Custom software development

Custom software development

Our software development services

Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge accumulated for over 25 years in the IT industry, Itransition develops custom software solutions for large enterprises, SMBs, and startups. Our offering includes full-cycle software development services, meeting our customers’ diverse business needs and specific requirements.

Custom application development

Itransition builds custom software applications from scratch, ensuring their seamless integration with existing environments and systems.

Platform-based product customization

With profound knowledge of tech platforms and off-the-shelf software components, we create cost-effective software products with an optimal set of out-of-the-box and custom features.

Legacy application redesign

We redesign outdated systems, refactor their code, migrate legacy apps to newer platforms, and review their architectures to give them a new lease life.

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Driving business transformation

We deliver software solutions that improve enterprises’ productivity, strengthen their relationships with customers, and increase users’ loyalty, along with streamlining partnerships and team collaboration.

Customer voice

We are highly thankful to Itransition for their excellent work — they were instrumental delivering a solution that covered all our needs and beyond. […] Overall, due to solution implementation performed by Itransition and business processes automation, our sales conversion rates increased by 15%.

Sam Wilson

Solutions Architecture Director, Bruntwood

Enterprise software solutions for effective business workflows, analytics, employee collaboration and engagement.

  • ERP systems
  • BI solutions
  • HRM solutions
  • Finance management
  • Process automation
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Document management
  • Learning management
  • Knowledge management
  • Enterprise security
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Project management

Solutions for automating customer-facing services, sales, analytics, and communication with end-users.

  • Customer data management
  • Customer portals
  • CRM systems
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Voice of the customer
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer service automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Chatbots

Solutions for successful management of B2C and B2B transactions and interactions, secure accounting, and unhindered document lifecycle management.

  • Ecommerce
  • Procurement management
  • Payment management
  • Deal management
  • Contract management
  • Order management
  • Vendor management
  • Billing and accounting

Solutions for powering business decision-making and strategy building relying on historical and real-time data insights.

  • Big data management
  • Performance analytics
  • Risk management
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Data storytelling
Creating competitive products

We are proud to be a strategic technological partner to a range of product companies, who relied on our skills and decades’ worth of knowledge to release their solutions and win users’ recognition.

  • Technology consulting
  • MVP development
  • SaaS product engineering
  • Long-term support and maintenance

Customer voice

Their enthusiasm for the project and their ability to bring input to the table set them apart. I appreciated their understanding of the not-so-simple project and interesting suggestions and recommendations. They’re very smart and do their best to make the project a success.

Manfred Heiss

Founder and CEO MyAutoData

Creating competitive products

Innovating with emerging tech

Our custom software development team helps businesses design, implement and adopt solutions built with the latest technology stack and equipped with advanced capabilities.

Customer voice

..., I’d definitely recommend Itransition as a smart and easy-to-go service provider to other companies looking for boosting their solutions built around data.

Vadym Boikov

Head of Data Science,

We’ve built up our expertise in the areas of data mining, predictive modeling, computer vision, and natural language processing to create solutions for intelligent business workflows, resulting in reduced human effort and greater operational efficiency.

We offer full-cycle assistance in implementing software robots, both attended and unattended, to augment enterprise workflows with intelligent digital workers in the areas of data management, customer service, infrastructure management, HRM automation, and more.

Proficient in enterprise, industrial and consumer IoT, Itransition provides IoT architecture design, backend engineering, platform development, and analytics configuration to help companies harness the power of connected devices.

Our software developers create industry-specific solutions to serve immersive experiences. We implement AR-powered navigation, virtual events and training sessions, 2D and 3D projections, and VR-based games for enterprises and users globally.

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Related services

Application services

Application services

We provide end-to-end app development services, including custom and platform-based development, modernization, integration, and security provision. We excel in building web, desktop, and mobile apps with well-designed user experience covering the specific needs of our clients.

IT consulting

We advise on the most effective technology implementation strategies, including the choice of tools and frameworks, project management approaches, and long-term maintenance of the digital solution operability.

