Customer portal development

Customer portal development

Portals for your audience

Itransition develops cross-platform customer portals that can serve as a centralized hub for your customers, be it individuals or businesses, where they can get necessary information and support, associating your brand with advanced usability and customer care.

Key customer portal features

We equip portals with self-service functionality to provide your customers with a personalized environment where they can solve issues when and how it is convenient for them.


of customers expect a brand to have an online self-service support portal.


Multiple self-service options

Our customer portals let users access necessary information on their own, which can result in higher rates of case resolution and customer satisfaction.

Information access

Interact with account settings Find relevant information in knowledge bases and FAQs Upload, download, and sign documents, and more

Users can:

Order management

Manage orders and payments Submit claims Initiate returns, and more

Users can:

Integrated customer support

We automate customer request processing, which allows users to complete the following tasks on their own:

  • Submit requests and track their status
  • Interact with chatbots, with the possibility to escalate to a human agent
  • Order or cancel services


We help set up communities within your customer portal, where users can share their ideas, problems, and experiences with peers. It can include:

  • Advanced search and filters
  • Administrative tools to monitor and moderate user-generated content
  • Content management features
  • Alerts and notifications

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Main integrations for customer portals

We can connect your customer portal with corporate and external systems and set up mutual data exchange to turn the solution into a consistent digital ecosystem.

Our team can connect a customer portal with your enterprise CRM to expand your customer channels and give more opportunities to personalize experiences.

We can integrate a portal with your ERP system to provide users with full visibility into real-time inventory levels across any of your company’s locations.

Integration with an ecommerce system will enable users to manage their orders and help you provide customers with customized prices and personalized offers.

Payment systems

We can connect payment systems to create an infrastructure where users can choose from multiple payment methods and manage their operations on their own.

We can embed analytical features into a customer portal to let you analyze customer data, track changes in customer behavior, predict trends, and more.

Related services

If you aim at more than customer portal development and plan to expand your digital ecosystem, Itransition’s team is ready to offer its expertise.

B2B portals

B2B portals

We build multifunctional corporate solutions that can provide your partners or vendors with a self-service hub where they can enjoy personalized experiences.

Ecommerce portals

We provide ecommerce businesses with solutions that ensure online presence, let users buy products and services, manage transactions, and more.

SaaS development

We build SaaS solutions, either as a full-scale platform or a specific module, for any business model and industry to use as an internal system or a marketable product.

Enterprise content management

Enterprise content management

Itransition can modernize your ECM system or build a new industry-centric platform from scratch to assist you with efficient corporate content assets management.

How we develop outstanding customer portals

Our team builds customer portals that connect users with the resources they look for, help deal with their problems fast, and delight them with tailored experiences.

Customer portal design

We design customer portals with clean and visually appealing UIs. To make sure your portal is user-friendly, we run usability testing to check that the layout and architectural hierarchy are logical, key categories are easily accessible, and search is intuitive.

We build AI-powered solutions to help you automatically deliver curated customer experiences. Such AI engines can quickly analyze customers’ personal preferences and history of interactions, automate dynamic pricing, and provide intelligent self-service 24/7.

User analytics

We set up portal analytics and reporting to provide insights into your users’ behavior, their interactions with the portal, and personalization opportunities. You can also assess your portal performance and understand how to fine-tune the portal according to your customers’ needs.

We build customer portals that are not only easy to use but also highly secure. We encrypt sensitive data and enable multi-step authentication to define how users can access the portal and what information they can view. We also offer security testing to spot possible vulnerabilities and fix them, if any.

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Our customer portal development models

We offer several customer portal development scenarios so you can choose the one that fits your current needs best.

Bespoke customer portal development

We can build a unique web portal around your business needs that will provide your customers with a self-service hub strongly associated with your brand. We can build connectors and integrate your portal with corporate and external systems to turn it into a holistic environment.

Platform-based customer portal development

We can build your solution on top of best-in-class platforms we are specialized and certified in. We will consult you on suitable platforms, customize your system of choice, and complement it with necessary features for efficient support and hyper-personalization.