Ecommerce security

Ecommerce security

Ensure your ecommerce cyber security

Ecommerce is one of the industries most targeted by cybercriminals due to large volumes of sensitive customer and payment data. Itransition develops solutions and offers security consulting services for online retailers to keep their businesses and customers safe.

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Ecommerce cyber threats we shield from

There are a variety of cyber threats that target different parts of an ecommerce system. Our experts make sure to carefully analyze each case and take the relevant risks into consideration while developing ecommerce cyber security solutions.

Ecommerce cyber threats we shield from

Social engineering

This is an umbrella term for malicious actions exploiting human factors. Criminals pretend to represent respectable brands and trick users into using their website where personal information like credit card details then gets stolen. In addition to harming users, this type of cybercrime damages the original brands’ reputation and revenues.

DoS and DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks can overload your website with requests to make it unavailable and interfere with your digital operations.

Financial fraud

This type of attack can target both consumers and retailers, meddling with their financial assets directly. There are lots of ways cybercriminals do so, but the two most common scenarios include using a stolen credit card to place orders or filing requests for illegitimate refunds.


Hackers can use a variety of tools to harm or exploit your ecommerce solution by scraping information from it, altering its code, gaining access to its database, etc. The most common malware attacks are Trojan horses, worms, SQL injections, bots, and brute force attacks.

Key ecommerce security components


We implement firewalls to filter ecommerce website traffic and prove access to authorized users, serving an effective protection mechanism from spam, bots, and other attacks.

SSL certifications

Our experts install secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates to encrypt client-server communication and protect data from being captured during the transfer.

Access management

We deploy identity management frameworks as well as multi-factor authentication and IP identification to ensure only authorized users can access ecommerce resources.

Antivirus and anti-malware software

Our security team implements suitable antivirus and anti-malware tools to protect your system against Trojan horses, worms, and code tampering.