Core technologies

Technology guidelines

Seeking to achieve code consistency and improved maintainability, we conform to language‑specific conventions for architecture and compo­nents interaction design and clean code.

General program­ming principles

Itransition adheres to SOLID principles and General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns (GRASP), to make the code easy to change. Relying on Keep-it-Short-and-Simple philosophy, we use Code Modularity and Generics for code reusability and type safety.

Specific coding guidelines

Whenever applicable, we utilize vendor‑specific guidelines that cover technical standards, as well as incentives for common development style for languages and frameworks including naming and formatting conventions, architecture design practices and more.

  • .NET
    • .NET coding guidelines from Microsoft
  • C++
    • HIC++
    • ISO C++
    • JSF AV C++
    • MISRA-C++
  • PHP
    • PSR
    • Coding standards from PHP‑based platform providers
  • Python
    • Zen of Python
    • PEP 8
  • Java
    • Java code conven­tions from Oracle
  • RoR
    • Ruby on Rails guides
    • Convention over Configuration
    • DRY
    • YAGNI

Code quality tools

Technology selection

If you feel overwhelmed with techs available to run your business, Itransition assists you in getting things straight.

We employ 38% senior specialists who align your objectives with technologies that best address the project needs and ensure reduced TCO and maintenance overhead in the long term.

Migration & modernization

Technology replacement

Renovate your legacy code with up‑to‑date technologies, eliminating security, perfor­mance and functionality lacks. Itransition will support you across technology shift, maximizing code reuse through integration, wrapping and API development.

Version upgrade

Take advantage from complementary features, the latest technology versions provide. Keeping abreast of technology updates, we have the relevant expertise for upgrading your solution to a fresher version without interrupting your workflows.

Application porting

We will reengineer your existing codebase for new runtime environment, be it porting to another platform, partial or complete workloads migration to the cloud, re‑hosting, database migration and data format conversion, and channel extension.