Azure consulting

Azure consulting

Azure implementation

Experienced in implementing software based on the Microsoft technology stack, Itransition delivers a broad scope of services at all levels of the Azure platform deployment and customization. A Microsoft Gold Partner, our company gets engaged in Azure projects to bring the platform’s versatile capabilities to enterprises globally.


We help businesses make their first steps toward cloud solutions and infrastructures with professional Microsoft Azure consulting services. We deliver step-by-step strategies of the platform adoption and scaling.


Our team knows how to transform Azure’s out-of-the-box features into custom cloud solutions. Our software comes with monitoring and security tools essential for a smooth operation of a cloud environment.


Itransition’s experts integrate Azure deployments into infrastructures while optimizing existing assets. We also carry out integration testing to check the stability of connected components.

Azure development

At Itransition, we provide development assistance across Azure products and services. To provide for your diverse needs, our team offers their skills in Microsoft Azure development and adoption for data management, analytics, containerization and networking purposes.

Discover the full range of Itransition’s services and solutions on top of Microsoft products.

Compute and containers
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Container Instances
  • Azure Kubernetes
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Azure Batch
Databases and storage
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Management and networking
  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure Content Delivery Network
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Resource Manager
Data analytics
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Databricks
  • Power BI Embedded
Integration and IoT
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure IoT Edge
Security and identity
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure DDoS Protection

Migration to Azure

Itransition’s Azure migration experts help enterprises get ready for their cloud transformation as well as migrate their solutions and infrastructures to the Microsoft platform. We carry out all pre- and post-migration activities to ensure a painless shift to a new deployment.

Cloud assessment

TCO calculation Security and compliance assessment

Technology evaluation

Architecture and design

MVP creation Cloud testing

Infrastructure rearchitecting and redesign

New infrastructure configuration

Configuration automation Custom infrastructure configuration with Azure Resource Manager or Terraform

Hybrid infrastructure

Data and apps migration

Adoption of licensed products Data migration to Azure managed services

Cloud development Creation of images and bundles

Leveraging the cloud

Connecting additional Azure services Elasticity and SDLC automation

Security enablement Dashboards setup

Cloud optimization

Configuration monitoring Usage optimization

Efficiency improvement

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Cloud computing with Azure

Our Azure services are not limited to deployment. We also introduce more effective ways of managing your cloud-based solutions and assets. To help enterprises onboard new technologies, we restructure their current deployments, optimize them, and teach in-house software engineers to manage the Azure tech stack.

Azure microservices

Azure microservices

We unlock Azure capabilities for enterprises that decided to adopt microservices-based applications. Our cloud developers rebuild legacy software to fit in the microservices model, as well as launch microservices-based solutions from scratch. We take up full-cycle management of microservices architectures, including their security, communication between services, scalability, and ongoing testing.

Azure microservices

Infrastructure as Code in Azure

Our team uses Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to transform classic infrastructures into Infrastructure as Code (IaC). By applying the descriptive model, our developers turn enterprise infrastructures into code that can be easily reconfigured and reduplicated for the purposes of infrastructure modification, upgrade, or extension. We also manage IaCs, keeping an eye on their integrity and high performance.

Step 1

Infrastructure is described as a JSON template.

Step 2

The template is checked out locally or uploaded to Azure Blob Storage.

Step 3

ARM creates a stack based on the template.

Step 4

ARM provisions and configures the resources and stacks specified by the template.

Setting up Azure as a DevOps environment is part of our Microsoft Azure consulting offering. Our team leverages Azure tools and extends them with custom features to build a reliable foundation for DevOps. Our solutions power CI/CD development cycles, Agile DevOps planning, testing management, protected code storage, review, and sharing.

Itransition assists its customers with stress-free Azure administration through professional Azure managed services. We can work as independent Azure consultants or as part of your in-house team to monitor your Azure deployment, troubleshoot performance and user experience issues, address the platform customization and extension challenges if any, as well as carry out timely training for the end users and your software professionals.

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Azure for intelligent solutions

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

We apply our IoT software development expertise to connect solutions and devices within IoT ecosystems built with the Azure technologies such as Azure IoT Hub, IoT Central and IoT Edge. Azure’s native strengths allow us to architect and manage networks with hundreds of components while ensuring proper device management, collect and process generated data, and turn it into applicable business insights.

Machine learning

We endorse Azure as a multifaceted platform able to address a variety of machine learning challenges. Our experts can build custom ML solutions based on Azure services and tools, adjust Azure environments to deploy and train ML models, as well as helping companies implement Azure as a solution supporting DevOps for machine learning (MLOps).


Itransition’s team relies on the Azure blockchain toolkit to design and implement blockchain networks that are optimal for distributed record management and transactions. We design and deploy Azure-based blockchain solutions to make supply chains more protected, minimize fraud risks, and make enterprise transactions transparent and controllable.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

We support data-centric enterprises with cloud-first analytics software. Our solutions cover every stage of data aggregation, processing and visualization. Itransition’s business intelligence professionals and Azure consultants deploy data warehouses and data lakes, set up ETL processes, configure reporting tools, and deploy environments for big data analytics and machine learning projects.

Custom database development for a healthcare charity

Case study

Custom database development for a healthcare charity

Learn how Itransition’s custom database development provided healthcare professionals with accurate data on defibrillators within their areas.

Billing management software for a US tax payment service provider

Case study

Billing management software for a US tax payment service provider

Learn how Itransition migrated billing management software to Microsoft Azure and enriched the solution with custom features and security updates.

BPM automation for UK care homes

Case study

BPM automation for UK care homes

Learn how Itransition delivered a cloud-based healthcare business process management system for a UK care homes operator, driving 2x cost reduction.

SaaS portal for managing Azure subscriptions

Case study

SaaS portal for managing Azure subscriptions

SaaS web application translating extensive spreadsheets of data on the Azure services usage into comprehensive visualized dashboards and graphs.