Enterprise app integration

We help our enterprise customers create well-synchronized and interconnected networks of digital solutions in place, using the most effective integration scenarios in each particular case.

Managed IT services

We have the resources to provide long-term application and infrastructure management services to alleviate your in-house team’s workload, mitigate potential risks, and ensure uninterrupted operation of your digital assets.

DevOps consulting

We provide DevOps assessment, automation and management following our refined and field-tested practices of continuous development, testing, integration and improvement.

Dedicated development teams

Dedicated development teams

We set up dedicated development centers for our long-term customers to serve as their full-scale software engineering hubs with hand-picked skills and resources to meet their business requirements.

Our custom software delivery framework

Itransition handles the software development process from the ground up and can take up product implementation at any stage of the software development lifecycle. We also assist companies in the post-deployment period and provide long-term maintenance and support services for the implemented solutions.

AnalysisDesignDevelopment Quality assuranceDeploymentSupportRequirements testingUX/UI testingStabilizationAcceptance testing

Business analysis

Our business analysts collect, analyze and structure our customers’ functional and nonfunctional requirements. This stage is followed with a detailed solution development roadmap.


Based on the deliverables from the business analysis phase, our team builds wireframes and prototypes to assess software feasibility and get early feedback.

Product design

Our UI/UX designers translate the collected requirements and prototypes into bespoke software product design. We set up the product usage scenarios, navigation, and interactive components, while also defining user personas.


Itransition develops tailor-made solutions following the best of Agile principles, breaking down the process into short iterations with quick deliverables, while prioritizing the solutions’ easy management, integration and scalability.

QA & testing

We couple our product development process with continuous quality assurance and testing to check software performance and behavior, as well as assessing the functional health of all software components.

Maintenance and support

We offer diversified levels of software maintenance and support depending on your needs, solving a variety of challenges such as software upgrades and functional improvements, performance monitoring, and more.

Why Itransition’s software developers?

Throughout our projects, we aim at transforming our strengths into competitive advantages for our customers. By partnering with our custom software development company, you get access to 3,000+ specialists with in-depth knowledge across various domains of information technologies and verticals.

  • Featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 since 2006
  • Ranked among the top 25 global software engineering services providers in the Everest Group® PEAK Matrix™
  • Included in the Inc. 5000 list of the most successful private companies in the USA
  • Listed among the top providers of Engineering R&D services in the annual Zinnov Zones ranking

Our Customer Success program

We established our Customer Success program uniting a dedicated team of executives and senior managers ready to join your project as advisors and supervisors who will plan, execute and evolve a success strategy to bring extra value to your project.

Quality management

As a quality-oriented software development company, we continuously maintain the highest standards of software engineering. These practices make up our quality management system that covers such aspects as information security, secure development, and technical coordination.

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Technologies we work with

As a custom software development firm, Itransition makes use of an extensive set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools. We also run an in-house R&D lab where we collaborate on emerging technologies.

Programming languages

Java C C# C++

PHP Python JavaScript

Ruby R Swift

Objective-C Kotlin Go SQL

Frameworks & libraries


Ruby on Rails Angular Vue.js

jQuery React Laravel

Spring Django

Operating systems

Windows Linux

Mac OS




Microsoft Salesforce

SAP Commerce Acumatica

Atlassian Pega

Odoo UiPath

Mobile technologies

Xamarin PhoneGap

Ionic React Native

Flutter Mobile Angular UI

jQuery Mobile


Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform



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A shoppable video platform for AiBUY

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Dedicated team for investment portfolio management ecosystem

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Dedicated team for investment portfolio management ecosystem

Learn how we developed a suite of investment portfolio management tools and custom algorithms now used by thousands of investors.

Loan management solution

Case study

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How to start projects with IT vendors. Part 2: business analysis

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A remote patient monitoring and mobile telehealth suite

Case study

A remote patient monitoring and mobile telehealth suite

Learn how Itransition developed a remote patient monitoring and telehealth platform for sexual assault victims for a US research center.