Pega consulting and development

Pega consulting and development

Adapt Pega to your business

With our extensive expertise in platform-based software development and implementation, Itransition tailors multifunctional Pega products to the requirements of enterprises across all industries. A Pega consulting company, Itransition knows how to create a perfect mix of out-of-the-box and custom features to help businesses take maximum benefits out of the Pega suite.

Pega consulting

Our Pega consultants help enterprises understand the platform and define its role in their workflows. Together with decision-makers, we select suitable Pega modules and plan their step-by-step deployment in line with our customers’ requirements.

Pega implementation

We implement Pega products that are most suitable to cover specific business needs. Our specialists set up the Pega environment and carry out all necessary adjustments to ensure the platform and its components run correctly and stably.

Pega customization

When Pega’s default capabilities aren’t enough to cover enterprise processes, Itransition’s team fulfills Pega customizations and delivers custom features to fill functional gaps, fix design inconsistencies, and improve security.

Post-deployment Pega services

Pega platform implementation is just the first step towards more efficient enterprise workflows, informed decision-making, and facilitated customer management. Our team comes up with a full pack of services to ensure the gradual evolution of Pegabased solutions in their post-deployment period.

Pega optimization

Business requirements keep changing, and our task is to align Pega software with your transformed needs. Our Pega developers help companies adopt new Pega modules, improve the UI and UX, implement fresh features, as well as perform necessary architecture and infrastructure adjustments.

Pega integration

To make Pega solutions function smoothly within a corporate software environment, we integrate it with enterprise systems in place regardless of their deployment model. Using a combination of ready-to-use and proprietary integration tools, we connect Pega with off-the-shelf and custom enterprise systems.

Pega support

Hiring a full-time Pega admin isn’t always an optimal solution for enterprises. Instead, businesses can engage our Pega team to take care of their deployments both on a permanent and on-demand basis. We address Pega-related issues, provide user support and training if necessary.

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Pega application development

We work with all of the Pega products to help our customers automate a variety of enterprise workflows. Our team builds Pega-first software architectures as well as helps enterprises implement and configure particular Pega solutions and modules. Here are just a few scenarios of how businesses can apply Pega software tailored by Itransition:

Pega application development

Itransition’s team automates enterprise-wide business processes by activating Pega BPM capabilities. Document workflows, supply chain management, warehouse management, production and delivery cycles, vendor and partner management, and reporting can all be facilitated through a Pega-based BPM system. The platform’s adaptable UI allows us to fit Pega BPM solutions into enterprises’ specifics and align it with corporate software infrastructures.

We deliver solutions on top of Pega Case Management to provide enterprises with easy-to-use tools for case management, both customer-centric and enterprise-focused. Our solutions serve to centralize customer service across multiple channels, improve visibility and control over internal operations at the levels of departments and teams, as well as help businesses modify their services and operations painlessly in line with the market demand.

Leveraging the Pega features, our team enables data-driven decision-making. With accurate insights on their performance, products, services, and customers’ preferences, businesses can make timely decisions on workflow optimization, product and service modification, and changes to marketing and sales campaigns. End users can also assess the effectiveness of every decision taken and change strategies flexibly.

Itransition delivers Pega-based solutions that become the major source of business-critical employee data, including team and individual productivity, workload distribution, and employee engagement. With tailored Pega software in place, businesses can also identify bottlenecks and weaknesses in existing workflows that cause unexpected slowdowns, affect employees’ performance, and stretch out routine activities.

We deploy Pega CRM modules at enterprises that look to optimize and digitalize their customer relationships and associated workflows. With the Pega CRM suite, our clients can hit their automation targets in marketing activities, sales initiatives, and customer service programs. They get a central control point over all customer-centric processes and a single source of customer data essential for their successful business operations.

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