Enterprise collaboration

We create engaging workplaces for enterprises, medium-sized companies and startups to deliver collaborative capabilities, access to aggregated information, and corporate social functionality.

Enterprise collaboration
Knowledge management
Collaboration portal
Social networking
Task & workflow management

Team collaboration

For internal teams, or collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers, we deliver solutions for business-wide and department-specific collaboration, no matter where team members physically reside or what devices use to communicate.

  • Real-time communication

    A wide choice of RTC tools, from instant messaging and group chat to mobile video calls and video messaging.

  • Media-rich capabilities

    Interaction with multiple live inputs, including videoconferencing, telepresence and virtual whiteboards.

  • Dynamic workspaces

    Visual workspaces with the ability to share, move, resize and comment all types of content through on-screen touch.

Project collaboration & workflow management

  • Task management and issue tracking
  • Automated project workflows
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Team, project, department workplaces
  • Personal dashboards and live activity stream
  • Shared documents and discussion threads
  • Team progress visualization
  • Approval cycle

Consolidated knowledge

We deliver solutions for single-point access to aggregated corporate information, projects and documents with live document collaboration capabilities and permission management.

Consolidated knowledge base

  • Document collaboration with live editing, coediting, file management and version control
  • Versatile document types, including images, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, video files
  • Secure file-sharing inside and outside an organization
  • Corporate data classification and segmentation
  • Enterprise-wide search with access control and permission rules

Enterprise social networking

Itransition creates corporate social portals integrated to enterprise systems and popular social media platforms with personalized information and news feed, connections and applications.

  • Corporate news and events
  • New employee adaptation
  • Comments, voting and feedback
  • Corporate education programs
  • Community forums and group discussions
  • Workspace personalization

Intelligent collaboration

Intelligent bots that facilitate routine business processes, automate repetitive tasks, provide context-based information, and ensure context-sensitive collaboration.

  • Integration with all popular collaboration apps (Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik, etc.) and channels (mobile, SMS, email).
  • Machine learning algorithms to automatically collect and understand individual context, as well as provide relevant information and suggest possible actions, recommendations and tools.
  • Automated workflows with task prioritization and detailed alerts.
  • Notifications from corporate systems with the possibility to discuss results, and get scheduled and on-demand reports.

Platform-based implementation

In addition to custom solution development we can implement the full scope of collaboration portal features from different technologies, platforms and vendors into integrated user experiences with advanced content management and process automation.