Enterprise LMS

Enterprise LMS

Enterprise LMS: the payoffs

Enterprise LMSs are comprehensive eLearning software solutions designed to facilitate the creation, administration, and delivery of corporate training content to your staff. Leverage Itransition's experience in enterprise LMS development and consulting to successfully implement this tool and maximize its benefits, which typically include:

Faster onboarding
By adopting an LMS, you can tailor your employee mentoring programs to meet different learning needs based on newcomers' positions and skills.
Continuous staff upskilling
An LMS brings the scalability and management capabilities required to deliver non-stop corporate training and boost your workforce's performance.
Employee retention
An LMS can provide your staff with a personalized, engaging, and motivating learning experience while integrating them faster into your corporate culture.
Training cost optimization
The eLearning possibilities unlocked by an enterprise LMS allow cutting traveling and trainers' costs typically affecting face-to-face education.

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Enterprise LMS capabilities

An enterprise LMS can be equipped with a wide array of features covering each major aspect of corporate training. Here are the ones typically integrated into Itransition’s software solutions.

Enterprise LMS capabilities
  • Course authoring
  • Multi-format content support
  • Course catalog and reviews
  • Search engine with filters
  • Multi-device login
  • Mobile/desktop syncing
  • Offline access
  • Multitenancy/learning branching
  • Adaptive learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Gamification
  • Interactivity (likes, shares, comments)
  • Social learning (chats, forums, wikis)
  • Microlearning-based activities
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Videoconferencing
  • Role-based access
  • Admin panel
  • Online scheduling
  • User account management
  • Assignment system
  • Payment processing
  • Certification support
  • Test grading and proctoring
  • Learner activity tracking
  • Progress and performance reporting
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Content usage dashboards
  • ROI calculation
  • Feedback system (polls, surveys)
  • Compliance reports
  • Custom L&D reporting features

Extended enterprise LMS

The impact of an enterprise LMS can extend far beyond your corporate staff. By integrating your eLearning software with multitenancy features, you'll be able to provide your partners and customers with targeted training services fully personalized to suit their learning needs.

Training your customers

An extended enterprise LMS helps you educate your customers on how to get the most out of your services and products, improving their satisfaction and reducing user support costs.

Training your partners

You can promote synergic business relationships by delivering customized mentoring to your partners, allowing them to get familiar with your services and acquire certifications to work with your products.

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Enterprise LMS: solving the challenges

Implementing an enterprise LMS can be demanding. Itransition's eLearning software consultants help you avoid any missteps and facilitate the LMS adoption across your organization.

Custom vs SaaS enterprise LMS
You can opt for the flexibility and full product ownership of a custom LMS or choose the faster deployment times and lower upfront costs of a SaaS solution. We'll suggest the model that best suits your needs.
User adoption
We offer technical assistance and demos for LMS admins and learners, allowing your workforce to familiarize themselves with their new LMS and facilitating corporate training delivery.
Itransition provides eLearning software consulting to make sure that your enterprise LMS fully complies with quality standards and legal requirements such as SCORM, LMS LTI, GDPR, and more.

More solutions for your eLearning ecosystem

eLearning portals

eLearning portals

Itransition develops learner-centric web portals designed to provide your students with fully customizable educational content and training while maximizing your didactic services' impact and profitability.


Itransition's AR and VR solutions allow your staff to virtually interact with overlaid 2D or 3D objects and practice in highly immersive multi-projected environments that simulate real-life working scenarios.

Education analytics

We deliver data analytics and visualization tools capable of tracking students' activity, evaluating their learning outcomes, and turning such information into graphical insights to optimize your didactic offering.



We create iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile apps that embrace innovative educational approaches such as microlearning and gamification to engage your students with a 24/7 interactive learning experience.

Deploy your enterprise LMS with Itransition

Whether you're planning to develop a custom or platform-based enterprise LMS, streamline its implementation across your company, or upgrade your preexisting software, Itransition will provide you with the technologies and interdisciplinary expertise to get the job done.

We can help you:

We can help you:

Assess your business goals and eLearning needs Select a suitable feature set Choose the right enterprise LMS model (custom/Saas)

Set up a full-cycle implementation plan Provide post-release user support and training

Enterprise LMS design and development

We can help you:

Frame your technical and branding LMS aspects Design wireframes and prototypes Create a custom enterprise LMS from scratch

Develop a platform-based enterprise LMS Perform end-to-end testing and quality assurance

Enterprise LMS reengineering

We can help you:

Evaluate your legacy software Outline an LMS upgrade roadmap Revamp your system's UX and UI

Implement additional features and integrations Fine-tune your LMS according to user feedback