Digital workplace solutions

Digital workplace solutions

Digital workplace, all set up

At the frontline of digital transformation since 1999, Itransition helps enterprises across all verticals to integrate digital workplace. We bring together business processes, collaboration solutions, productivity tools, and workplace analytics to create a powerful foundation for result-driven work of in-house and remote teams, departments and individual professionals with various competencies.


We start by analyzing organizational structures, business processes, collaboration workflows, and software in place. This helps us structure and visualize the most suitable tech stack and deployment scenario for your future digital workplaces.


We proceed with digital workplace development and we tailor out-of-the-box solutions or create brand-new software aligned with our customers’ needs. We test at all development stages to ensure the top quality of our software.


We integrate digital workplace solutions by connecting them with other enterprise systems for streamlined collaboration, workflow and content management, customer relationship management, and borderless communication.

Digital workplace software

Taking into consideration your specific infrastructure, preferred technology, and automation strategies, we offer multiple digital workplace implementation options. In any scenario, our key goal is to create a unified digital hub that supports employees in a variety of their daily needs.

Workplace analytics

Productivity and engagement

Enterprise and team collaboration

Knowledge and innovations

Personal development

Content management

Time management and planning

Digital learning



Digital workplace

Our customers’ collaboration requirements are versatile, and so are the collaboration solutions we deliver. Depending on your corporate communication style, organizational hierarchy, and overall business objectives, we design software that meets your demands to the fullest.

  • Team collaboration
  • Content-centric collaboration
  • Document management
  • Knowledge and innovation management
  • Learning management
  • Project collaboration
  • Social engagement
  • Productivity analytics
Mobile digital workplace

With our mobile digital workplace solutions, we help employees stay productive away from their workstations. Our mobile developers deliver iOS and Android applications that cover either specific tasks or a full pack of digital workplace features. We stick to the mobile development best practices and security standards to ensure the protected use of mobile digital workplaces, resistant to cyberattacks.

Mobile digital workplace

AI-powered digital workplace

To provide a unique user experience, we equip our digital workplaces with intelligent features running on machine learning algorithms. Smart workplaces help employees fulfill daily duties faster and with less effort through intelligent workflow automation, content processing, and communication.

  • Chatbots and intelligent assistants
  • Smart content delivery
  • Knowledge aggregation
  • Connection suggestions
  • Productivity analytics
  • Data-first decision making
  • Immersive learning
  • Customer insights

Your interaction hub

We consider smooth collaboration and productivity central to a successful digital workplace, so we design solutions that cover various scenarios of human-to-human interaction as well as cater to employees’ individual working patterns.

Your interaction hub
  • News and announcements
  • Content libraries
  • Social activities
  • Corporate services (Help Desk, accounting, office service, etc.)
  • Employee feedback collection
  • Onboarding
  • Employee documentation
  • Corporate learning and knowledge assessment
  • Career development
  • Employee satisfaction monitoring
  • Instant messaging
  • Emailing
  • Document and content collaboration
  • Video conferencing
  • Open and private communication groups
  • Shared collaboration spaces and content storages
  • Finance management
  • Customer collaboration
  • Customer analytics
  • Project management
  • Private content repositories
  • Time management
  • Personal growth and development
  • Personal blogs and video channels
  • Manageable subscriptions