Salesforce for healthcare:
solutions, integrations & use cases

Salesforce for healthcare: solutions, integrations & use cases

June 20, 2024

Health Cloud key features

Salesforce Health Cloud is a specialized cloud-based CRM platform for clinics, hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations. This solution is based on the Salesforce cloud platform with the addition of a highly customizable healthcare-specific feature set. What’s more, Health Cloud capabilities can be expanded further by integrating it with other Salesforce and third-party solutions like EHRs or RPM software to meet healthcare organizations’ specific requirements. Salesforce Health Cloud offers capabilities to cover a wide range of tasks, meaning that each healthcare organization can enable the most beneficial combination for its workflows and business goals.

Patient engagement & providers’ efficiency

Care Management

allows healthcare providers to create custom care plans for patients.

Integrated Care Management

enables the composition of effective care plans based on patient clinical data and health assessments from the Discovery Framework. These care plans are compatible with other healthcare software and easy to share, contributing to care coordination among healthcare professionals, caregivers, and other care process participants.

Utilization Management

helps healthcare providers, insurers, and insurance plan members to accurately describe and enact the medical policies of the health plan. It ensures that patients receive timely and appropriate care while also reducing its cost.

Provider Network Management

allows healthcare organizations to streamline the recruitment, onboarding, and management of partners and contractors, ultimately helping create a network of healthcare providers that can be quickly accessed to find care options that fit patients’ needs.

Provider Relationship Cards

supply human resources, call center personnel, and other relevant specialists with the most vital information about care providers and medical facilities.

Provider Search

enables authorized users like call center personnel to quickly find healthcare providers that meet specific criteria (e.g., location, specialty, or availability to new patients) in their provider database.

Fast & accurate care arrangement

Contact Center for Health Cloud

digitizes and automates routine customer service tasks for contact centers, allowing call center agents to accept calls within the Salesforce system, verify callers’ identities, and take relevant actions based on the patient’s data.

Intelligent Appointment Management

helps contact center representatives, care coordinators, and patients schedule appointments with care providers by suggesting suitable ones based on patients’ requests and healthcare professionals’ specialization and availability.

Home Health

allows home care providers to manage all processes related to home visits: schedule one-time and recurring visits, electronically verify home visits, and review home-based treatment plans.

Behavioral Health App

provides clinicians with a comprehensive view of a patient’s mental health care journey, including a timeline of key events, assessments, and sessions with specialists.

Crisis Support Center Management

enables counselors to respond to a crisis event quickly and effectively by simplifying the capture of vital information (patients’ symptoms, location, and primary care providers’ details) from any channel of interaction and facilitating the search for care providers and hospital beds based on this information.

Improved care coordination

Social Determinants of Health

to store information recorded by social workers or hospital case managers about patients’ vital social and environmental factors that can serve as barriers or, vice versa, motivators for patients to receive proper care.

Unified Health Scoring

enables healthcare professionals and care coordinators to view the summed-up information about patients’ health from an EHR and receive relevant action recommendations to improve their condition based on their health scores.

Care Program Management

helps healthcare providers streamline the creation of personalized care programs and shipping requests for specialized medical equipment. It also speeds up the registration of patients for care programs and helps track their progress.

Advanced Therapy Management

enables care coordinators to plan and manage multi-stage workflows for advanced therapy and schedule appointments across multiple facilities.

Medication Management & Medication Review

ensures the safety of patients’ medication regimens by capturing data relevant to prescribed therapy and facilitating its review against country-specific regulations on medication.

Benefit Verification

speeds up the search for insurance coverage provided taking into account each patient’s health benefits.

Referral Management

speeds up and simplifies the referral of patients to different specialists.

Life Sciences Cloud

In the summer of 2024, Salesforce will roll out Life Sciences Cloud, a CRM application designed to support key CRM workflows of biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers. This new Salesforce platform-based solution enables life sciences companies to streamline their commercial workflows and better engage R&D stakeholders to improve profitability.

Commercial Operation

enable businesses to gain more control over their products’ commercial lifecycle by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing their routine processes. The solution also helps ensure adherence to contracts, effective pricing strategies, and timely inventory management.

  • Health Intelligence

    is powered by Tableau and provides sales teams with deep insights into demand patterns for products or services, helping them come up with new offer types and discounts and make better business decisions.

  • Medical Sales Emails

    utilize generative AI to automatically create personalized messages on any topic, from product availability notifications to sales follow-up communication.

