user interfaces that are easy to navigate.

Multi-currency & multilingual functionality
Multi-currency & multilingual functionality

We can build invoicing software that automatically converts the invoice amount to the desired currency and localizes invoices for specific regions. This way, businesses can streamline international transactions and cater to diverse client bases.

Client spotlight

Billing management software revamp


incoming bills monthly

Itransition redesigned the architecture of the customer’s online billing management system, upgraded its tech stack, expanded its capabilities, and improved security. As a result, the customer’s global client base grew significantly, featuring 100+ Fortune 500 clients.

Order and inventory management system development


product management costs

We helped a fashion business develop an Odoo-based solution that unified the customer’s existing systems, data flows, and processes. The system automates quotation and invoice generation and matches supplier invoices against orders, speeding up sales and order management.

Related software solutions from Itransition

Accounting software

Accounting software

Itransition builds custom accounting software that helps companies across industries streamline bookkeeping processes and ensure compliance with financial reporting regulations.

Financial analytics

We deliver software solutions designed to analyze vast amounts of financial data, allowing organizations to track and optimize their financial performance and mitigate fiscal risks.

Document management

We set up reliable document management systems for centralized storage of different types of files, automated document management workflows, and better collaboration between team members working on the same document.

Reasons to opt for custom invoicing software

Reasons to opt for custom invoicing software

There are many software providers that offer ready-made invoicing platforms. Although this option can be beneficial for some organizations, it has certain limitations that businesses should take into account. Consider building a custom invoicing solution when:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality available in platforms doesn't accommodate your established billing and invoicing processes.
  • Platform limitations don’t allow you to scale up your solution to support business growth.
  • You cannot cost-efficiently integrate a packaged solution with your existing software systems.
  • Platform subscription or license fees increase significantly with the addition of new users and/or processes, leading to high TCO in the long term.
  • Software updates and upgrades performed by the platform provider disrupt your billing and invoicing processes.

Looking for a reliable invoicing software development partner?

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What are the benefits of invoicing software?

Invoicing software automates the entire invoicing workflow. This helps businesses reduce invoice generation time, increase invoice data accuracy, and improve compliance with tax regulations.

How much does it cost to build a custom invoicing tool?

The budget required to develop a custom invoicing and billing system from scratch depends on multiple factors. Product complexity, tech stack, integrations, and project team composition affect the final project cost. You can contact our IT consultants to get a ballpark estimate of your project.

What businesses can benefit from out-of-the-box invoicing platforms?

Ready-made online invoicing software can be suitable for different types of businesses. Freelancers, startups, and small business owners who don’t have dedicated accounting or invoicing departments but need an affordable tool to create professional invoices can use out-of-the-box invoicing platforms for AR operations.

What are the best invoicing apps available in the market?

According to various software ratings and reviews, the most popular online invoicing and billing software solutions are Square Invoices, Quickbooks Online, Zoho Invoice, Xero, and Freshbooks. These cloud-based apps provide essential invoicing functionality, unlimited invoices on specific pricing plans, and free invoicing options. They also have pre-built APIs, enabling integration with other business management tools for cash flow management, project management, and time tracking.

How to choose an online invoicing tool?

When selecting an optimal online invoicing solution for your business, consider the following software aspects:

  • Product capabilities, including invoicing features for custom invoice creation and extra functionality, such as payment reminders or billable hours and expense tracking
  • Operating systems compatibility (e.g., for Windows or MacOS)
  • User experience
  • Security features
  • Scalability 
  • Integration potential
  • Free plan availability
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