NetSuite consulting & implementation services

NetSuite consulting & implementation services

NetSuite consulting encompasses advisory, implementation, customization, integration, migration, and support of NetSuite-powered solutions. With a track record of ERP implementations, Itransition helps companies address their business needs and accommodate future growth with the NetSuite platform.

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Our NetSuite services

Our NetSuite services

We offer guidance over NetSuite implementation and optimization to help realize the full potential of your technology investments.

  • Defining relevant NetSuite modules
  • Determining configuration/customization scope and integration needs
  • Planning the implementation
  • Facilitating user adoption and training
  • Conducting technology audit
  • Creating improvement/optimization roadmaps
  • Planning the migration

Following NetSuite's SuiteSuccess implementation methodology, we carefully plan and execute full-scale NetSuite implementations and separate modules rollout. We take on end-to-end project implementation, from initial planning to after-go-live support and evolution.

  • Creating the implementation strategy
  • Configuring and\or customizing the NetSuite platform
  • Running quality assurance
  • Providing training and assistance for new users
  • Offering post-launch support

Applying our industry expertise and a set of best practices suggested by the vendor, we extend Netsuite’s out-of-the-box capacity to tailor the platform to your business workflows and processes while avoiding excess customization.

      We employ pre-built connectors and custom integration solutions to establish secure and reliable communication between NetSuite and any business system or third-party application to help you run your business effectively.

          We help you safely move from legacy software to NetSuite to improve your solution’s security and scalability as well as minimize maintenance costs and efforts. While performing the migration, we focus on data accuracy and integrity and guarantee minimal disruption to your day-to-day business activities.

              We evaluate your existing NetSuite-based ERP solution and newly emerged business requirements to identify potential configuration issues or areas for improvement. After performing the required modifications and configurations, we offer comprehensive support services to ensure proactive improvement of your solution and prompt issue resolution.

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                  Transform your business processes with NetSuite

                  Financial management

                  • Company-wide and departmental budgeting and planning
                  • Revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, and auditing
                  • Invoice and billing management
                  • Accounts payable automation
                  • Account reconciliation automation
                  • Multi-book accounting
                  • Regulatory and statutory reporting
                  • Fixed assets management
                  • Multinational and multi-subsidiary operations management

                  Customer relationship management

                  • Customer data centralization
                  • Customer services and marketing automation
                  • Incentive compensation management
                  • Quoting and pricing configuration
                  • Opportunity management
                  • Sales performance tracking and forecasting
                  • Personalized product recommendation
                  • Dynamic pricing
                  • Guided selling
                  • Ecommerce integration

                  Human resources management

                  • End-to-end payroll processing
                  • Compensation and benefits tracking
                  • Employee records centralization
                  • Time and attendance capture
                  • Performance management
                  • Workforce planning
                  • Shift scheduling
                  • HR analytics
                  • Onboarding/offboarding management
                  • Compliance with employment laws and regulations

                  Inventory & order management

                  • Warehouse management
                  • Demand-based inventory replenishment
                  • Multi-location inventory management
                  • Inventory count automation
                  • Lot and bin management and serialized inventory
                  • Order life cycle management automation
                  • Multichannel order management
                  • Dropshipping fulfillment automation
                  • Customer service automation

                  Manufacturing management

                  • Shop floor controls
                  • Multilevel BOMs
                  • Engineering change orders
                  • Product quality management
                  • Supply chain control tower
                  • Demand, supply, and capacity planning
                  • Production planning and scheduling
                  • Order fulfillment
                  • Cycle counting
                  • Manufacturing mobile

                  Professional services automation (PSA) & project management

                  • Project budgeting
                  • Project accounting and billing control
                  • Resource allocation and task assignment
                  • Automated project schedule creation
                  • Timesheet management
                  • Project profitability monitoring
                  • Expense management
                  • Strategic staffing

                  Business intelligence

                  • Automated data consolidation
                  • Self-service analytics and reporting
                  • Historical and real-time data integration with built-in ETL/ELT
                  • AI-enabled data processing
                  • Visual data exploration
                  • Centralized data governance

                  Why choose NetSuite

                  Trusted by over 37,000 customers in 200+ countries, Oracle NetSuite stands out as the industry leader in cloud ERP systems. Supporting employees across various departments and roles within companies, the platform brings tangible benefits to businesses across any industry.

                  Unified view & control of your business

                  Run your business from a single platform with modules natively integrated instead of managing finance, supply chain, procurement, HR, and other business processes with siloed business solutions. Eliminate redundancies and streamline operations with a single data source.

                  Accurate & prompt decision-making

                  Back up your decisions with relevant and timely information delivered via pre-built and easily configurable reports, and gain insights into financial and operational performance across multiple teams and departments with role-based dashboards and key performance indicators.

                  Industry-leading security practices

                  Minimize the risk of data breaches or unintentional exposure with comprehensive security features that include data encryption, role-based access controls, granular password configuration, two-factor authentication, and round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring.

                  Minimized infrastructure maintenance

                  Avoid the burden of infrastructure maintenance by opting for NetSuite, a multi-tenant cloud platform managed by a vendor. The vendor takes care of server purchasing and installation, security patches and upgrades, regular software updates and testing.

                  NetSuite project roadmap



                  Analysis of business processes and workflows
                  Elicitation of industry regulations and compliance requirements
                  Definition of functional and non-functional software requirement



                  Selection of NetSuite modules and add-ons
                  NetSuite customization scope definition (if required)
                  Integration scope definition



                  Project scope, deliverables, implementation strategy definition
                  Project scheduling and budgeting
                  Data migration strategy definition
                  User onboarding planning
                  Risk management strategy definition



                  NetSuite configuration and\or customization
                  Platform integration
                  Test data migration



                  Business process walkthroughs
                  User acceptance testing
                  Customization testing
                  Data validation


                  User onboarding & training

                  Project wiki creation
                  Training materials preparation
                  Online and on-site training


                  Post-launch support

                  User support
                  Platform fine-tuning

                  NetSuite consulting Q&A

                  What does a NetSuite ERP consultant do?

                  Certified NetSuite consultants know how to help you with any challenging task, from deciding if NetSuite is a viable option for your business to designing and implementing secure and scalable NetSuite-powered enterprise resource planning solutions.

                  How much does NetSuite implementation cost?

                  The cost of the NetSuite implementation varies based on the following factors:

                  • Capabilities and functional modules (the price of the NetSuite modules varies from module to module)
                  • Configurations and\or customizations
                  • The number of platform users 
                  • Integration scope and approach
                  • Data management activities, including data cleansing, reformatting, and migration 
                  • Training activities and support documentation/materials/manuals for end-users
                  • The level of post-launch support
                  • Costs associated with organizational structure and geographical footprint
                  • Project team composition, team size, and expertise 

                  To receive a ballpark estimate for your project, schedule a free consultation.

                  How long does NetSuite implementation take?

                  The NetSuite implementation timeline depends on the project’s complexity and team composition. In broad terms, it takes from three months to implement NetSuite.

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