Clinical Operations

help research organizations to conduct clinical trials easily, efficiently, and transparently, comply with relevant industry regulations, enhance participants’ engagement, and reduce operational costs.

  • Data Cloud for Health

    helps create patient profiles that automatically update in real time based on diverse patient data integrated from different sources to uncover potential weak points in studies, like inadequate adherence to therapies in clinical trials, or identify groups of patients potentially eligible for other clinical studies or programs.

  • Chain of Custody Management

    helps clinical research personnel ensure patient safety and adhere to regulations throughout the entire process of cell and gene therapies by keeping traceable and transparent digital records of specialized medication usage.

  • Participant Management

    facilitates the onboarding of randomized trial participants with automated matching and speeds up their recruitment, education, and engagement via dedicated portals, helping reduce their dropout rates.

Pharma CRM

enables pharmaceutical organizations to enhance stakeholder engagement across multiple communication channels with personalized interactions and regulatory-compliant digital content.

  • Healthcare Professional Engagement

    helps pharma companies to analyze data gathered from communication with healthcare professionals, insurance claims, and research findings to better understand the demand patterns for their products and make corresponding business decisions.

  • Einstein for Life Sciences

    allows businesses to automate routine tasks, such as crafting targeted emails for sales campaigns or finding relevant documentation to quickly address customers’ inquiries with the help of AI.

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Complimentary Salesforce solutions for healthcare companies

Healthcare Cloud and Life Sciences Cloud are powerful solutions that can streamline multiple workflows in healthcare organizations. However, healthcare companies can expand the functionality of industry-specific solutions with other Salesforce products (some of them requiring additional licenses) to further improve customer experience and grow revenue.

Salesforce platformSalesforce Health Cloud or Life Sciences CloudHospital management softwareLIMSEHRRemote patient monitoring devicesIoMT devicesPharmacy management softwareOther Salesforce & third-party products

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management suite that includes functionality for sales facilitation. Its wide range of capabilities can expand the healthcare-specific set of Health Cloud’s features.

  • Lead management and tracking
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Opportunity and account management
  • Quote and proposal generation
  • Sales forecasting
  • Analytics and reporting

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud focuses on streamlining general customer service interactions and issue resolution. Compared to Salesforce Health Cloud, which caters to the needs of patient care specialists, Service Cloud is more useful for the organization’s customer support teams.

  • Support case management
  • Knowledge bases for customer service representatives, agents, and customers
  • Omni-channel communication with customers
  • Advanced communication features like automated responses and real-time chat transcripts
  • Productivity measurement and task management tools for customer service representatives, admin staff, pharma representatives, and other agents
  • Customer satisfaction measurement via surveys and answer mapping to customer profiles

Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud allows healthcare organizations to create online platforms to facilitate collaboration between specific groups of users, such as patients with similar conditions, their caregivers, clinicians, interns, researchers, and payers. By promoting communication within these groups, healthcare organizations contribute to knowledge sharing and innovation in the healthcare industry and encourage patients’ proactivity, which leads to improved health outcomes.

  • Branded online communities constructor
  • Internal employee space constructor
  • Discussion forums
  • Secure chat rooms
  • AI chatbots for enhanced customer service
  • File sharing
  • Accessible knowledge base for patients and agents
  • Fast case creation and escalation to agents
  • Sales channels integration with online communities
  • Analytics and reporting on multiple parameters within different spaces

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation solution that helps healthcare businesses create personalized marketing campaigns for various channels to expand their patient base.

  • Email, mobile, and other digital and traditional marketing campaign management
  • Multi-channel marketing content distribution
  • Customer journey visualization
  • Marketing message personalization
  • Сampaign comparison and performance analysis
  • Advanced audience segmentation


The MuleSoft Anypoint platform provides tools for creating seamless integrations between EHRs and other healthcare systems with Salesforce products like Health Cloud.

  • Set up secure, fast, and consistent data flow between all systems, improving the interoperability and efficiency of the entire organization’s IT ecosystem.
  • Standardize data mapping, helping to minimize errors and inconsistencies that can arise during data transfer.
  • Easily handle real-time big data capture and processing to accommodate the increasing data volumes and variety of data sources to support the healthcare organization’s growth.
  • Build customized integration solutions that are adaptable and easy to maintain thanks to MuleSoft’s capability to separate business logic from specifics of data communication.

