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Cloud consulting

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Cloud strategy consulting

We pave the way for new resilient cloud infrastructures at enterprises. We lay the basis for smooth movement to the cloud through an elaborated cloud adoption strategy that covers both basic technological changes and high-level challenges such as team restructuring and new budgeting policies.

Infrastructure assessment

To guarantee trouble-free cloud transformation, we provide cloud infrastructure consulting. Our team evaluates current infrastructures and estimates the investment and effort needed for the cloud shift. We also assess the state of the software in use to plan its further migration to the cloud and its integration in the enterprise’s digital ecosystem.

Cloud technology selection

We help our customers select the most suitable cloud technologies. We recommend businesses the optimal tech stacks that would propel them toward improved operations with enhanced software characteristics (performance, functional maturity, device compatibility) and reduced maintenance effort.

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Cloud migration

Itransition carries out complex direct and multistep software migration to the cloud. Within our cloud migration consulting, we not only physically move a solution and set it up in a new environment, we also enhance its features, UI/UX, performance, and security to build a solution satisfying to use and manage.

Architecture redesign

Software architecture redesign is an essential part of Itransition’s cloud migration consulting scope. We rebuild legacy on-premises architectures to adapt them to the cloud parameters. Relying on our expertise and best practices, we deliver cloud architectures that are easy to implement, set up, and scale in the future.

Cloud-first development

Our team engineers custom solutions from the ground up in line with business requirements. Fit for the cloud environment, our solutions are packed with integrated security and connectivity features, which makes their further deployment and customization painless.

Cloud integration

We tackle integration challenges to connect cloud apps with on-premises or other cloud solutions. By creating an interconnected environment, we ensure barrier-free data exchange and workflow management while preserving the immunity and flawless performance of the entire ecosystem.

Cloud deployment models

The cloud comes in a few models, and our task is to help enterprises adopt the one that best suits their business requirements and compliance policies.

Cloud deployment models

Public cloud

We opt for a public cloud when businesses are ready to trade their exclusive ownership of their software for the multi-tenancy mode with minimized management effort.

Private cloud

We advise companies to choose private cloud deployments when they need to preserve their software autonomy coupled with the ability to manage their cloud solutions in a way similar to on premises ones.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

We configure virtual private clouds that combine the strengths of public and private clouds, which helps businesses put an end to their private vs public dilemma.


We recommend a hybrid cloud to businesses that want to leverage the openness and flexibility of a public cloud while retaining full control over the critical enterprise workflows and data in their on-premises infrastructures.


We apply our expertise in cloud computing consulting to help our customers understand and successfully manage complex cloud ecosystems that embrace several cloud deployment models or cloud solutions from different providers.

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Cloud-enabled microservices

Itransition’s experts build cloud microservices-based architectures by breaking down applications into independent services communicating via APIs. Preferring a microservices architecture over traditional monolithic ones, we ensure that the delivered applications are easy to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot. We also aim at making our solutions easily extendable through scaling up with individual services rather than expanding the entire deployment.

Cloud-enabled microservices

Cloud containerization

We help companies adopt cloud containers by leveraging the capabilities of the world’s leading software containerization platforms, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ESC, and others. By using the container-based approach to deploying and managing cloud applications, we separate software packages from the operating system, thus making them easily portable to and compatible with any platform. By coupling cloud containers with a microservices architecture, we achieve the highest level of cyber protection and performance.

Intelligent cloud

Being among professional cloud consulting companies, Itransition aids businesses in bringing the power of the cloud to their resource-demanding solutions, whether they have AI, IoT or big data at their core.

Cloud for AI

We unleash cloud capabilities for training and deploying machine learning models, implementing content mining and cognitive services, or launching highly intellingent chatbots. We turn the cloud into hubs for hosting ready-made AI solutions or as your sandboxes for AI projects.

Cloud for IoT

Itransition’s team brings together cloud and IoT technologies for our customers to build and manage complex environments of connected devices and their generated data. Our cloud IoT solutions power industrial operations, support connected home apps, and make public IoT available to millions of users.

Cloud for big data

By unlocking the cloud computing potential, we address the pressing challenges of big data storage, processing, and visualization. We adjust the cloud capacity to the volume, velocity and variety of big data in order to provide enterprises with applicable operational and customer data in a secure and compliant environment.