Core technologies

Our technology expertise includes C++, .NET, RoR, Python, PHP and Java, along with frontend and other multi-disciplinary know-hows such as mobility. Combining them, we deliver software development projects of any scale, complexity and type.


Relying on ready-to-use capacities by 3rd party cloud service providers, we provide cloud-first development, migration to cloud and cloud-powered apps’ performance and cost optimization.

Our team ensures safe custodianship of your data and high system performance and availability by moving assets and high‑compute processes to private, public or hybrid cloud, while ensuring app containerization and decoupling.

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Internet of things

We use the aggregated knowledge of cloud computing, microservices, data science programming and systems integration, to implement IoT projects for various industries.

From designing and prototyping with IoT boards and platforms, to engineering custom edge analytics and integration scenarios, we implement full-stack IoT network infrastructures.

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Industrial automation

  • Devices
  • Beacons
  • RFID tags
  • Sensors

Consumer electronics

  • Wearables
  • Healthcare devices
  • Connected cars
  • Smart homes

Augmented & virtual reality

Itransition delivers custom AR and VR solutions for different degrees of user immersion, from image superimposition and hologram projections to head mounted display systems.

Our services span UX and UI design and scene rendering, ad-hoc engineering of environment recognition and location-based algorithms, as well as hardware integration.

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Virtual reality (VR)

Completely digital environment

Augmented reality (AR)

Real world with digital information overlay

Mixed reality (MR)

Fully enclosed, synthetic experience with no sense of the real world

Platforms & techs

Research & Development

Research & development

At Itransition, we run our proprietary R&D program backed by full-cycle innovation management processes to identify, produce, incubate and test new technologies, prototypes and solutions, promoting the viable ones for real projects and products.

The refined technological and methodological practices help us deliver end-to-end technical, functional and technology upgrade, from consulting and assessment through upgrade and post-upgrade monitoring.

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R&D partners