Salesforce offers Einstein AI to automate routine tasks and process patients’ clinical data and other information to deliver insights that help healthcare organizations improve patient experiences and grow revenue.

  • Einstein Analytics for Healthcare

    supplies healthcare organizations and MedTech and pharma companies with insights into the efficiency of their sales and customer service teams.

  • Einstein Discovery

    part of Einstein Analytics, provides population health and claims analytics, helping healthcare providers and insurers to make better business decisions and offer relevant services to patients.

  • Einstein Copilot: Health Actions

    enables clinicians to acquire and summarize patients’ or partners’ data from a variety of sources using natural language, quickly edit patient and member profiles, and automate tasks like appointment scheduling, referrals, or care plan revisions.

  • Assessment Generation

    allows healthcare companies to speed up routine health assessments and automate results input into the Health Cloud.

Success cases of Salesforce adoption in healthcare

Sales Cloud and ecommerce solution adoption for Ovation Medical


productivity increase

Sales Cloud and ecommerce solution adoption for Ovation Medical

The major US orthopedic and podiatry products’ provider implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with a connected ecommerce platform to start selling online and meet their customers’ post-pandemic service expectations.

Scalable Salesforce CRM implementation for Priority Health


faster application submission

Scalable Salesforce CRM implementation for Priority Health

The health plan provider enabled its agents to sign up for membership faster and improved their overall customer experience by consolidating all sales, marketing, and service operations in a single Salesforce platform tailored to the healthcare industry.

Valuable integrations for Salesforce Health Cloud

Integrating electronic health records with Salesforce Health Cloud allows secure and easy real-time data flow between clinical and administrative systems, allowing healthcare organization personnel to view patient's relevant medical information within Health Cloud. This reduces manual data entry, which improves data accuracy and coordination among teams and leads to better patient care and consequently better outcomes for their health.

Connecting laboratory information management software with Salesforce solutions helps streamline lab test ordering and tracking, ensures timely access to test results for healthcare providers, and supplies additional patient data for Salesforce analytical tools, contributing to more personalized care.

HMS integration with Salesforce solutions helps tie together the hospital-centric and patient-centric processes. Healthcare providers and hospital administrators can quickly compare bed or equipment availability and staff schedules with real-time patient needs in a single dashboard. This integration facilitates resource allocation and task assignment based on patient needs and medical workers’ availability.

Seamless transfer of the medication information from the pharmacy management software into the Health Cloud ensures that personnel involved in patient care have complete information about medications dispensed to each patient. Such transparency enables better medication adherence monitoring, preventing potential negative drug interactions or overuse, and ensuring timely inventory restocks.

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Our Salesforce services

We provide a range of Salesforce services to facilitate the implementation of Salesforce solutions into healthcare companies’ digital environments and tailor them to the specifics of the particular organization and its business objectives.



We help you choose the right Salesforce products that cover your organization’s needs and create a comprehensive roadmap for their implementation. We can also analyze the Salesforce solutions already in use and provide recommendations for improving their operation.


Our experts implement Salesforce into your company’s IT environment, ensuring its security and compliance with necessary regulations. Within the implementation project’s scope, we can design and implement custom Salesforce workflows and transfer data from your legacy systems into Salesforce, keeping it accurate and consistent.


Our experts customize Salesforce solutions, expand them with new business logic, and create bespoke connectors to integrate Salesforce products with third-party applications providing additional functionalities in cases when healthcare providers require more complex capabilities than can be achieved through system configuration.


We connect Salesforce solutions with your other healthcare software to improve interoperability by leveraging ready-made solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange platform or developing custom connectors.

Support & maintenance

Our team handles routine admin tasks, solves problems that emerge during the system’s usage, and analyzes your system’s performance, organization’s needs, and industry trends to improve and keep your Salesforce efficient, secure, compliant, and reliable.

Enhance your healthcare service delivery with Salesforce

Salesforce provides a wide array of solutions that enable healthcare providers to optimize care management, facilitate the collaboration of sales, marketing, customer service, and care teams, and improve relationships with patients. Salesforce consultants and implementation partners can help healthcare organizations save time and resources during the adoption process by helping them choose relevant Salesforce applications and tailoring them to the organization’s specifics.
Salesforce professional services and product expertise


Salesforce professional services and product expertise

Hire a certified Salesforce services provider with 10-year expertise in Salesforce CRM and other solutions to carry out seamless adoption and transformation.

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