Important changes to Atlassian Server products

Atlassian has made changes to Server products including the end of sale for new Server licenses on February 2, 2021 and the end of support for Server products on February 2, 2024.

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Continuously mastering Atlassian products since 2007, Itransition offers tools, solutions, and services to boost your team’s efficiency. Being an Atlassian Partner, we provide professional services, helping you get the most out of your Atlassian applications.

Our certified specialists take care of every implementation step, from license purchasing to solution support. Whether you already run Atlassian solutions or only planning your move, we’ll help you choose, set up, configure, and customize any Atlassian product. We also provide all-round audit of your business processes, from Agile and ITSM/EMS to DevOps and more, to adapt them to the logic of Atlassian, as well as carrying out training for different user groups and teams.

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Atlassian products we work with

Atlassian service portfolio


Our Atlassian service portfolio includes all the essential activities to ensure the effective transformation journey, smooth migration, and qualified configuration and customization of your Atlassian applications. Our customers can opt for on-demand assistance of our professionals or go for long-term management and support of their Atlassian products.

Atlassian service portfolio

All-round audit

As an Atlassian implementation partner, Itransition reviews your existing business processes and workflows, outlining best practices for your business, defining and mitigating issues, if any. We audit your Atlassian setup to evaluate its overall state and find any underutilized capabilities. We also offer Atlassian consulting services to help you eliminate the bottlenecks detected.



Goal setting



Identifies goals, provides artifacts

Interviews stakeholders, summarizes business and technical requirements

Instance analysis



Provides access to Atlassian instances

Analyzes business processes and infrastructure, checks if the instances are aligned with the Atlassian best practices

Improvement roadmap



Prioritizes requirements, approves deliverables

Creates a roadmap, architects the solution, models business processes

Training and coaching



Ensures trainee time allocation and availability

Coaches and trains end users and Atlassian administrators

Atlassian migration

Atlassian stopped selling new Server licenses on February 2, 2021 (PT). Server customers can continue to purchase new Server app licenses until February 2023, and purchase and receive maintenance until February 2024.

You can use Server products until February 2, 2024, which is the official end date of Server products. Itransition’s Atlassian team is ready to provide an effective migration plan for your move to Atlassian Cloud or Atlassian Data Center, with respect to your specific product and user tier.

We migrate your Atlassian instances to the cloud, retaining the same level of transformation flexibility that you got used to when using the on-premises deployment. Additionally, we assist you with restricted functions in the cloud applications for them to fit into your software and business environments.

From Server to Data Center

We help you migrate to Atlassian Data Center if you would like to maintain the same end-user features as single-instance Server products and remain in your self-hosted environment. Atlassian will continue to offer Atlassian Data Center, an enterprise-grade self-managed edition, for customers who aren't ready to move to Cloud or will require a multi-year transition. The provider will continue to invest in improvements to Data Center and the Data Center apps program to help meet those customers' unique needs.

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Setup, configuration, and implementation

As a certified Atlassian Partner, we can advise on the best Atlassian setup to meet your needs. We also use and share best practices for Atlassian application configuration to automate both business-centric and technological workflows of various complexity.

License management

As a certified Atlassian reseller, we will act as a one-stop shop helping you select the right Atlassian license package. We advise on the most cost-effective license options for renewals, upgrades, and downgrades of the user count.

Process engineering and automation

As an Atlassian Partner, we assist companies with business workflow engineering and automation based on our domain expertise of building ITIL-compliant processes. If your core service or product relies on an Atlassian product, we help you design and automate the rest of your business ecosystem around it.

  • Requirements elaboration
  • Project roadmap development
  • Release management
  • KPIs and metrics
  • Quality management
  • Backlog refinement and prioritization
  • Iteration scope planning

We build DevOps infrastructures with the Atlassian tools at heart to foster project planning, operations management, continuous integration, implementation, and feedback. With your business specifics in mind, we analyze and optimize your software delivery processes to cut down on the overall deployment time by 7.5-10 times. We also provide long-term Atlassian quality assistance: we do regular checkups of Atlassian-based solutions, assess their functional strength and usability, as well as suggest and implement improvements.

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Atlassian consultants

User and admin training

Itransition’ Atlassian consultants can help you if you want your employees to use Atlassian products painlessly or look for best practices and expert guidance on possible enhancements. With our training, you will stop navigating Atlassian products intuitively and become a confident user or admin.

Atlassian consultants

Additional services by our Atlassian experts

  • Our developers build custom Atlassian solutions to meet your requirements when out-of-the-box Atlassian products and Marketplace add-ons don’t cut it, the current user tier no longer suits your needs, or the available functionality is overkill.
  • We take up Atlassian software development to deliver plugins, custom fields, dashboards and reports for you to target specific user groups, organize your projects, create dynamic charts, and build custom reports.

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Extended service kit

Apart from fostering enterprise processes with Atlassian products, we help our customers improve their operations through more services.

Managed IT services

Managed IT services

By offering our computing and human resources, we let companies reduce their efforts put into managing their software and IT infrastructures. We also ensure ongoing improvement and optimization of managed IT assets.

Smart teams

With a pool of in-house software engineering professionals, we form independent teams to tackle multifaceted software development as well as exchange our expertise by incorporating our experts into customers’ teams.

Business process management

We develop platform-based and custom solutions for business process management and equip them with analytics and reporting features for continuous monitoring of employees’ performance, workflow dynamics, and efficiency of resource utilization.