Artificial intelligence consulting

Artificial intelligence consulting

AI consulting services we provide

Itransition’s team of experts is ready to guide you through any step of the artificial intelligence implementation lifecycle.

AI consulting services
  • Identification of business needs
  • Selection of a suitable AI use case
  • Definition of the project's scope
  • Formulation of dataset requirements
  • Advising on data sources selection
  • Assessment of data quality
  • Advising on data analysis and cleaning
  • Assistance with data imputation or dimension reduction
  • Design of a data pre-processing pipeline
  • Guidance on the creation of a data analysis flow
  • Advising on AI techniques and algorithms choices
  • Selecting a suitable tech stack
  • Preparing the AI solution’s architecture
  • UX/UI design guidance and evaluation
  • Detailing the project’s objectives, deliverables, and timeframe
  • Help with development stages formulation (PoC, MVP, main releases)
  • Creation of solution testing strategies
  • Advising on AI model performance assessment
  • Definition of the project's scope
  • Monitoring of data preprocessing activities
  • Guidance on effective AI model training
  • Monitoring the solution’s development progress
  • Control over AI implementation guidelines adherence
  • Strategizing AI model’s security and compliance
  • Identification of suitable deployment environments
  • Creation of an AI deployment strategy
  • Guidance on AI integration with business software
  • Assistance with AI model scalability in the target environment
  • Ensurance of AI model’s proper performance and security
  • Control over the adherence to AI integration and testing guidelines
  • Establishment of a maintenance plan
  • Establishment of AI model performance monitoring and issue detection
  • Advising on the necessity of AI model retraining
  • Creation of a continuous improvement strategy
  • User training and support provision

Embrace innovation with Itransition’s AI consulting services

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About Itransition

5+ years of experience in building AI-powered solutions

25+ years of delivering IT consulting and software development services

Certified partners of Microsoft and AWS

A large portfolio of successful AI projects

Strict adherence to HIPAA, GDPR, and other standards and regulations

Awards and recognitions from Deloitte, Gartner, Forrester, and Clutch

Client spotlight

AI-powered shoppable video platform


higher productivity

We helped revamp AiBUY’s solution with AI, automating product selection with neural network-based product recognition features and dramatically changing the flow of business and ecommerce platform interaction. The resulting solution ensures an interactive and non-intrusive customer experience and reshapes the way consumers connect to brands.

Fashion retail recommendation system


visitor-to-buyer conversion

Itransition’s team helped craft a highly personalized customer journey by delivering AI-driven capabilities that process ecommerce data and forecast buyer conversion rates. The final solution includes a recommendation engine that leverages collaborative filtering to target users with customized suggestions based on past purchases, interactions, and other metrics.

Our scope of AI-related technologies

We master a full spectrum of AI-related tools and technologies, which we can combine to deliver solutions matching your business objectives and technical requirements.

Machine learning

Machine learning

Itransition is well-versed with ML systems relying on supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning algorithms that can spot patterns or anomalies among the datasets they process and extract actionable insights.

Data science

Our data scientists will help you turn raw data into business insights, including data source selection, data engineering via ETL/ELT pipelines, data warehousing, and ML modeling.

Big data

Our expertise includes big data solutions that enable organizations across industries to extract business-relevant knowledge from their structured and unstructured datasets and relevant external sources.


Itransition’s experts will help you with the creation of robotic process automation solutions with AI-based capabilities to assist your workforce in various tasks, streamline business processes, and ensure higher employee satisfaction.

Selected AI applications we’ve worked with

Itransition’s consultants can help you implement AI-enabled solutions designed to process visual content, understand human language, and sift through big data for clues or insights.

Itransition’s team is well-versed with AI-based systems that capture visual inputs from the physical world, interpret them, and trigger proper reactions from software or machines. The selected computer vision use cases include:

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    Industry-specific AI solutions

    Itransition’s consultants will help you identify the most suitable AI use cases based on your industry and business scenario and calculate the potential return on investment.


    We help develop retail-oriented software to analyze social media sentiment, optimize marketing initiatives, improve customer relationship management, and implement dynamic pricing.


    Itransition’s approach to AI consulting

    We thoroughly approach artificial intelligence consulting to ensure the project’s success and avoid any implementation missteps.

    Data quality and availability

    Our experts will evaluate your corporate data quality and availability. In case these datasets are not up to par with your future AI solution, Itransition will guide you through reorganizing and cleaning them to ensure their reliability.

    Regulatory compliance

    We help to develop AI solutions in strict compliance with ethical standards and international regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and others. These rules are a part of our corporate policies.

    Algorithm explainability and accuracy

    The black-box nature of AI is still an unresolved issue for the professional community. However, we ensure careful data preparation, bias-free model training, as well as transparent technical specifications to make your AI solution reliable and auditable.

    Staff and stakeholder buy-in

    Itransition can help your workforce get acquainted with a new AI solution easier through demoing, user training, and ongoing support. We can also draw up a progressive adoption plan for your stakeholders that combines incremental achievements and a more secure rollout.

    Benefits of working with AI consultants

    Targeted investment

    Our AI experts will help you identify the most profitable artificial intelligence use cases to invest in, along with the most suitable tech stack to build your future solution.

    Optimized project planning

    A team of AI consultants can expertly define an optimal development and adoption roadmap, including timeline, budgeting, team composition, and iterations.

    Faster deployment

    By complementing your in-house expertise with external consultants, you'll be able to launch your AI project faster and speed up rollout without hiring and training new talent.

    Risk mitigation

    Supported by an AI consulting firm, you’ll minimize the technical and business-related risks of AI adoption, such as data bias, ML model drift, low accuracy, or non-compliance.

    Complementary AI development services

    We offer dedicated AI development services to realize AI implementation projects from the ground up.

    • Setup of the ETL/ELT pipeline
    • Data cleansing, annotation, and transformation
    • Data security setup
    • AI algorithm selection
    • AI model training
    • Software integration
    • Data visualization setup
    • Production environment deployment
    • Quality assurance activities
    • Post-launch support

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