Healthcare software development

Healthcare software development

Our healthcare expertise

We deliver technological solutions and services for healthcare organizations and practitioners, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, diagnostic and research centers, medical ISVs, and device manufacturers. We believe, custom healthcare software development is the key enabler of healthcare interoperability, patient engagement, accurate diagnostics, and positive healthcare outcomes.

Medical application development

We design and implement digital solutions to cover various aspects of care delivery, such as chronic disease management, interprofessional collaboration, medical analytics, and PHI security, among others.

Healthcare software integration

Itransition helps our healthcare clients create connected technological ecosystems. We integrate custom and platform-based apps with EHR, PACS, HIE, CRM, claim management systems, mobile medical apps, and other solutions in use by providers.

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Our custom healthcare solutions

Itransition builds multilevel healthcare infrastructures accommodating internal and customer-facing software. We oversee faultless performance, usability, and security of our delivered solutions, which guarantees both flawless operation and positive user experience for healthcare providers as well as their patients, partners, and vendors.

Digital patient experience

Consumer health applications

Itransition’s healthcare app developers create software synchronized with health-tracking wearables, sensors, and medical devices for remote patient monitoring. We enrich them with powerful data collection, processing, and visualization capabilities, so that patients and their doctors have accurate health data on their hands for making well-weighed decisions. We tend to the software side of:

  • Smart glucometers and thermometers
  • Blood pressure and cardiac activity trackers
  • Fitness and sleep monitors

Patient portals

Within our scope of patient-centric medical app development, we build patient portals that digitally connect patients and care providers. Using such portals, both parties can submit and access health records and resources via web and mobile devices, which is critical for effective treatment.

  • Treatment plans
  • Personal health records, including lab results
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Interactive health education
  • Consultation summaries
  • Patient feedback and assessment forms

Healthcare CRM

We set up custom medical CRMs tailored to provide a better experience through all-round patient profile management, personalized offers, and more essential features. These specialized systems can be integrated into any type of care-delivering practice, from nation-wide health systems to local GP offices, to connect providers and patients every step of the way.

  • Omnichannel patient communication
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Service personalization
  • Referral management
  • Behavior analytics and reporting

Innovative medical software

With over 20 years in healthcare app development, we know how to marry medical and technological breakthroughs to create solutions for sophisticated medical diagnostics and treatment. While assisting health professionals in solving the most difficult medical cases, our solutions also accompany patients and make their lives more comfortable and stress-free, daily.

Innovative medical software

VR, AR & MR for healthcare

Our team of medical app developers offers their hands-on experience in implementing VR, AR and MR for healthcare purposes. Our custom solutions serve clinicians all over the world, facilitating surgery, ensuring accurate diagnostics, as well as providing interactive education for practitioners and medical students.

We create medical imaging software for research and clinical needs. Our solutions support different medical image modalities, raise the effectiveness of early diagnostics, and reduce the risk of medical errors and excessive tests. When adopted for educational purposes, our software helps clinicians to explore new domains faster and increase precision of medical analysis and prescriptions.

We deliver telemedicine solutions that digitally connect patients to healthcare experts in order to provide remote diagnostics, post-discharge treatment, chronic disease management, and preventive care. IoMT solutions also make part of this service pack. With them, we aim at facilitating self-managed and supervised treatment of chronic and acute health conditions, along with increasing patient engagement and loyalty.

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We provide healthcare mobile app development services to extend the capabilities of medical software to include mobile devices. We develop native, cross-platform and hybrid apps as both standalone mobile care solutions or parts of software suites.

Mobile applications for doctors

We build mobile apps for physicians, assistants, nurses, allied health professionals, and executives. These solutions can automate daily workflows, streamline care coordination, and improve interprofessional collaboration.

  • Mobile CRM
  • Shift scheduling
  • Staff productivity and teamwork
  • Medical e-learning
  • Hospital management

Mobile applications for patients

We provide healthcare mobile app development to support on-the-go care activities and communication between patients and doctors. Apps built by Itransition serve as digital medical assistants for ongoing personalized care delivery.

  • Health monitoring
  • Patient engagement
  • Medication tracking
  • Wellness
  • Remote diagnostics

Itransition’s team develops scalable data warehouses, OLAP cubes, data mining algorithms, and data visualization tools. Our effort is translated into ready-to-use healthcare analytics for providers to process medical data correctly and securely and then apply it in their everyday practice.

  • Performance & outcomes reports
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Cost analysis
  • Patient analytics

Precision medicine analytics

Analytical software for precision medicine is part of our healthcare software development portfolio. We create solutions that comb through scattered healthcare data and arrange the information for healthcare professionals to predict optimal treatment for particular individuals or groups of patients, as well as elaborate strategies for preventing specific diseases.

Precision medicine analytics

Predictive & prescriptive analytics

We create predictive algorithms and statistical models to transform healthcare data into applicable insights. This aggregated knowledge can become a reliable basis for predicting outcomes or keeping track of individual health changes, as well as for enhancing clinical decision-making.

  • Custom algorithms to identify the risks of readmission and postoperative complications
  • Patient profiles matched with clinical expertise and available research for treatment personalization
  • Historical patient data analytics for accurate diagnostics
  • Self-managed symptom checkers for patients
Healthcare software security

Healthcare software security

Working with healthcare solutions, we prioritize their protection so that our clients stay sure of the immunity of their software ecosystems. At the same time, we leverage security technologies to ensure PHI is encrypted and unreachable for malicious users at all times.

Healthcare software security


We develop solutions compliant with the globally established healthcare standards, including HIPAA, IEC 62304, DICOM, ISO 13485, HL7, FDA 21 CFR Part 820, etc. We follow these industry regulations to make the development process secure and protect every software component along with the data it processes.

Pre-certification testing

We carry out pre-certification security and compliance testing to ensure the delivered software adheres to healthcare regulations and standards in force. Itransition helps healthcare organizations:

  • Assess software security and compliance through a series of automated and manual checks
  • Identify existing weaknesses and loopholes and offer a roadmap for further improvement
  • Carry out penetration testing and vulnerability scanning according to the OWASP methodology
  • Implement post-testing recommendations, thus preparing standalone solutions or entire software suites for certification