С++ development

С++ development

C++ consulting and development services

Itransition relies on its solid background in C++ development as well as proven programming practices and standards to create new products or upgrade those already on the market. Our C++ expertise spans server-side and client-side engineering using expertly selected IDEs, cloud platforms, and libraries.

Native apps

Our team builds OS-native device and system utilities and tools as well as custom web and mobile apps using C++. We leverage features of each OS, provide barrier-free customization, and prevent performance issues.

Cross-platform apps

We deliver cross-platform apps with a single codebase, be it a plugin or an enterprise solution. We ensure consistent app operation and design as well as near-native experience by using OS-specific tools and UI elements.

Embedded software

Using C++ and specifically optimized compilers, we create reliable, secure solutions for embedded environments, from small devices to mission-critical enterprise systems in the realms of IoT, commerce, and industrial hardware.

Reverse engineering

Our C++ team can reverse-engineer legacy code to create a more productive and secure environment for further development as well as to improve compatibility, data integrity, and processing speed.

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C++ application development expertise

Our outsourcing company has completed an array of C++ software development projects that resulted in fully-functional solutions for different industries and use cases, mostly focusing on data management, experience augmentation, and security.

We leverage hardware-specific C++ capabilities to create flexible and energy-efficient IoT applications that connect sensors, modules, devices, and cloud systems and can run on devices with little memory. We can integrate them into the existing environment and lay the foundation for further extensions and upgrades.

Voice/noise detection

Video editors

Media players

Video playback apps

Media stream broadcasters

Content monetization tools

Media engines


Multimedia apps

Audio, video and image processing

We deliver custom multi-threaded media streaming solutions by combining our expertise in IP network video transmission and device-level performance optimization. We also create responsive multimedia apps based on frameworks for enterprises, broadcasters, TV operators, and content programmers.

Surveillance and security

Surveillance and security

Itransition creates high-performing software for CCTV cameras, portable cameras, turnstiles, home security systems, automatic gates, and more. We develop backend components for security and surveillance systems that allow for data encoding, encryption, and pattern recognition as well as secure storing and distribution of digital assets.


Security cameras




Mobile & wearables



Surveillance and security

We choose to deliver AR, VR and mixed reality solutions with C++ due to its well-defined performance/latency control, possibilities for low-level optimization, and flexibility as both a library and an interface to other languages. As a result, we can create immersive experience apps for different operating systems, input devices, and hardware.

Specialized C++ services

Our C++ team ensures sustained performance of its applications and lays the foundation for their further scalability through an assortment of specialized technical services.


When you need to run your app on another platform, we will port it by changing and optimizing the codebase, drivers, databases, compilers, or libraries. We create a source code control system and expertly deal with technical and logistic issues.


To make software more efficient and reliable, we run refactoring operations at the level of code, functionality, and architecture, both manually and automatically. We also do reengineering and rewriting where refactoring can’t bring sufficient improvements.


In order to create reliable and standard-compliant applications, we conform to secure coding principles, use dedicated security tools, algorithms, network connections, and trusted execution environments.

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Our C++ developers’ tech stack

Our team applies its time-tested engineering skills to each C++ project. We take a highly instrumental approach to each project to deliver functional and fail-proof solutions.

Libraries/ frameworks
Libraries/ frameworks

STL STLport Boost POSIX Windows API MFC

ATL WTL DirectX OpenGL SDL CryptoAPI

OpenSSL Cocoa Cocoa Touch wxWidgets Qt

QML X11 GTK+ GStreamer FFmpeg


Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Database

BerkleyDB DB2

PostgreSQL MySQL


Compilers/ IDEs
Compilers/ IDEs

MS Visual C++ Compiler GNU GCC Clang

Intel® C++ Compiler MS Visual Studio

Xcode Eclipse

Emacs vim