mLearning apps

mLearning apps

Mobile learning apps for each scenario

Itransition delivers iOS, Android, and cross-platform mLearning apps empowering your students with highly adaptive, “anytime anywhere” training tools and representing a valuable business opportunity for your enterprise in a variety of educational domains.

Language learning apps

This group includes foreign language learning apps offering online lessons and hands-on training through exercises and tests, along with other support tools such as online dictionaries.

Apps for educators

These applications come with a set of features aimed at streamlining tutoring workflows, including task assignment, learning progress tracking, and video conferencing.

Corporate training apps

These are easily scalable and cost-efficient EdTech solutions deployed to speed up employee onboarding and foster corporate training while improving staff retention and performance.

Course delivery apps

This type of app acts as a mobile interface for online course delivery platforms, allowing users to purchase and access eLearning content directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Campus apps

These provide didactic and administrative tools to complement the learning experience at schools and colleges, including content sharing, virtual classrooms, and lesson scheduling.

Educational apps for kids

Such applications engage children with adapted user interfaces and entertaining activities specifically designed to improve spelling, math skills, problem-solving, and more.

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Innovative approaches to mobile learning

Itransition's mobile learning solutions incorporate modern didactic approaches synergizing with smartphone-specific features to deliver an efficient and engaging student experience.


An approach relying on small didactic units and activities and particularly suitable for the 24/7 on-the-go training offered by mobile devices.


A didactic strategy based on game mechanics such as challenges, badges, or rewards to promote learner motivation, retention, and course completion.

Social learning

This approach leverages connectivity and social networking features to encourage student participation and interaction in a collaborative learning environment.

mLearning app development essentials

Here are the key factors and best practices our EdTech consultants take into account to maximize the impact of Itransition's mobile learning solutions and overcome the most common development and adoption challenges.

Target market definition

We complement your product discovery efforts to frame your buyer persona and select an mLearning format that suits your target audience’s needs best.

Monetization strategy

We help you seize mLearning's monetization opportunities (freemium model, in-app ads and purchases, etc.) to ensure maximum profitability.

Technical specification

We create a detailed technical specification defining the set of app features and underlying technologies required to meet your educational and business goals.


We design mLearning solutions fully complying with all major regulations and technical standards, such as SCORM, LTI, GDPR, and other.

Security measures

We configure your app with effective cyber protection measures ensuring data security while providing safe payment processing.

Usability and performance

We perform rigorous end-to-end tests to fine-tune your mobile app's user interface and optimize performance on any device and operating system.

Optimal mLearning app features

mLearning apps can be customized with a set of features selected according to the educational area and end-users you intend to target.

Optimal mLearning app features

Content management

  • Course authoring
  • Multimedia content support
  • A course catalog (descriptions, reviews)
  • A search engine
  • Multitenancy

Content access

  • Multi-device login
  • A signup system
  • Registration via Google and social accounts
  • Mobile/desktop syncing
  • Offline access

Learning experience

  • Adaptive learning paths
  • Gamification (minigames, leaderboards)
  • Interactivity (likes, shares)
  • Social learning (chats, forums)
  • Microlearning


  • Role-based access
  • An admin panel
  • Online scheduling
  • Certification support
  • An assignment system

Technical features

  • Push notifications
  • Videoconferencing and streaming
  • Payment processing
  • Voice commands
  • A ticketing system

Analytics and reporting

  • Learner activity tracking
  • ROI calculation
  • Attendance monitoring
  • A feedback system (polls, surveys)
  • Skill gap analysis

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Create your mLearning app with Itransition

At Itransition, you will find the tech stack and holistic expertise to shape a ready-to-go mLearning app from the ground up according to your requirements.

mLearning app consulting
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Budgeting and feasibility
  • App Store and Google Play launch roadmap
  • Post-release user support and training
mLearning app design
  • User research
  • Prototypes and mock-ups
  • UI/UX design
  • Platform and device compatibility
mLearning app development
  • Native app engineering
  • Cross-platform and hybrid app engineering
  • Features development and integrations
  • End-to-end app testing