Ecommerce data analytics

Ecommerce data analytics

Develop ecommerce analytics software with Itransition

Itransition offers digital retailers to build their ecommerce analytics systems and help them upscale customer management, identify the most effective channels of customer acquisition, and discover insights to maximize business growth.

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What you can do with ecommerce analytics

We assist ecommerce organizations in leveraging their business data and gleaning insights for workflow optimization and service improvement through holistic ecommerce analytics systems.

Understand customer behavior

Understanding your customers’ behavior results in:
  • More relevant personalization
  • Enhanced loyalty
  • Increased retention
  • Seamless customer experience

Ecommerce analytics types

With our expert services in ecommerce analytics system development, digital retailers can consolidate all their ecommerce data from various channels and touchpoints in a single data repository to come up with informed business decisions.

Ecommerce analytics solutions can utilize customers’ information to predict their behavior, discover the best acquisition channels, create recommendations, and upscale experience personalization.

Channel analytics can help you discover the most effective traffic sources, explore each channel's performance, determine the best lead generation sources, and measure channel-specific marketing campaigns to increase conversions.

Ecommerce analytics solutions provide in-depth product analysis by collecting all product-related information, gauging product performance, and identifying best-selling items to drive your product portfolio effectiveness.

This type of analytics helps you analyze and determine your store's key performance metrics, evaluate its technical performance, and discover bottlenecks to improve your digital storefront resilience to high load, traffic spikes, and cyber threats.

Marketing analytics enables ecommerce organizations to calculate the exact ROI for marketing campaigns, define best-performing promotion channels, and develop targeted campaigns based on accurate customer data.

Customer profiles

Browsing behavior


Customer interactions

Marketing campaigns

Inventory records

Supplier data

Customer support logs

Online payments

Customer reviews

Social media


Ecommerce data sources

Our ecommerce analytics development services

Our ecommerce analytics development services

We start with your business case, requirements and goals identification, offering consulting assistance for you to choose the best solution and implementation strategy before moving on to development.

With our data management services, we help digital retailers set up data collection, storage and processing pipelines for producing accurate insights based on unified, clean and secure data.

We can create and connect versatile visualization tools with your ecommerce analytics system to provide interactive user-friendly dashboards accessible for your citizen analysts across departments.

We can develop and roll out custom analytics apps or customize platform-based systems, tailored to your business needs and requirements and adjusted to fit your online commerce ecosystem.

We perform end-to-end testing during the development stage and after the ecommerce analytics system integration to deliver a flawless solution.

We assist digital retailers in ongoing ecommerce analytics software maintenance, supporting the system on a permanent or on-demand basis and ensuring its continuous improvement.

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Selected ecommerce metrics to track

By integrating ecommerce analytics systems, you can set up and optimize the tracking of key business performance indicators:

Conversion rates

Ecommerce analytics allows you to track your site conversion rate and balance traffic indicators and conversion levels. You can timely reveal bottlenecks and successfully turn visitors into customers.

Customer lifetime value

Ecommerce analytics can help your business boost customer loyalty by focusing on increasing LTV. This way you can save your marketing costs and turn your ecommerce business into a long-term, financially stable ecosystem.

Time on site

By analyzing time on site indicators, you can determine the exact session durations. This metric helps you estimate the effectiveness of UI and UX and your web store’s usability, which results in higher session duration and the chance to turn leads into loyal customers.

Bounce rate

By analyzing bounce rates, you can more quickly and efficiently discover the reason for traffic outflow, come up with data-backed solutions to the root causes, and improve your store’s conversion potential.

Click through rates

Ecommerce analytics solutions allow you to track the click through rates to discover the number of clicks on a certain creative and estimate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and asset performance.