Application migration

Application migration

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Itransition migrates software applications of any complexity to the computing environment of your choice, be that an on-premises or cloud infrastructure, with no downtime and data losses. Facing serious problems with their applications, enterprises typically believe that adopting new software is their only option. But as an experienced software engineering company, we know that application migration can prove an effective and less expensive solution to such challenges as:

Reduce maintenance costs
Switch to a managed environment with a more granular pricing plan and reduce financial and labor investments.
Scale up easily
Move to an infrastructure powerful enough to sustain your evolving workload and growth.
Meet customer expectations
Shift towards a more agile and flexible system and become able to create next-level customer experiences.
Make room for modernization
Pivot to an innovation-friendly environment and capitalize on automation and advanced technologies.

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Application migration paths

We move your apps and associated data from its on-premises environment to the cloud in a lift-and-shift approach as is, without any modifications.
If your software is incompatible with the target environment, we help you decommission your legacy applications and shift to the same or similar product with a different licensing type.
When you choose to get rid of legacy applications, we assist you with its smooth decommissioning to prevent disruptions.
We carry out application migration to the cloud and make necessary optimizations to its code or architecture to ensure its proper functioning in the new environment.
We rewrite large parts of your legacy apps to adapt them to the new environment and emerging business needs and then perform application migration to the infrastructure of your choice.
If you want to pursue a hybrid cloud strategy or are unprepared to migrate applications fully, we help you figure out a suitable arrangement, migrate the selected services, and configure the app to function properly.

Application migration to the cloud: deployment models

Cloud applications migration is aimed at moving software to a cloud environment to improve its agility and overall business resilience. When opting for cloud application migration, companies can choose between four common deployment models, each with its benefits and limitations:

Public cloud

You move your app to a cloud environment shared between multiple users and managed by the vendor.
Public cloud benefits:
  • Pay-per-use pricing
  • No hardware and infrastructure maintenance
  • On-demand scalability
Public cloud limitations:
  • Vendor lock-in
  • One-size-fits-all services
  • Lack of control

Private cloud

You migrate apps to a cloud computing environment dedicated exclusively to your organization.
Private cloud benefits:
  • No compatibility issues
  • Greater control over resources
  • Improved security
Private cloud limitations:
  • High costs
  • In-house maintenance
  • Limited scalability

Hybrid cloud

You decide what application components to shift to the cloud and what critical processes and data to keep on premises.
Hybrid cloud benefits:
  • Environment tailored to business needs
  • Enhanced data security
  • Low downtime risks
Hybrid cloud limitations:
  • Technically demanding setup
  • Complex maintenance
  • Compatibility issues


You deploy your applications on several public clouds from the same or different providers.
Multicloud benefits:
  • Using the best of multiple cloud services
  • Cost and performance optimization
  • Low vendor lock-in risks
Multicloud limitations:
  • Complicated management
  • Security risks
  • Compliance concerns