HR data analytics

HR data analytics

HR analytics solutions for your business

Itransition delivers HR analytics tools fuelled by powerful algorithms and designed to extract meaningful insights from your data assets, allowing your enterprise to further expand its talent pool, enhance employee satisfaction, and empower your workforce.

Recruiting and hiring

We develop HR analytics systems to help you:
  • Segment candidates based on their skill set and job experience to select those matching your ideal profile
  • Scan applicant data to mitigate human capital risks (absenteeism, lack of core skills, misconduct, etc.)
  • Calculate recruitment conversion rates to assess your hiring funnel effectiveness and HR agents’ performance
  • Estimate the average hiring cost to identify improvement opportunities and optimize the recruiting process

Staff performance

Itransition deliver HR analytics platforms that:
  • Track your staff’s major KPIs and visualize them through intuitive analytical dashboards and graphical reports
  • Investigate employees' capabilities and previous achievements to spot the most suitable professional for each role
  • Monitor the workload to optimize staff allocation and shift scheduling while mitigating employee stress
  • Identify bottlenecks to boost team coordination and streamline your business processes and overall corporate workflow

Workforce development

We build HR analytics tools leveraging algorithms to:
  • Evaluate new hires' competencies, helping you set up proper training paths and shorten the onboarding timeframe
  • Assess your staff's expertise and skill gaps to create customized workforce empowerment programs
  • Monitor the costs of your educational initiatives and facilitate corporate training budgeting and administration
  • Estimate the ROI of your mentoring and upskilling programs and focus on the most effective educational tools

Employee experience

Itransition’s team creates HR analytics solutions capable of:
  • Detecting signs of distress, attrition or performance drops to support your workforce with targeted interventions
  • Gathering insights from surveys or interviews to assess staff satisfaction and address problem areas
  • Highlighting your employees’ achievements to reward them with benefits, compensation, and job promotions
  • Keeping track of the turnover rate to help you fine-tune your talent retention and churn prevention strategies

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Full-spectrum HR analytics services

We offer our holistic expertise in big data and software development to orchestrate high-impact HR analytics solutions and help you implement such tools into your corporate workflow and tech ecosystem.

Full-spectrum HR analytics services

Our HR analytics consultants provide expert technology advisory to frame your business requirements, identify data analytics use cases based on potential ROI, assess the quality and compliance of your HR data assets, and select proper data sources to complement them.

Itransition's team designs statistical and machine learning algorithms to process your datasets, spot recurring patterns, and train data models representing these correlations. Afterward, we leverage such models to clarify the nature of the complex dynamics driving HR-related trends.

Our software developers can bring your legacy HR analytics solution up to date, adapting its architecture to ever-changing business priorities, legal standards, and quality requirements. This may include interface redesign, new features addition, or system re-platforming.

We cover each step required to prepare your data for analysis. This involves setting up an ETL pipeline to harvest raw data, transform it into a suitable storage format and load it into data warehouses or data lakes, and additional data re-engineering via feature selection and cleansing.

Itransition delivers HR analytics platforms powered by data models and embedded with dashboards, charts, and other visualization tools. These features allow translating data into graphical representations and easily interpreting it to grasp impactful insights and share them among your organization.

We integrate your HR analytics tool with other types of corporate software by configuring API layers that act as a link between several applications and create a continuous flow of data. This interconnection will fuel your analytical tool with information collected from your HRMS, ERP, and more.

Platform-based analytical tools we work with

Depending on your business needs, Itransition can deliver an HR analytics tool based on a market-leading analytics solution, ensuring lower upfront costs and faster implementation. Here are some of the top platforms we have wide expertise in.

We offer our experience as a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner to provide your enterprise with an HR analytics solution built on top of Power BI and leveraging its smooth implementation, embedded ETL engine, and easy integration with the Microsoft product range.

We can enhance your HR management with an impactful HR analytics system based on Tableau, helping you take full advantage of this platform's effortless implementation and upgrade, ongoing support from the Tableau community, and top-tier visualization features.

We improve your company’s decision-making capabilities with HR analytics software solutions that combine superior usability and top performance thanks to Qlik's automated data integration, advanced API command sets, and intuitive data storytelling features.

Smart technologies to delve into data

Leveraging our team’s full-spectrum tech expertise, we can draw on a wide range of data-related disciplines and tools to craft HR analytics solutions that will scoop out valuable insights from your corporate data.

Itransition creates machine learning systems powered by neural networks to process your HR datasets with algorithms, detect patterns, anomalies, or relationships among data points, and shed light on the logic behind specific events or trends.

We train and deploy statistical or machine learning algorithms to spot recurring patterns among historical data, build data models visualizing such relationships, and use them to forecast upcoming trends or predict potential business risks.

Itransition's team of data scientists performs every task necessary to gather and prepare suitable datasets for processing and analysis, such as configuring the entire ETL process for data extraction, transformation, and loading into data storage spaces.

Our experts build solid cloud infrastructures to protect your corporate data from breaches or other types of cyberattacks and complement the data extraction, computing and storing capabilities of your technological ecosystem.

Key HR metrics we investigate

Itransition's HR analytics systems delve into several variables gathered from multiple data sources to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of the dynamics underlying human resources trends. Among the parameters considered, we might mention:

Time to hire
A variable worth taking into account to identify eventual flaws in the recruiting process and optimize your hiring strategy.
Revenue per employee
This can shed light on the productivity of your employees and your management’s ability to turn their efforts into profit.
Human capital risk
A metric encompassing several risk factors including employee under-skilling, turnover, misconduct, attrition, and more.
An essential metric that consistently affects overall productivity and reflects other parameters, such as employee motivation.
Offer acceptance rate
An important factor for talent acquisition performance, based on the number of applications, interviews, and actual hires.
Training efficiency
This parameter relates to performance improvements and offers valuable insights into your training programs’ efficiency.
Turnover rate
Voluntary and involuntary churn rates provide useful feedback on staff sentiment and recruiting strategies, respectively.
External parameters
Various factors external to your enterprise but still impacting your workforce (financial trends, current job legislation, etc.).

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Itransition delivers comprehensive HR management systems designed to streamline and automate your human resources workflows, such as candidate sourcing and recruitment, labor budgeting, employee performance supervision, payroll and benefits administration, and more.

Employee portals

We create employee-centric online platforms equipped with self-service functionalities that allow your staff to easily access all major HR services, corporate information, and eLearning resources 24/7 while enhancing communication between your workforce and management.

Enterprise LMS

Itransition’s team provides your company with learning management systems built to facilitate each aspect of corporate training administration and delivery, thus speeding up new employee onboarding, supporting your staff upskilling initiatives, and enhancing employee engagement and productivity.

Digital workplace

Digital workplace

Taking into account your technological infrastructure and corporate workflow, we shape a unified digital hub integrating all your business processes into a shared virtual environment and fostering collaboration among your workforce, including in-house and remote teams.

Itransition’s data analytics essentials

We develop our HR analytics systems in strict accordance with all major legal, security, and usability standards to provide software solutions combining performance and reliability.

Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Itransition's HR analytics platforms are carefully crafted to comply with human resource management quality regulations and data protection international legislation, including GDPR, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 30400, and more.

Data democratization
Data democratization

Itransition embraces data democratization by equipping your HR analytics system with visualization tools and other features to facilitate data access and sharing while helping you implement data governance best practices to uphold data security.


Our HR analytics solutions come equipped with top-notch cyber defenses to shield your data assets from data breaches and leaks, including user activity monitoring features, security event analysis, and data backup and disaster recovery measures.

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