Our experts

Our experts

Itransition is a global software development company with hands-on expertise spanning multiple business industries and technology fields, including emerging tech. We have a diverse pool of specialists in different domains who contribute their expertise to our projects to ensure their success and customer satisfaction.

We have established industry and technology-focused Centers of Excellence where our experts share their knowledge and best practices with colleagues and master new skills and technologies, driving service excellence and a culture of continuous improvement. To stay informed about current market trends as well as to collaborate with industry peers and share best practices, our specialists hold webinars and participate in major technology events.

Our experts regularly share their insights on various technology applications and trends and contribute to the world’s leading IT and business media outlets:


Our experts deliver secure and compliant software solutions for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to facilitate efficient care provision, patient engagement, and automation of administrative workflows.


Our expertise covers ERP consulting, customization, custom development, and implementation to help companies consolidate data and effectively manage core business processes. We’re also well-versed in delivering platform-based and custom ERP solutions, taking into account industry specifics and intricacies.