Data warehousing services

Data warehousing services

Data warehousing services are aimed to help companies consolidate data from disparate sources into a central repository for analysis. Itransition delivers, maintains and upgrades DWH solutions to help clients effectively handle data and lay a solid foundation for BI and analytics initiatives.

Benefits of our data warehouse solutions

An enterprise data warehouse serves as a core for a company’s BI solution and is used for gathering, processing and structuring heterogeneous corporate information for analytical querying. Our data warehouse consultants create scalable and feature-rich data warehousing solutions to help you achieve:

Informed decision-making

Get a 360-degree view of your company and make sound decisions at all levels.

Data quality improvement

Support your decisions with accurate, consistent, timely, and complete data.

Governed data access and management

Make data accessible while eliminating the risk of its misuse and security incidents.

A solid base for analytics initiatives

Enable data mining, statistical data analysis, what-if scenario modeling, predictive modeling, etc.

Future-proven data landscape

Separate analytics and transactional data flows to manage the ever-increasing amounts of business information more efficiently.

Streamlined data management

Automate most resource-intensive data management activities and reduce time-to-insights.

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Our data warehouse expertise

Our data warehousing development services cover every component of your custom environment.

Our data warehouse expertise

We set up an effective end-to-end process to convert data from disparate sources into high-quality, useful information.

We carefully analyze the data in the source systems, then develop and refine data models at different levels of detail – conceptual, logical, and physical – to structure it consistently and support your various analytics needs.

We build OLAP cubes on the existing data warehouse infrastructure to help end-users conduct real-time multi-perspective data analysis.

We establish a robust data governance policy to help you ensure the availability, usability, integrity and security of corporate information.

We set up metadata management policies and practices to ensure the information can be integrated, processed, accessed, shared, and tracked down across the whole data flow.

We set up and configure policies, technologies and practices that help continuously monitor data quality and keep it satisfactory as well as identify and eliminate data quality challenges.

Data warehousing services we offer

Itransition provides a full range of data warehousing consulting and development services to help you efficiently handle your business information and maximize its value with flexible and secure data warehousing solutions.

Data warehouse design and development

  • Definition of business needs and objectives
  • Analysis of the existing data flows, data source systems, data management practices and policies, etc.
  • Design of the data warehouse solution architecture
  • Selectin of the optimal DWH tools and services
  • Data modeling
  • ETL/ELT design
  • DWH implementation roadmap assessment and planning
  • Advisory support

Client spotlight

Pharmaceutical data analytics suite


faster data processing

We redeveloped the customer’s flagship pharmaceutical data analytics suite and migrated their infrastructure to the cloud, streamlining reporting, increasing user adoption, and reducing infrastructure costs.

Cloud BI for vehicle manufacturers


faster time-to-market

We transformed the customer’s legacy BI suite to achieve a 15-20X higher system throughput, reach a 100% predictability and transparency of working processes, and increase employee motivation.

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Data warehouse technologies we master

Data storage

Azure SQL Database Azure Blob Storage Azure Cosmos DB Azure Data Lake Storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Aurora Cloud SQL Big Query Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore

Data processing and analytics

Azure Stream Analytics Azure Data Bricks Azure IoT Hub Azure Data Factory

Microsoft Power BI Amazon EMR Amazon Elasticsearch Amazon Kinesis

Cloud Dataproc Cloud Dataprep Cloud Dataflow Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Related services

Data management services

Data management services

We offer full-cycle data management services to provide you with an efficient data management framework centered around your business needs.

Data analytics services

We set up full-fledged technological systems for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for you to derive meaningful insights from raw data and optimize business performance by putting them to use.

Business intelligence services

We build tailored BI solutions to integrate disparate data sources in an enterprise data warehouse and turn it into actionable insights delivered to business users via interactive reports and dashboards.

Data visualization services

We deliver data visualization solutions to help you improve the visibility of your business operations, measure performance against set goals, spot emerging trends, etc. with compelling reports, interactive and intuitive dashboards and scorecards.

Big data services

We craft big data solutions to help you capture, process and analyze voluminous multi-type data, increase your operational efficiency, and accelerate the decision-making process.

Data science services

Data science services

We provide end-to-end data science consulting services to help you leverage ML, AI, and deep learning technologies and extract hidden insights from your data, run root-cause analysis, forecast future outcomes, and more.

How we ensure DWH implementation success

Well-integrated data warehousing solution

We integrate your data warehouse solution with all of your data sources (ERP, CRM, finance platforms, corporate website, etc.), complement your data storage solutions (a data lake, an operational data store, etc.), analytics and BI software. We also equip your data warehouse with a set of pre-built connectors so that you can integrate it with other data sources.

Future-proof architecture

To help you easily expand data management and analytics capabilities in line with your changing needs, we create data warehousing solutions that are capable of horizontal and vertical scaling.

Autonomy and automation

We can make your solution self-driving and self-adapting by employing a whole range of technologies that automate data warehouse administration and maintenance tasks, such as data backups, data quality management, security updates, metadata management, etc.

Focus on security

We make your data warehouse a highly secure environment by ensuring all data compliance requirements are met, all sensitive sets are encrypted, data access is properly governed, and more.