Software security consulting

Software security consulting

3 security tiers

Itransition’s team helps enterprises introduce essential security practices and toolsets at every level of their digital ecosystems.

Operational security

We verify the immunity of operational environments through comprehensive analysis. We check if the enabled protection mechanisms, be it on premises or in the cloud, are set up correctly and are equally efficient inside the organization and along its physical perimeter.

Infrastructure security

Our services aim at protecting corporate technical assets from possible intrusions caused by inappropriate network design and server misconfigurations. We perform security stress-testing to verify the network’s response to real-life attack scenarios.

Application security

From the first lines of code to the solution launch, Itransition stays laser-focused on cybersecurity at all the stages of development. We also assess the protection of applications in use with a set of tailored security tests.

Advocating a proactive approach to cybersecurity, we have been helping our customers all over the world to build, orchestrate and maintain their reliable cyber-defense. We focus on the protection of enterprise-grade solutions, including those processing sensitive data. We provide in-depth security review of deployed software and help businesses get ready for their security certifications and compliance audit.

Proactive cybersecurity

We integrate security design into every development project to guarantee that our solutions are infallible and operate in well-protected environments. We plan and implement security controls in line with the legislation, industry-specific standards, and corporate policies in force.

When we develop applications dealing with sensitive data, we prioritize protected development with a special focus on secrets management, controlled access to CI/CD environments, secure data exchange with third-party systems, OS updates, and ongoing static code analysis.

To keep corporate data immune and ensure positive customer experience based on trust, we reinforce data protection and privacy. Apart from setting up secure development workflows and implementing relevant security features, we also help our customers adhere to compliance regulations in the long term.

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Application security consulting

We use automated scanners, testing tools, and proprietary scripts to analyze desktop and web applications inside out, reveal all types of vulnerabilities, and eliminate them promptly by following a viable mitigation strategy.

Vulnerability assessment

At the software level, vulnerability assessment shows us the overall ‘cyber-health’ condition of a specific application and its protection within a corporate network. At the organizational level, vulnerability assessment reveals organizational readiness to respond to a cyberattack, the effectiveness of adopted security policies and response algorithms, as well as employees’ cyber-awareness.

Security testing

As an experienced application security consultant, Itransition offers security testing services to check if enterprise applications can resist cyberattacks while preserving their stable performance and keeping data uncompromised. We thoroughly document our test results, describing the nature of existing vulnerabilities along with recommending the most effective countermeasures.

Training for security teams

We carry out training sessions to help businesses master proactive techniques in enterprise software security. We explain to tech teams how to minimize the risks of software security issues through ongoing collaboration with developers, and coach them in controlling IT assets security and reacting to occurring attacks, in order to obviate any negative impact on business processes.

Application security audit

Our application security consulting services include all-round security audits and on-demand security assurance, targeting specific aspects of application security analysis.

Source code audit

Applying the SQALE methodology to our code quality inspections, we review source code to reveal inconsistencies and bugs that can be exploited by cybercriminals and thus compromise software credibility. We also make sure that the code doesn’t contain any security artifacts, such as credentials, in order to prevent sensitive data leaks and minimize attackers’ odds to get privileged access to the corporate network.

Penetration testing

Our ethical hackers perform controlled simulated attacks in line with the OWASP methodology to assess enterprise apps protection. We check whether an app under test is able to withstand a real attack, as well as look for vulnerabilities of various severity. Our deliverables include personalized remediation measures and precise instructions on their implementation.

Pre-certification testing

We perform pre-certification testing to help companies estimate their readiness for security and compliance certification. In case any certification essentials are missing, we provide an action plan with detailed recommendations on how to get up to speed with the requirements. Our team also implements necessary improvements and carries out follow-up tests to confirm the applied changes are efficient.

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Enterprise-grade software security consulting

Stepping up from the application level, we carry out comprehensive security audit to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your entire security ecosystem. We audit backup and disaster recovery procedures and corporate policies for responding to security issues and keeping mission-critical solutions up during emergencies.

  • High-level enterprise software security
  • IT risk management
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Policies and guidelines
  • Development lifecycle setup
  • Security reviews
  • Training for security professionals


A software security consultant with in-depth domain expertise, Itransition knows how to align enterprise software with global information security standards and regulations. We provide compliance testing to ensure the development lifecycle meets the requirements at all stages, while delivered solutions conform to the conditions stipulated in applicable guidelines.

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