B2B portal development: key features, benefits and implementation tips

B2B portal development: key features, benefits and implementation tips

Bringing business partners together

A B2B portal is a platform for interactions between your business and your partners, vendors, and clients. We deliver bespoke B2B portals that facilitate commercial relationships, help vendors and customers find each other, enable effective self-service, and provide comprehensive support to users.

of B2B decision-makers today would choose remote human interactions or digital self-service over in-person communication


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Our B2B portal solutions

We develop multifunctional corporate B2B business portals depending on our customers’ needs, requirements, and business specifics. Learn more about our offering from the selected case studies.

Trade portals and marketplaces

Trade portals and marketplaces

We offer ecommerce portals and sales portals for ecommerce businesses as perfect tools to build their online presence, attract new customers and partners, manage product catalogs, order statuses, and transactions.

Case study

of technical debt eliminated

Optimized online retail chain

Itransition doubled the indexing speed and cut 404 errors tenfold for a retailer with 90K+ products, multiple logistic centers, and thousands of corporate clients.

Our B2B portal development services

Whether you want your B2B portal based on a well-reputed platform or built from scratch, Itransition is up to the task. We can also help you keep the current solutions running or improve them on demand.

Our B2B portal development services

We work with the best-in-class portal technologies and can advise you on the one that fully aligns with your requirements and growth plans. We can implement the platform into your business infrastructure and perform all levels of customization needed.

Itransition is fully qualified to develop a proprietary B2B portal from the ground up. We will lay out and build your signature solution. Post-development, we can embed the portal into your corporate environment and perform the necessary configurations for seamless functioning.

We can refurbish your B2B portal and adjust it to your new business requirements. Our team can re-architecture the portal and refactor its source code, remove irrelevant features and implement new capabilities, or refresh the antiquated UX/UI.

Itransition will move your portal away from a restricting legacy environment to one with a higher capacity. We can implement and configure the new platform, migrate relevant portal data, and connect it with other corporate software.

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Key B2B portal features

Our B2B portal development team can supply your web solution with essential and advanced features for a powerful business-to-business experience.

Corporate accounts

We develop business-centered account management features that can mirror various organizational structures and support different user roles and complex relationships within the company and between partners.
    • Flexible account hierarchy
    • Role-based user permissions
    • Customizable user roles and purchasing rights

    B2B portal benefits

    B2B portals act as an engagement tool, making your business interactions with partners, vendors, and customers more efficient. It could become a win-win solution with multiple benefits for everyone involved.


    An effective B2B platform enables your business to grow and scale

    Improved efficiency

    Standardized and automated business processes increase business productivity

    Cost saving

    A B2B portal streamlines processes, saving you money, time, and resources

    Increased brand awareness

    A B2B portal can improve the visibility of your brand

    More customers and leads

    A portal is a powerful tool to reach new B2B customers

    Cost-effective marketing

    Increased web presence can boost your sales and marketing efforts

    Competitive advantage

    An effective B2B portal sets you apart from the competition


    A portal enables you to set up effective analytics campaigns

    Develop your B2B portal with Itransition

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    Potential B2B integrations

    We create intuitive and partnership-nurturing B2B portals that are easy to manage and maintain through integration with various enterprise systems.

    ERP integration

    We can tie up your B2B portal with the corporate ERP to consolidate the data in a centralized database, organize it into an accessible, easy-to-comprehend structure, increase real-time visibility and streamline decision-making.

    PIM integration

    We can connect your B2B portal with enterprise product information management and other systems holding the product data. It will ensure users always have relevant merchandise descriptions, and your employees will not have to update them manually.

    CRM integration

    We can integrate your B2B portal with your enterprise CRM for a 360-degree view of users’ behavior, purchase history and patterns, and loyalty program levels. It will help your sales reps and support agents tailor communication to customers’ needs and requirements.

    In-depth analytics

    We can help you monitor and gauge your B2B portal’s performance and user engagement by integrating the web solution with an enterprise data analytics engine. We can also implement visualization and modeling tools for simplified pattern and trend identification.

    B2B portal development roadmap



    Outlining requirements for every element of the future B2B portal

    • Business analysts
    • Project managers



    Hands-on prototyping, specification review and technical sketching, UI/UX design

    Tech team

    • Architect
    • Tech lead
    • Project manager

    UX/UI design

    • Analyst
    • UX/UI expert
    • Graphic designer
    • Project manager



    Coding, front-end and back-end development, software integration with other corporate systems

    • Project managers
    • Developers
    • DevOps engineer
    • QA engineers


    Acceptance testing

    End-to-end acceptance testing through automation tools, expert supervision

    • Analyst
    • QA engineers
    • Project manager



    Deploying the final project, post-release testing, and corporate training

    • DevOps engineer
    • Architect
    • Tech lead
    • Analysts
    • Corporate trainers


    Maintenance and support

    Performance monitoring, software upgrades, repairs, and fixes. First-line support of customers and partners

    • Help desk specialists
    • Support engineers
    • Software developers
    • QA and DevOps engineers

    Tech stack

    We use best-in-class technologies and tools to build a B2B portal that will perfectly fit your business objectives and ensure its seamless integration with other systems and your corporate infrastructure.

    4 layers of B2B portal development

    Customer experience

    Visible layer

    Implemented with the help of a CMS platform

    WordPress, Drupal Orchard, Umbraco, Sitecore

    Headless CMS (Strapi, Directus, Contentful) + Jamstack (Next.JS, Gatsby)

    Customer engagement

    Selling layer

    Contact form or online quote, implemented with custom development, ecommerce module, or CRM integration

    Magento Hybris

    CRM integration

    Customer support

    Self-service layer

    Implemented with the help of platform module integration or third-party solutions

    Zendesk Service Now

    Live chat (Drift, Intercom, etc.) CRM integration

    Customer satisfaction and behavior

    Feedback and behavior analytics layer

    Implemented with various analytics methods

    Feedback forms

    Google Analytics and Social Tracking

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    Сloud consulting

    We ensure smooth migration to the cloud platform and offer cloud development, integration, and redesign services.

    Cyber security consulting

    We build secure IT ecosystems resistant to cyber attacks. Our cyber security services cover all types of organizational IT assets.

    QA testing

    We offer a full range of quality assurance services and devise a tailored testing strategy to ensure the efficiency of your software solutions.

    Data analytics

    Data analytics

    We deliver data analytics solutions ranging in scope and complexity according to your business goals, budget, and requirements.

    B2B portals: your questions answered

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    Сan you create a B2B portal aligned with my industry specifics?

    Can you build a mobile-friendly B2B portal?

    Will a B2B portal support my business growth?

    Do you ensure my customers’ data security?