Real estate data analytics

Real estate data analytics

A data-driven approach to real estate

Itransition crafts data analytics systems powered by high-performance algorithms to process an ongoing stream of data and unravel the underlying dynamics driving the real estate market. Our data analytics solutions enable real estate firms to identify new business opportunities, easily meet customers' requirements, and facilitate management tasks.

Real estate appraisal

Delving into huge datasets encompassing several real estate parameters, Itransition's data analytics platforms can pinpoint the correlations between asset prices and other variables (such as square footage, geographic position, and more) to assess the market value of a property and help realtors find the best deals.

Property management

Leveraging the ability of algorithms to detect recurring patterns and anomalies, our data analytics systems can monitor real estate assets to spot any deviation from their standard conditions and recommend preventive maintenance measures, or scan power consumption fluctuations to help optimize energy efficiency.

Risk mitigation

We provide data analysis services aimed at minimizing the risks inherent in your real estate business. This includes detailed customer data screening and tenant risk assessment to streamline KYC procedures, mitigate the possibility of future rent arrears, and identify signs of fraud, money laundering, or any other crime.

Marketing optimization

Itransition’s data analytics solutions allow real estate organizations to efficiently connect sellers and buyers. This process involves an accurate segmentation of potential customers based on their social media data, online purchases, and Google search history, followed by targeted ads matching their preferences and needs.

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Check out Itransition's portfolio of data-related solutions for the real estate industry to assess the potential business outcomes of our data analytics development and consulting services.

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Exploring real estate metrics

Here’s a brief selection of key parameters we take into account to provide comprehensive estimates and reliable predictions regarding the most significant real estate trends and scenarios.

Exploring real estate metrics

Property features

A set of metrics related to the physical attributes of an asset.

  • Address
  • Exterior features
  • Legal description
  • Interior features
  • Property size
  • … and more.

Listing status

These parameters describe the condition of a property on sale.

  • Active listings
  • Days on market
  • Seller details
  • Sold listings
  • Agent and office
  • … and more.

Legal information

A range of factors framing the legal status of an asset.

  • Building permits
  • Mortgage history
  • Loan positions
  • Property tax
  • Recorder of deeds
  • … and more.

Financial data

The economic metrics affecting the value of a property.

  • Market value
  • Sales trends
  • Interest rates
  • Assessed value
  • Comparable sales
  • … and more.


A group of variables impacting the quality of life in a location.

  • Demographics
  • Employment rate
  • Urban planning
  • Crime rate
  • Livability indicators
  • … and more.


Several elements detailing the surrounding environment.

  • Transport network
  • Parking availability
  • Weather risk
  • Local services proximity
  • Points of interest
  • … and more.

Itransition’s data analytics services for realtors

Leveraging our expertise in data analytics and property technology, we provide a complete range of consulting and development services to seize meaningful business insights from the data and drive your real estate organization towards success.

Data analytics software modernization

Strategy consulting

Data analytics software development

Data integration

Data analytics

Custom software


Data management

Data modeling

Data strategy consulting

We assess your business challenges, pinpoint the most rewarding data analytics use cases, and select a data analytics model matching your requirements. Then, we audit your data assets in terms of quality and compliance and identify the best data sources to complement them.

Our experts configure an ETL pipeline consisting of data extraction from the selected sources, transformation into a suitable storage format, and loading into data lakes or warehouses, followed by proper data cleansing and feature selection to prepare data for further processing.

Data modeling

Itransition's team processes your real estate datasets with powerful algorithms to search for recurring patterns across data points, train accurate mathematical models representing such relationships, and shed light on the reasons behind certain market trends and phenomena.

Data analytics software development

We deliver data analytics tools harnessing trained data models to investigate data and facilitate its interpretation with the help of visualization features. We can provide both custom solutions and platform-based data analytics systems built on top of Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

Data integration

Our team sets up API layers working as a bridge between your data analytics system and other corporate software applications such as your CRM and ERP or external databases and market intelligence platforms that will provide a ceaseless flow of new data in real-time.

Data analytics software modernization

Itransition will reengineer your pre-existing data analytics software, making it compliant with new data management regulations and enhancing it with additional features. If needed, we can also migrate your system to a new, more suitable platform.

Related services

Relying on our holistic expertise in data-centric technologies, we make sure to complement realtors’ intuition and experience with a comprehensive toolkit of software solutions designed to streamline business processes and enable more efficient data-driven decision-making.

Salesforce for real estate

Salesforce for real estate

As a certified Salesforce consulting partner, Itransition can craft customer-centric solutions built on top of this platform and tailored to meet real estate firms' needs in terms of sales management, customer analytics, and property administration.

Business intelligence

We offer our expertise to evaluate your existing BI tool and revamp its architecture according to ever-evolving data market trends. We can also create new BI solutions enhanced with AI to ensure automated data management and intuitive business data analytics.

Machine learning

Our team designs machine learning systems capable of processing huge real estate data sets with self-improving algorithms, identifying recurring patterns among variables, and unveiling the rationale behind specific market trends or predicting upcoming developments.

Artificial intelligence

We rely on AI-powered cognitive technologies to harvest real estate data and fuel your data analytics system with a continuous flow of information, including satellite imagery collected through computer vision or property data extracted via NLP from real estate websites.


Itransition provides your company with cloud solutions designed to sustain increasing data extraction, storage, and processing workloads of your real estate data analytics ecosystem while keeping your data protected from cyberattacks in a secure and compliant environment.



Applying the Internet of things technologies, we configure extensive networks of smart devices to collect data from multiple locations and gather it in unified data hubs for analytical purposes. This allows property managers to monitor their assets and speed up maintenance tasks.

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