Enterprise content management consulting

Enterprise content management consulting

What our ECM consultants offer

Itransition offers its technological expertise to those looking for effective ways of managing their diverse corporate content. By supporting businesses in their digital transformation, we help them rebuild their legacy content management solutions as well as deliver brand new ECM systems for managing hundreds of content formats and supporting thousands of users.

ECM strategy

Our qualified business analysts (BAs)collaborate with customers to collect their ECM software requirements and end users’ preferences. Together with engineers, our BAs elaborate short- and long-term strategies on content digitalization and adoption of relevant ECM solutions.

ECM implementation

Custom or platform-based, our team develops and implements best-fitting ECM systems for specific environments. We are experienced in tailoring popular ECM platforms, designing unique custom solutions and features from scratch, as well as integrating them into existing infrastructures.

ECM migration

Itransition helps its customers successfully migrate their content to new platforms and environments to build more effective content management workflows. Our migration services also include ECM software optimization, development of new features, UI and UX enhancement.

Enterprise content management solutions

Our enterprise content management consultants build solutions that process various kinds of content: from structured data to heavy graphics and videos. Our software comes with features for user-friendly content management on different devices, continuous content monitoring and protection, as well as content-centric enterprise-wide and team collaboration.

Enterprise content management solutions

We deliver ECM software that covers every stage of the records lifecycle. Using solutions from Itransition, our customers can securely retain records of any nature, process, share, and update them when necessary.

  • Legal and financial records
  • Digital correspondence
  • Corporate policies and guidelines
  • Customer and user requests
  • Meeting notes, project cards

Our ECM solutions become key drivers of enterprise document workflow automation. By implementing digital document management, we help enterprises set up error-free and less time-consuming document cycles.

  • Out-of-the-box and custom workflows
  • Automated approval and digital signature
  • Document metadata management
  • Scalable document repositories
  • Document-centric collaboration

We provide digital solutions suitable for storing, sharing, and publishing media content, such as photos, videos, audio, and infographics. We take care of computing resources needed to edit, distribute, and reproduce large-size files while preserving their high quality.

  • Media libraries and archives
  • Photo galleries and stocks
  • Media players
  • Media content editors
  • Internal and internal media distribution

With a broad expertise in building web applications, particularly websites and web portals, our team equips web solutions with powerful yet lightweight WCM systems. Our WCMs ensure effortless content editing and publishing across various web platforms.

  • Automated content publishing workflows
  • Reusable content templates
  • Integration with content storages
  • Role-based user access
  • Built-in content analytics

Through ECM consulting services, Itransition helps enterprises launch and support solutions that serve as the foundation of learning activities and platforms for teachers, students, and learning managers.

  • Learning programs and policies
  • Training materials
  • Student assignments and submissions
  • On-demand learning sessions
  • Learning assessment files

We deliver knowledge management solutions to help companies reinforce their intangible assets. Our solutions offer features necessary for secure knowledge accumulation, dissemination, and maintenance.

  • Knowledge bases and wikis
  • Management of knowledge items and owners
  • Knowledge sharing policies and procedures
  • Knowledge glossaries and catalogs
  • Knowledge maps and trees

We design content-centric collaboration solutions or extend existing ones with content management features. We set up tools optimal for extracting, storing, and reusing content produced during collaboration.

  • Content storages integrated into collaboration spaces
  • Instant content sharing
  • Content coediting
  • Video conferencing
  • Collaboration records

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Industry-centric enterprise content management software

We provide ECM consulting to help companies from different business domains implement and fine-tune enterprise content management software in line with their industry requirements and standards.

Industry-centric enterprise content management software

We build ECM solutions essential for getting a 360-degree view of patients and care delivery cycles, as well as for accumulating medical know-how.

  • Patient records management
  • Treatment plans
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab results and diagnoses
  • Professional training
  • Medical libraries and information hubs

Itransition automates content workflows for efficient management of financial documentation, customer information, and promotional materials.

  • Mortgage and loan management
  • Call center records
  • Marketing collateral
  • Financial and banking reporting

Our ECM systems automate back-office operations in retail and supply chain management while enabling ongoing content circulation between suppliers, vendors, and customers.

  • Warehouse management
  • Product catalogs and inventory records
  • Transportation and delivery documentation
  • Order management
  • Customer feedback

Our content management software serves as a hub for secure legal and insurance content workflows and related collaboration.

  • Legal case management
  • Contracting and billing
  • Legal and insurance document archiving
  • Customer content management
  • Support of digital and paper-based workflows

We implement solutions supporting multi-functional content management for manufacturers, their partners, and customers.

  • Quality management
  • R&D and innovation management
  • Vendor and customer management
  • Operational reporting and analytics
  • Product development content

Our ECMs host content workflows at all stages of automotive production, distribution and promotion, including after-market services and driver support.

  • Vehicle service contracting
  • Vehicle design and rendering
  • Promotional content
  • Vehicle statistics
  • Expert reviews and test drive results

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