Application security

Security services

Application security violations lead to corporate brand damage, breaches of legislation and other harmful consequences. To get your software security into full swing, we integrate testing services and security audits into the development lifecycle as early as possible to make sure all security aspects at each stage are fully covered.

Source code audit

We perform source code audit of your software checking the absence of security artefacts such as passwords, credentials, etc. Itransition employs SQALE as our key source code evaluation method and utilizes ensure for continuous code quality inspections.

Security training

We deliver various security trainings tailored to your needs to help your team master proactive techniques to minimize software security issues and collaborate with development teams to enhance the security of your IT assets.

Lifecycle planning

We help you plan the lifecycle of your software product in accordance with the best security practices and industry standards. Every lifecycle phase has a number of specific practices together ensuring the security throughout the entire development process.

Secure development

For every software development project at Itransition, we strictly follow secure development lifecycle. We have elaborated secure coding guidelines that cover design, coding and deployment. We use proven security protocols, make sure all new functionality employs designated access control mechanisms, and establish secure deployment environments.

Independent security

We offer independent security testing, source code security audit, software security training and software development lifecycle planning services for any solution developed by a third-party vendor. As a result, you will be completely sure that your application is fully compliant with software security regulations and industry-specific standards.

Security testing

We offer a set of security testing services to check if your application is secure, resistant to cyberattacks and unauthorized data access. We evaluate possible security issues of the systems developed by us or third-party vendors, getting rid of any security vulnerabilities and preparing a list of recommendations for security enhancement and certification procedures.

Security assessment

We deliver security assessment and vulnerability scanning services ranging from manual tests to comprehensive technology driven inspection.

Penetration testing

We offer independent evaluation of your product security level by running simulated attacks to detect all potential breaches.

Pre-certification audit

We perform pre-certification testing to review compliance to required standards and develop improvement recommendations.

Static code analysis

We use automated tools to provide you with continuous quality monitoring, fixing code security and maintainability.

Security consulting

Since our inception, we have been designing and implementing large-scale applications with severe security requirements. We are ready to help you create a system working with sensitive data, check the security status of an application built by any third-party vendor and get your software product ready for security certification.

Security design

We identify security requirements early and elaborate general approach to reduce respective risks. We take country- or industry-specific standards into account, determine security and privacy requirements, and register sensitive information assets to ensure they are returned or disposed of when the project is complete.

Security enhancement

We determine possible vulnerabilities of your applications and fix them early in the software development lifecycle. Our expertise allows us to deal with the evolving security requirements, such as the security challenges brought by the Internet of Things alongside with its technological advantages.

Data protection

We adhere to Privacy by Design and by Default, delivering software products that process all personal information with data protection and privacy in mind. Itransition makes sure that adequate privacy settings are built in your product to comply with the recent standards and legislation such as GDPR.

Security audits

We deliver system security audits analyzing strengths and vulnerabilities of your security infrastructure, both internal and external. We provide backup and disaster recovery audits to evaluate corporate policies, procedures and plans established to respond to mission critical system interruptions. We evaluate anti virus and anti spyware policies, processes and tools, identify external threats and offer security solutions, keeping your data safe.

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  • Security policies
  • IT security staff training
  • Secure development lifecycle
  • Security audits & reviews

Domain knowledge

Itransition expertise covers application security across business-critical domains meeting your needs in stronger data protection and delivering measurable returns.

Operational security

Our expertise includes services aimed at protecting all the technical assets of your company from possible threats in accordance with your internal processes, policies and regulations.

Infrastructure security

We ensure secure operation of your solutions at network and operating system levels while mitigating the risks of insecure design, network and server misconfigurations.

Application security

Itransition delivers solutions in line with our Secure Development Lifecycle process that incorporates all appropriate guidelines and practices to meet the specific security needs of your project.