LMS consulting

LMS consulting

Service-oriented LMS consulting

Itransition provides its holistic expertise in LMS consulting and development to cover a full spectrum of eLearning-related business scenarios. Take a look at our range of services and discover how they can help you drive your educational software projects towards success.

LMS implementation

We assist your company in choosing and adopting a platform-based LMS or a custom one built from scratch.
  • Framing your eLearning needs
  • Outlining an adoption plan
  • Full-cycle solution implementation
  • User support and training

LMS product development

Itransition's LMS consultants offer expert guidance to help EdTech companies design and develop their own LMS products.
  • Implementing a competitive feature set
  • Carrying out integrations
  • End-to-end software testing
  • Post-release fine-tuning and support

Legacy LMS redesign

Itransition revamps your pre-existing LMS, adapting it to ever-evolving eLearning trends and new business requirements.
  • Legacy system assessment
  • Defining an upgrade plan
  • UX/UI reengineering
  • Implementing new features

LMS migration

We help your organization migrate from your current LMS to a new, higher-performing environment that better matches your needs.
  • Identifying a suitable platform
  • Optimizing LMS licensing
  • Content migration
  • Readaptation of eLearning processes

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Problem-oriented LMS consulting

Here are some of the challenges you might deal with when implementing an LMS, with a brief selection of potential solutions Itransition orchestrates to address them.

I cannot find the right LMS vendor

We frame your requirements (costs, feature set, scalability, etc.) and offer LMS buying consultation to identify the provider that best suits your educational needs.

My LMS product is no longer competitive

We help LMS providers compete in the eLearning market by performing a comprehensive audit of their products and suggesting potential enhancements.

My LMS interface looks outdated

We proceed with UX/UI redesign to increase the effectiveness and usability of your LMS and ensure higher satisfaction among your end users, be they students or employees.

I’m facing high LMS maintenance costs

We provide both technology and software license optimization consulting to mitigate your long-term expenses, or help you migrate to a new cost-efficient platform.

My LMS performs poorly

We can assess the performance of your system with rigorous stress tests and set up a roadmap to migrate to a new technology, making your solution more efficient and reliable.

LMS consulting by components

Whether you are choosing a suitable feature set for your custom LMS or considering new functionality to upgrade your existing system, these are the ones Itransition generally recommends implementing to deliver an efficient and comprehensive eLearning solution.

LMS consulting by components
  • Online course editor
  • Multimedia content support
  • Course catalog with a search engine
  • Multi-device login
  • Online course editor
  • Cloud content delivery
  • Role-based access
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Training activity tracking
  • Certification support
  • Test grading
  • Polls and surveys
  • Video exam monitoring
  • Assignment system
  • Admin panel
  • Online scheduling
  • User account management
  • Reporting
  • Learner activity dashboards
  • ROI calculation
  • Payment processing
  • Videoconferencing
  • Adaptive learning paths
  • Gamification and reward systems
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Interactivity (likes, shares, comments)
  • Social learning via chats or forums
  • Microlearning-based activities

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Custom vs SaaS LMS

Have a look at the key factors you should take into account when choosing between a fully custom LMS or that based on an off-the-shelf SaaS product, according to Itransition's LMS consulting experience.

Custom LMS



Custom LMS


You can tailor your own feature set to your business needs.

Your features can be configured within the vendor’s predefined settings.


Custom LMS


A custom-built solution implies a longer time to market.

An out-of-the-box LMS is ready to be deployed.


Custom LMS


Greater upfront costs due to the development investments.

Higher long-term expenses to cover the license fees.


Custom LMS


Updates and maintenance are performed in-house.

These services are typically included in your subscription.


Custom LMS


Your data and cyber protection features are fully customizable.

Fixed security measures that can be extended only by the vendor.

eLearning consulting for compliance

Designing an LMS in full compliance with current legislation is an essential factor to seize the business opportunities offered by online education with no risks. Itransition’s LMS consulting services are aimed at ensuring that your product strictly adheres to the main quality standards and legal requirements of the eLearning industry.

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More eLearning services

eLearning portals

eLearning portals

Itransition’s custom eLearning portals come fully equipped for a highly adaptive and collaborative didactic experience while increasing the profitability of your educational services.

Enterprise LMS

We deliver impactful enterprise LMSs that can amplify your corporate training capabilities by speeding up employee onboarding, supporting staff upskilling, and improving talent retention.


Itransition develops mLearning apps that allow 24/7 on-the-go training content access and implement modern didactic approaches such as microlearning and gamification.

Custom LMS

Itransition's experts can build a custom LMS matching your business requirements and brand identity to help you design, manage, and deliver your eLearning services.

Enhancing your LMS with AI

Equipping your LMS with AI-powered tools ensures higher efficiency, customization, and effectiveness of your eLearning services. Here are some technologies we can help you integrate into your system:

To automate routine tasks with AI-powered software robots, reducing trainers’ and administrators' workload.

To detect your students' behavioral patterns, frame their needs, and deliver a fully customized eLearning experience.


To offer 24/7 assistance while providing superior engagement and interactivity in a friendly environment.

Corporate learning portal for PayPal

Case study

Corporate learning portal for PayPal

This is how Itransition delivered a platform-based new hire training portal for PayPal, helping to reduce the learning curve for newcomers.

LMS for the casino industry

Case study

LMS for the casino industry

Read how Itransition developed a SCORM-compliant multi-tenant LMS system, equipped with process automation and customization options.

LMS solution with ERP features for an eLearning company

Case study

LMS solution with ERP features for an eLearning company

Learn how Itransition created an Odoo-based LMS solution to let the client deliver parenting education online.