AWS migration services

AWS migration services

We take you to the AWS cloud

AWS migration involves the shift of your data, applications, and IT infrastructure to the AWS environment, taking full advantage of Amazon's toolset to ensure cost optimization, solid performance, and superior scalability. As an APN Advanced Consulting Partner with over 14 years of experience with AWS solutions, Itransition offers its holistic know-how to guide businesses of all sizes and from across industries through their migration to the cloud.

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Video ecommerce platform


individual microservices

Pharma data analytics suite

20-30 minutes

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Itransition’s AWS migration roadmap

From early assessment and software modernization to cloud redeployment and optimization, Itransition performs full-cycle migrations of your corporate data assets and workloads to the AWS infrastructure while keeping your business processes uninterrupted.

Itransition’s AWS migration roadmap
  • Analysis of current IT infrastructure costs
  • Business case identification (goals and potential outcomes)
  • Evaluating of corporate database workloads
  • Assessing interdependencies between apps and databases
  • Evaluating corporate readiness for operating in the cloud

    Defining an AWS migration strategy that aligns with your unique business requirements and goals:

    • Rehosting : quick migration with no code changes
    • Replatforming: migration with few, small optimizations
    • Refactoring: app rearchitecting with cloud-native features
    • Repurchasing: full switch to a new SaaS solution
    • Identifying elements to migrate
    • Projection of cloud computing resource requirement
    • Selection of a deployment model
    • Choosing suitable AWS and third party migration tools
    • Estimate of migration costs, KPIs, and TCO
    • Software modernization/redesign to make it cloud-ready
    • AWS architecture proof of concept and design
    • Infrastructure configuration and process automation
    • Data and apps migration (licensed products, databases, DWHs, etc.)
    • Detailed functional testing and performance audit
    • Implementation of monitoring tools for resource utilization
    • Regulatory compliance evaluation
    • Penetration testing for security strengthening
    • User training and technical assistance
    • Consulting on new updates and future developments

    Migration of Windows-based applications

    As Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partners, we help our customers streamline the cloud transformation of their Windows-based applications and benefit from the reliability, lower TCO, and flexible licensing options that AWS ensures.

    Readiness assessment

    Itransition’s experts make sure that your Windows workloads are ready for the cloud while assessing resource utilization and providing licensing recommendations.

    Windows migration

    After addressing skill gaps and app dependencies in your IT environment, we proceed with the cloud shift of servers, databases, and software (.NET, SQL Server, Windows Daas, etc.)

    Workload optimization

    The post-migration tasks to fine-tune your cloud-based Windows workloads include AWS usage and spend analysis, resource optimization, monitoring automation, and app modernization.

    Windows-focused AWS solutions

    Windows Server

    Windows on Amazon Elastic
    Compute Cloud (EC2)

    Amazon EC2 Dedicated

    Windows-based services

    AWS Directory


    .NET on AWS

    AWS Toolkit for
    Visual Studio


    Amazon ECS

    Amazon Elastic
    Container Service (ECS)


    Amazon Elastic Kubernetes
    Service (EKS)

    Amazon Elastic Container
    Registry (ECR)

    License management

    AWS License


    SQL Server on Amazon Elastic
    Compute Cloud (EC2)

    Amazon Relational Database
    (RDS) for SQL Server



    Amazon FSx for Windows
    File Server

    Amazon Elastic
    Block Store

    AWS migration tools we master

    Depending on your corporate scenario, IT ecosystem, business goals and requirements, Itransition’s team selects and leverages a suitable combination of software solutions from Amazon’s vast toolkit to facilitate your shift to the AWS cloud.


    Identifying a cost-effective business case based on corporate data Monitoring several applications migrating to AWS with a unified tool Collecting information regarding customers' data centers

    Migration Evaluator AWS Migration Hub AWS Application Discovery Service

    App migration

    Automating source server conversion to run applications natively on AWS Migrating databases to AWS while keeping them operational Shifting mainframe workloads to a highly available runtime environment

    AWS Application Migration Service AWS Database Migration Service AWS Mainframe Modernization

    Storage migration

    Automating data transfer to the AWS storage Streamlining business-to-business file transfers to Amazon S3 and EFS Moving huge data assets to and from AWS via physical devices

    AWS DataSync AWS Transfer Family AWS Transfer Family

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    AWS consulting

    AWS consulting

    Itransition offers full-spectrum consulting services to help your company define a successful AWS strategy, configure an impactful cloud solution, and implement it seamlessly.

    SaaS development

    We provide B2B and B2C companies with highly scalable SaaS solutions designed to evolve alongside your business and meet ever-changing corporate goals and requirements.

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    Application migration

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    AWS migration FAQs

    How much does AWS migration cost?

    The investment depends on a variety of parameters encompassing data volume, migration strategy, IT infrastructure complexity and readiness, and migration software licenses.

    Is my corporate data safe?

    We combine AWS-native security measures with third-party tools for data encryption and access management to protect your data and cloud environment from cyberattacks.

    What about compliance?

    Itransition’s experts use proprietary AWS tools, such as AWS Audit Manager, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS Artifact, to help our clients achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and industry-specific standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and FedRAMP, in the AWS cloud environment. Our team runs comprehensive IT infrastructure audits, conducts security testing, identifies and analyzes compliance gaps, as well as performs any required remediation activities.

    Cloud consulting


    Cloud consulting

    Find various cloud consulting services at Itransition: we perform cloud migration, develop custom cloud software, and tailor cloud platforms to your needs.

    Cloud-based risk management software for a nuclear power plant

    Case study

    Cloud-based risk management software for a nuclear power plant

    Explore how Itransition designed a cloud-based risk management software for a nuclear power plant to automate their risk management workflows.

    Telemedicine-ready EHR

    Case study

    Telemedicine-ready EHR

    Development and testing of a Telemedicine-enabled EHR, integrated with innovative voice recognition, smartpen and clinical text analysis features.