eLearning portals

eLearning portals

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Itransition creates custom eLearning portals to drive digital transformation in the education sector. Our solutions offer students a 24/7 customized learning experience and provide professionals with superior flexibility and efficiency. Learn more about our custom eLearning portals' potential benefits and development process below and get in touch to get your portal expertly delivered by Itransition.

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We build eLearning portals for:

Educational service providers
investing in IT to improve their didactic offering
Far-sighted corporations
requiring an effective training solution to onboard and upskill their staff
Educational institutions
ready to embrace innovative teaching approaches and tools

eLearning portals: recommended features

Which features turn a standard eLearning portal into an effective educational tool? Here's the list of the top ones integrated into eLearning portal solutions.

eLearning portals recommended features
  • Multimedia content support
  • Cloud content delivery
  • Course creation editor
  • Online catalog (with course descriptions, units, reviews)
  • Search engine with filters
  • Offline access option
  • Multi-device login
  • Mobile/desktop syncing
  • User-friendly signup system
  • Registration via Google or social accounts
  • Personalized learning
  • Learning gamification with a reward-based system
  • Virtual classroom
  • Interactivity (likes, shares)
  • Social learning (chat, forums)
  • Online scheduling
  • Admin panel
  • Test assessment, grading and proctoring
  • Certification management
  • User management
  • Data security, backup and recovery
  • Payment system
  • Push notifications
  • Support ticket creation
  • User activity dashboards
  • Feedback system
  • Learning progress and performance reporting
  • ROI assessment

eLearning standards and compliance

When implementing these features, keep in mind the major quality standards and legal requirements of the education sector. At Itransition, we develop eLearning portals in strict compliance with reference models, standards and international regulations such as:

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Main integrations for eLearning portals

eLearning portal + LMS

LMSs provide additional administration-centric features (content authoring, scheduling, reporting, etc.).

This combination allows customizing corporate training based on employee data (expertise, role, and more).

eLearning portal + video conferencing software

Teleconferencing and webinar tools enhance virtual class interactivity, sociability, and student immersion.

Great eLearning portal add-ons

eLearning portal + VR

VR grants students the opportunity to practice in virtual scenarios that replicate complex real-life situations.

eLearning portal + AI

AI makes your portal smarter and able to adapt learning content and tests to the needs of each student.

eLearning portals’ key benefits

For your students

Immersive experience

eLearning portals can enrich learning with multimedia didactic materials and VR.

Personalized learning

Algorithms can ensure bespoke learning paths based on student needs and attitudes.


eLearning portals cut commuting times and costs to access educational services.

For your organization

High scalability

eLearning solutions can be easily scaled up to serve any number of users.

Monetization options

These may include premium subscriptions, in-app purchases, and advertising.

High ROI

The ROI can vary between 80% in the first year to 350%+ by the third year, yet exact returns depend on your business case.

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More eLearning solutions

Custom LMS

Custom LMS

We develop custom CMSs as comprehensive and highly customizable tools to facilitate the design, administration, and delivery of eLearning services.

Enterprise LMS

Our team consults enterprises on adopting LMS as the right solution to streamline their corporate training, speed up new hires’ onboarding, and thus increase employee productivity.

mLearning apps

mLearning apps

We create mobile eLearning apps to provide 24/7 remote training and implement innovative approaches such as microlearning and gamification.

Our eLearning portal development framework

At Itransition, you'll find the tech stack and expertise to fully embrace the business opportunities opened up by eLearning.

We help you:

  • Frame your eLearning needs
  • Choose eLearning options that match your business criteria
  • Assess your pre-existing platform