Media & entertainment

Media asset flow coverage

Itransition helps customers in media and entertainment to improve audience engagement, operational efficiency and revenue management by rendering media software development services, covering end-to-end media asset flow, from content creation and management to in-depth analytics, omnichannel distribution and monetization.

  • Collaborative media production
  • Cohesive content storage
  • Metadata & master data management
  • Content cleansing & utilization
  • On-demand and broadcast media streaming
  • Content publishing and syndication
  • Telepresence
Media content
  • Customer profiling & segmentation
  • Customer journey visualization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Behavior pattern recognition
  • Predictive & prescriptive analysis
  • Subscription management
  • Paywalls & microtransactions
  • Promotion campaign management
  • Integrated advertising
  • Order processing

Client types

  • Publishing houses
  • Content providers
  • Gaming companies
  • Media & entertainment ISVs

Media content management

Whether you require a full-stack publishing system or complementary plug-ins to extend existing functionality, Itransition implements solutions that span the entire media asset lifecycle.

We study your specific requirements and workflows — what type of content you produce, how and when it is published and how many people are involved — to engineer ad-hoc applications for painless creation and maintenance of multimedia content, while tracking the activity of all participants engaged.

  • Produce
    • Capturing & encoding
    • Collaborative co‑editing
    • WYSIWYG authoring
    • Template creation
    • Version control
  • Administer & store
    • Content indexing & metadata management
    • Permission management
    • Link management
    • Searching & sorting
    • Routing & archiving
  • Manage workflows
    • Approval process control
    • Notification configuration
    • Rule-based publishing
    • Activity tracking
    • Custom reports

Omnichannel delivery

By implementing ad-hoc content delivery scenarios, Itransition ensures both static and dynamic content is always available for multiple audiences.

Whether your web and mobile applications involve media streaming, gaming software, continuous firmware updates or IoT endpoints, we help you set up efficient multimedia content distribution.

Omnichannel delivery

Content delivery networks

We leverage the massive storage and compute capacity of third-party CDNs that rely on content caching techniques across distributed server networks to minimize load times, save bandwidth and increase responsiveness of your content, while ensuring high-level DDoS protection.

Media streaming

Itransition powers professional-grade streaming for any use case and device in line with IPTV/OTT, VoD, Web-to-Web and Smart TV servicing models, while ensuring content protection and encryption. Integrated with cloud-based platforms, software solutions by Itransition handle increasingly growing user numbers.

  • On-demand delivery

    To provide viewers with consistent streaming experiences at various connection speeds, we apply adaptive bitrate streaming and transcoding for minimal buffering and fast start time.

  • Live streaming

    To achieve a sustained and reliable connection during real-time broadcasting, our team opts for high latency streaming protocols like HLS, RTMP, DASH and WebRTC.

  • Download delivery

    To speed up completion of software, games and large-file multimedia download, we use optimization practices like data compression, download segmentation and connections reuse.

Multiscreen experience

We ensure you content universal compatibility across device types and bandwidths by implementing audio and video transcoding as well as cross-platform and native development of mobile-friendly/mobile first applications.

Multiscreen experience

Сonsumer & content analytics

Itransition implements web crawling, data scrapping, analytical processing, reporting, visualization engines, as well as predictive modelling algorithms, to provide you with 360-degree view of content performance and user experience and adjust experience-led, data-driven content strategies correspondingly.

Introduce analytics
Raw data
  • Customer profile data
  • Click & open data
  • Content data
  • Device data
  • Browser data
  • Geospatial data
  • Third-party data
Content & UX analytics
  • User flow reports & heat maps
  • Content sharing analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • User behavior patterns
  • Understand which content drives engagement
  • Identify where people stop reading/watching
  • Categorize mentions, define topics and sentiments
  • Spot root causes
Revise content strategy

Content monetization

From in-build micropayments to revenue management systems, our media software development services cover multiple monetization scenarios.

We integrate your client-facing applications with third-party payment systems, to enable PCI DSS-compatible paywalls and click-through microtransactions, or engineer custom billing solutions from scratch.

  • Subscription management systems

    Enable automated recurring billing for long-term commitment.

  • Order processing systems

    Grant end users with top-level content purchase experience.

  • API development

    Make your content accessible via APIs while retaining control.

  • Integrated advertising

    Charge for placing advertisements.

  • Promotion campaign management

    Prepare, launch and analyze special offerings.


Itransition’s expertise in mobile and web game development spans all works from design and prototyping to development and evolution in the long term.

  • Casual games
  • Educational games
  • Promotional games

Game design

Our artists draw mock-ups, storyboards and sketches of characters and environments; create diegetic, non-diegetic, meta and spatial UI elements, that find reflection in Game Design Documents.


Itransition implements quick, simple prototype games to test out new gameplay ideas without committing to creating a full-blown game.


Itransition develops, deploys, tests and stabilizes captivating interactive games that cover a wide range of genres.

Continuous update

We offer a range of solutions to futureproof painless game evolution in the long term, including continuous integration, delivery automation enablement and release management plug-ins development.

AR & VR infotainment

From user experience design to software development and hardware integration, Itransition engineers entertainment solutions that blend users’ surroundings with overlaid computer generated data or ensure total VR immersion, delivering experiences that are unrivalled by any other method of development.

Augmented reality

  • Marker-based apps
  • Superimposition-based apps
  • Projection-based apps

Virtual reality

  • Non-immersive desktop apps
  • Semi-immersive projective systems
  • Head mounted display systems


  • Theme park rides
  • Virtual exhibitions
  • Virtual movie theaters
  • Augmented life events
  • Simulation games
  • 3D add-ons