Medical device software development

Medical device software development

Medical device app development (SiMD)

Our custom software in a medical device (SiMD) solutions help streamline workflows, gain analytical insights, and provide timely personalized medical care based on the patient’s needs. We create software to be embedded in a range of medical devices covering all essential care aspects:

Diagnostic SiMD

We build software solutions for various diagnostic equipment:

  • Medical imaging devices
  • Clinical analyzers
  • Laboratory devices
  • Surgical hardware, and more

Treatment & monitoring SiMD

We create SiMD to power treatment & patient monitoring on clinical premises:

  • Life support systems
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Medical lasers
  • Dialysis machines, and more

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Software as a medical device (SaMD) development

We create SaMD software that collects and analyzes medical data and delivers meaningful insights to be further applied in diagnostics, treatment, and other care provision stages.

As a professional healthcare app development company, we create remote patient monitoring (RPM) software and patient-facing mHealth apps.

Remote patient monitoring solutions

Our RPM solutions help ensure high-quality remote care. Connected to sensors, these applications continuously measure health parameter and transmit the data to a secure cloud environment where it is immediately synchronized with the EHR and other relevant clinical systems for the clinician’s review.

  • Health dynamics tracking
  • Continuous health parameter monitoring
  • Secure health data exchange
  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA triad) assurance
  • Real-time alerts to caregivers
  • Seamless EHR integration
Cloud storage
Data analytics
Emergency alert
Provider/Emergency line
Secure transmission
mHealth apps
Fitness & nutrition
Mental health
Meditation & yoga

Our mHealth offer comprises mobile software that lets users monitor their lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, mental health, and more. Continuous monitoring allows users to recognize trends and make independent grounded decisions regarding their wellbeing.

  • Accessible sensor data analytics
  • User-friendly reports and dashboards
  • Continuous parameter tracking
  • Secure data storage and transmission

Employing our expertise in machine learning technologies, we develop embedded and standalone computer vision tools. Using deep learning, these tools are able to run diagnostic image analysis while learning on the fly. By design, our custom medical imaging solutions are vendor-agnostic, interoperable with clinical systems, and compatible with OSs of your choice, while also allowing for:

  • Swifter diagnostics
  • Lower radiologic exposure
  • Precise image analysis accuracy
  • Reduced manual data entry
  • Fewer re-imaging cases
Connect the dots with IoT analytics

Our medical device application development experts make sure your SiMD/SaMD is capable of storing and processing real-time and contextual information generated from IoT sensors and devices. These connected tools allow clinicians and other decision-makers to analyze the accumulated data stored in a secure cloud and design effective treatment plans relying on tried-and-true statistical and machine learning methods used in our specialized IoT analytics solutions.

Connect the dots with IoT analytics

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When developing medical device software, we follow standards and regulatory requirements specific to the healthcare industry: FDA regulations, ISO 13485, HIPAA, DICOM, IEC 62304, ICD-10, as well as practicing secure software development.

Our security experts run penetration and compliance testing on your medical device solution to ensure sensitive data protection from cyberthreats and conformance to the relevant regulations.