CRM consulting:
our services, portfolio & industry expertise

CRM consulting: our services, portfolio & industry expertise

Why Itransition

25+ years of experience in IT consulting and software development

10+ years delivering CRM services and solutions

Partnerships with Salesforce and Odoo

Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

Established CRM Center of Excellence

Included in the Top Salesforce Consulting Companies by Clutch

10+ industry-specific Centers of Excellence

Our CRM consulting services


Itransition helps plan and supervise the implementation of custom CRM software or platform-based solutions. Our experts help with business needs elicitation from stakeholders and CRM strategy definition, solution conceptualization, tech stack selection, and license optimization to make your CRM cost-effective. We also assist with project management (including roadmap planning, scheduling, and project budgeting), oversee custom development or platform customization operations end-to-end, and offer ongoing post-launch support.

Itransition's consultants help companies revamp their legacy CRM to address performance, security, and usability issues or excessive maintenance costs. Our specialists audit the existing system, identify potential areas for improvement, recommend possible upgrades, define a suitable modernization strategy, and support you along the modernization process.
Our team of consultants orchestrates the transfer of data assets and workflow transfer from legacy CRM to a new system. We make sure to prevent data loss and minimize workflow disruptions and security risks through accurate migration planning, backup strategy creation, and change management.
Itransition offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure efficient CRM software adoption across your organization and address related business challenges. Our experts provide user training, data governance and management advisory, and license cost optimization assistance.

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Client spotlight

Salesforce audit for an EDI solution provider


data quality and integration

A UK-based EDI solution provider turned to Itransition to audit its Salesforce-based CRM and address integration and data quality issues, including duplicate records. Our experts suggested multiple improvements, such as implementing additional fields, new automation rules, and data synchronization with other services.

Salesforce optimization for a construction firm


increase in generated opportunities

Our CRM consultants helped a UK-based supplier of construction products improve its Salesforce solution through multiple configurations and customizations. These included automated processes to assign clients to different territories and trigger appointment notifications, along with custom charts for sales KPI tracking.

CRM consulting across industries

Itransition’s consultants help retailers adopt CRM systems to gather sales and customer data from multiple touchpoints and deliver personalized shopping experiences tailored to each client’s specific needs.


Our consultants assist banks and financial organizations with the adoption of CRM software to collect account data or other relevant information and deliver services matching customer interests and spending habits.


We help healthcare service providers implement CRM solutions for accurate patient profiling, effective appointment and referral management, and patient engagement monitoring.


Real estate

Our team of consultants facilitates the implementation of real estate CRM tools to enhance listing and lead management while automating property visits and field service scheduling.



Itransition provides consulting services to help insurance companies adopt CRM systems for efficient lead and opportunity tracking, policy and claims management, and sales analytics.



Our specialists streamline the adoption of manufacturing CRM software to facilitate quote, sales agreement, and warranty management and promote cooperation with supply chain partners.



Itransition assists car manufacturers and dealers with the adoption of CRM solutions to run targeted marketing campaigns, schedule test drives and maintenance services, and identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.



Itransition’s CRM experts help logistics companies implement software solutions to streamline order fulfillment, consolidate order details and shipping information for easier tracking, and provide customers with timely status updates and support in case of delays.



We can assist educational institutions and eLearning service providers in adopting CRM tools for marketing personalization, automated admission and enrollment, and tuition payment monitoring.



Our experts streamline the implementation of telecom-oriented CRM solutions to help providers manage contracts and subscriptions, offer personalized plans, and deliver 24/7 technical assistance.



Itransition helps nonprofit organizations implement CRM systems to monitor and optimize their fundraising campaigns, nurture donor relationships through individual action plans, and deliver personalized care to program participants.


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How CRM can transform your business

When properly implemented with the help of experienced consultants, CRM solutions can bring considerable improvements to sales and marketing operations and help deliver more personalized and satisfactory customer experiences.

Effective lead management

Our experts help you develop, adopt, and optimize CRM solutions to segment and rank leads, prioritize those most likely to convert, and engage them with personalized offers and communication generated via marketing automation.

Unified customer view

Itransition’s consultants make sure that your CRM system serves as a centralized repository to securely store customer and prospect information, including personal details and communication history.

Improved sales pipeline management

We enable sales teams to leverage CRM tools that accurately track prospects and customers as they progress through the sales funnel and help organize related activities.

Efficient document management

Our CRM consultants help implement and optimize software solutions to automatically generate, send, and store contracts, quotes, invoices, or other documents.

Responsive customer support

Itransition assists businesses with the implementation and modernization of CRM software to automate case routing and provide 24/7 support via chatbots and self-service portals for faster resolution, better customer experience, and greater retention.

Advanced analytics & reporting

We advise companies on how to implement and enhance CRM systems equipped with AI-powered analytical features like social media monitoring, sales forecasting, and real-time KPI tracking.

CRM services and solutions


CRM services and solutions

Hire CRM service providers with 10+ years of experience in CRM consulting, implementation, and development to get a 360-degree view of your customer data.

Enterprise CRM:
key features, top platforms, & guidelines


Enterprise CRM: key features, top platforms, & guidelines

Discover enterprise CRM’s distinctive elements, key features, and benefits, along with popular off-the-shelf platforms and selection guidelines.

Salesforce CRM for a global software engineering company

Case study

Salesforce CRM for a global software engineering company

Learn how Itransition implemented a Salesforce-based CRM platform, realizing the majority of functionality by configuring out-of-the-box features.

Salesforce professional services and product expertise


Salesforce professional services and product expertise

Hire a certified Salesforce services provider with 10-year expertise in Salesforce CRM and other solutions to carry out seamless adoption and transformation.

AI in CRM:
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Salesforce CRM for a US insurance buyout agency

Case study

Salesforce CRM for a US insurance buyout agency

Learn how Itransition’s customized Salesforce CRM has brought a US insurance buyout agency 54% more leads.