Ecommerce consulting services

Ecommerce consulting services

Meet your challenges with our ecommerce consultants

Itransition provides ecommerce companies with strategic technology consulting and end-to-end software implementation services. We run our own Ecommerce Center of Excellence to continuously accumulate relevant industry-specific knowledge. Coupled with our 23+ years of technological and business expertise, this enables our customers to effectively solve the most complex commerce challenges.

Digital store challenges we address

  • Poor performance
  • Low traffic
  • Low conversions
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Customer churn

Operational challenges we address

  • Low supply chain visibility
  • Poor stock monitoring and waste
  • Low productivity of distributed teams
  • Long order fulfillment times and errors

Technological challenges we address

  • No omnichannel commerce enablement
  • Barriers to big data management and analytics
  • Security vulnerabilities

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Ecommerce technology consulting

Whether you are looking to launch or enhance your digital presence, our ecommerce consulting company can research your unique business case to help you select, develop, and deploy the most relevant software solutions. We can then carry out end-to-end project implementation while providing your team with such actionable deliverables as technological specifications, an end-to-end project roadmap, and a long-term maintenance and growth strategy.

Platform advisory

From strategy to implementation, Itransition handles the entire cycle of ecommerce platform deployment. Our certified consultants have worked with the most popular ecommerce solutions, so we can help you choose the right platform and tailor it to your needs, ensuring the maximum value and ROI.

Digital experience consulting
Digital experience consulting

Digital experience consulting

Itransition’s ecommerce consulting experts can conduct an in-depth analysis of your online store and any other channels of customer interaction to help you deliver the best customer experience possible, enabling you to boost sales and, consequently, profits. We’ll work towards improving your conversion rates, user engagement, customer loyalty, and the overall return on investment:

  • Cross-channel UI/UX audit
  • Checkout optimization
  • Usability testing
  • Contextual personalization
  • User journey maps

Related services

Ecommerce development

Ecommerce development

From online stores and PWA development to creating mobile apps and deploying integrated ecommerce infrastructures, our team will handle any task to help you launch or enhance your digital presence.

Customer experience consulting

With our services, you can build a future-proof CXM strategy and implement relevant software to enable cross-channel data collection, customer data analytics, personalization, and seamless customer service.

Magento consulting

We will help you orchestrate your Magento solution, develop a Magento migration strategy, and provide you with any other assistance you require to leverage one of the most flexible ecommerce platforms out there.

SAP Commerce implementation

Our certified experts will help you adopt SAP Commerce, integrate this platform with third-party solutions or existing SAP products, as well as review and improve your current SAP Commerce solution.

Omnichannel strategy

Our ecommerce consulting experts will thoroughly analyze your customer journeys, touchpoints, and channels of customer interaction to help you bring them together so that you can deliver a consistent and frictionless customer experience all around.


  • Product catalogs
  • Product comparison
  • Recommendations
  • Store locator
  • Support/FAQ


  • Product availability
  • Location-aware features
  • Mobile payments
  • Self-service bots
  • AR/VR


  • POS and kiosks
  • In-store sales automation
  • Interactive digital displays


  • Call center
  • Claims and refunds
  • After-sales service
  • Self-service
  • Chatbots


  • Profile-based personalization
  • Loyalty programs
  • Product reviews
  • Community
  • Social commerce

Supply chain optimization

We provide our ecommerce consulting services to help store owners review their existing supply chain workflows and performance to define current process bottlenecks, strengths, risks, and opportunities. We work to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, streamline routine tasks, and increase staff productivity through process automation and optimization.

We can analyze your unique business case to help you develop a custom ERP solution or adopt a platform-based one and integrate it with your workflows and the existing commerce technology ecosystem. Our ERP experts will provide you with the assistance you require to achieve your strategic supply chain automation goals.


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Data management and analytics

Our ecommerce consultants will analyze your data management pipeline and share relevant recommendations to improve data collection, processing, analysis and protection. We will also help you improve data quality and implement intelligent tools for you to make more informed business decisions.

  • Cross-channel data consolidation
  • Customer behavior-driven personalization
  • Store performance analytics
  • Customer consent management
  • Customer identification and KYC
Data management and analytics

Customer data analytics

Our team will help you choose and adopt the right analytics tools so you can enable data-driven decision making and get the most out of your customer data. With our assistance, you will be able to audit your customer data management processes and gain an outlook on solving present challenges and achieve:

Customer lifetime value maximization

Minimized customer churn

More effective targeting

Better customer service

Competitive innovation implementation

Our team provides ecommerce enterprises with strategic consulting to help them advance technologically, accelerate innovation, and become more competitive. In particular, we can analyze your unique business case to determine the applicability and viability of emerging technologies and help you adopt them sustainably.

AI-driven personalization Predictive analytics

Video-based commerce Intelligent process automation

Virtual stores Augmented product catalogs

Virtual try-ons Immersive branding and advertising

Sensor-based stock tracking Smart inventory management

Connected warehouses Beacon-based marketing