Retail data analytics

Retail data analytics

Get value from your retail data

Itransition delivers powerful analytics solutions designed to reshape your data into valuable insights, address key business challenges, and impact every aspect of the retail industry.

We deliver data analytics platforms that can segment customers to personalize your offer, identify key demand drivers to establish efficient cross-selling and upselling initiatives, and fine-tune your marketing campaigns based on sentiment analysis.

Store data analytics

Store data analytics solutions are capable of predicting fluctuations in product demand to optimize your supply chain, monitoring sales trends to refine product display and pricing, and analyzing equipment and real estate asset conditions to facilitate maintenance operations.

Staff analytics

We create data analytics tools designed to scan applicants' job experience to facilitate recruiting and onboarding, examine employee KPIs to optimize HR processes, and track customer flow to streamline shift management and staff allocation.

Financial data analytics

Financial data analytics solutions can probe purchasing pattern anomalies to detect signs of fraud, keep track of corporate expenses and revenues to enhance budget planning, and forecast major market dynamics to improve your financial risk management.

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Analytics for digital retailers

We complement our offer of retail-focused solutions with data analytics systems specifically designed to enhance your ecommerce potential and drive your digital initiatives.

Major capabilities
  • Customer behavior assessment
  • Stock management enhancement
  • Shopping experience personalization
  • Product portfolio optimization
  • Growth opportunities identification
Main data sources
  • Browsing and search data
  • Purchasing history
  • Customer reviews
  • Supplier data
  • Inventory records
Key metrics
  • Conversion rates
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Click-through rates

End-to-end retail data analytics services

Drawing on our holistic expertise in data analytics consulting and development, we’ll guide you through each step required to unseal the knowledge hidden in your data assets and turn it into a competitive edge for your retail business.

  • Frame your analytics requirements and challenges
  • Identify high-impact data analytics use cases
  • Specify a suitable data analytics solution
  • Select proper data sources (retail CRM, ERP, HR software, etc.)

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More retail solutions by Itransition

Retail CRM

Retail CRM

We craft CRM solutions gathering cross-channel retail data to define and share a comprehensive customer view across your teams, offer a personalized buying experience, and foster your retention strategies.

Retail ERP

Itransition's team delivers ERP systems that automate your retail operations and streamline the administrative aspects of your business, including inventory, warehouse, and order management, along with finance and accounting.

POS software development

Itransition creates mobile, cloud, and on-premises POS solutions ensuring fast and secure payment processing while gathering valuable sales data and customer insights to optimize your restock operations and pricing planning.

Ecommerce portals cover

Ecommerce portals

We can empower your business with customer-centric ecommerce portals, multi-vendor marketplaces, and B2B trading hubs designed to enhance your digital presence, ensure a 24/7 shopping experience, and boost sales.

Embrace retail data analytics best practices

Legal compliance

Strict compliance with major ethical standards and current international regulations of personal data management, including GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, is one of the cornerstones of Itransition's retail data analytics software development.

Data democratization

We equip our data analytics solutions with a range of features designed to foster data democratization, allowing your staff to easily access information via self-service BI functionalities, intuitive visual dashboards, NLP data querying, and more.

Algorithm reliability

As of today, we cannot fully overcome the black-box nature of machine learning algorithms but we can make sure they're properly trained with bias-free data from carefully selected sources in order to achieve a 98% and higher accuracy.


Itransition integrates your data analytics platforms with reliable cyber defenses and monitoring tools to protect your systems from hacking and data losses while helping your staff follow data governance policies and good practices.