Mobile banking application development

Mobile banking application development

Mobilizing your service

We build and implement iOS, Android and cross-platform mobile applications for banks and other financial service providers. Our solutions enable customers to conveniently manage personal funds, make financial transactions and payments, monitor their balance, and get remote assistance 24/7.

  • Real-time payment and fund transfers
  • Personal and corporate account management
  • ATM and banking branch locators
  • On-the-go user support
  • Data synchronization across digital platforms

Step up your mobile banking game

With over two decades of proven financial software development experience, our consultants and engineers leverage advanced capabilities and effective technologies to deliver mobile applications that create unique value for customers while providing frictionless transactional experience and shell-proof security.

Step up your mobile banking game

We enhance your mobile banking app with powerful capabilities that allow end users to gain insight into their finances, handle their funds smartly, and keep up their financial health. Our solutions enable savings goal-setting, expenses monitoring and categorization, budget planning and analysis, detailed report generation, and personalized financial advice.

Our team builds in lending features to let mobile app users apply for personal and business loans, calculate and compare interest rates, fill out application forms, sign loan contracts, and set up loan repayments. We also integrate robust loan approval engines with back-office systems to automatically assess an applicant’s income, cash flow, credit history and rating, to accurately determine their creditworthiness.

To help you keep pace with your customers’ needs for independent problem-solving and financial education, we supply your app with a variety of self-service features, from FAQ and knowledge bases to integrated online communities. Our team can also build AI-powered support chatbots and autonomous cognitive assistants for your mobile app to serve as a gateway for users to resolve their issues around the clock.

We utilize QR, NFC, HCE and RFID technologies to build banking applications that support mobile transactions and deliver tap-and-go convenience to customers. From cardless ATM cash withdrawals to contactless payments via credit card terminals, POSs, kiosks, and self-checkout points, our developers ensure all operations are not only frictionless but also secure for both payers and merchants.

We deliver mobile banking applications that can interact wirelessly with in-branch beacons and other BLE-enabled devices to deliver proximity-based promotions and personalized information to users’ mobile banking apps, help them locate nearest ATMs and branches, and assist bank employees in personalizing customer experience. We can also design such IoT-connected apps to gather meaningful metrics on visitors’ behavior for branch performance analysis.

With their hands-on AR expertise, Itransition’s developers embed the technology into your banking application to overlay information and two- or three-dimensional objects for a more engaging user experience. Our expertise encompasses augmented visualization of financial data and reports, immersive financial education, intuitive ATM navigation, and other AR fintech use cases.

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An experienced vendor of custom blockchain solutions, Itransition can integrate distributed ledger technologies into your legacy mobile software to upgrade its security, transparency, and efficiency, or develop custom blockchain applications according to your requirements.

Digital wallets

We design and develop mobile digital wallet solutions for your customers to store and manage their cryptocurrency, swiftly convert it into other currencies or fiat money, and make secure online or offline payments.

  • Conversion rates
  • Wallet backup
  • Transaction history
  • QR code scanner

P2P lending

Leveraging blockchain-based smart contracts, Itransition builds decentralized mobile social lending platforms that connect borrowers directly to investors. Such a solution allows them to enter into loan agreements and transfer cryptocurrency without a financial institution’s mediation.

  • Loan and EMI calculator
  • KYC/AML automation
  • Repayment automation
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Algorithm-based rating of investors and borrowers

As part of our machine learning consulting offer, Itransition builds, trains, and deploys bespoke ML models to meet your requirements for highly personalized in-app experience and advanced app cybersecurity.


We power up your banking app with a bespoke ML-based engine that interprets real-time and historical data on user behavior. Based on data analysis, the engine suggests personalized product and service recommendations and tailors in-app advertising to match the predicted user intent.

Speech recognition

Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, Itransition’s specialists build voice-first interfaces for banking applications, allowing users to manage their accounts, search information, and complete financial transactions with speech commands. Beyond this, voice recognition can be used as a part of biometric authentication, automatically distinguishing legit customers from malicious users, thus bolstering app safeguards.

Fraud detection

We create, train, and implement custom machine learning models that sift through mobile transactions, accurately identify suspicious or anomalous activity patterns in real time, and timely halt questionable financial operations.

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Payment processing

Banking CRM

Loan management

Self- service


Billing & invoicing

In-branch automation

Online banking

Mobile banking

We integrate your mobile banking application into your IT infrastructure, connecting it with back-office systems and customer-oriented solutions, to facilitate real-time data synchronization across all touchpoints and help you deliver omnichannel banking services.

More BFSI automation solutions

Banking software development

Banking software development

We address the full range of banking organizations’ technological needs with consulting and engineering assistance in creating custom core banking systems, business process automation, customer experience solutions, and more.

Banking CRM

Itransition brings custom and platform-based CRM solutions to banks for them to rethink their customer relationships, start getting more value from customer data, and raise their competitiveness in the digital banking market.

Customer portals

We help customer-centric companies launch advanced self-service portals to cater to their customers’ need for independent problem-solving and access to value-added services 24/7.

Stock trading software development

We digitize trading and investment management processes end to end, as integrated online services or standalone SaaS products, creating web, mobile and cross-platform solutions for private and institutional investors.

Financial data analytics

We translate financial big data sets into a manageable and reliable means of gaining insights into market trends, customer behavior, and business performance as well as managing risks and preventing fraud automatically.

Building mobile banking solutions, our company prioritizes security and renders applications safe and compliant by design. We also utilize leading security technologies and quality assurance techniques to make our applications immune to existing and emerging threats.

Regulatory compliance

Itransition builds mobile solutions that fully comply with recognized financial industry standards. Depending on the banking company’s location and target audience, we also ensure the application follows the regional data privacy and security regulations, like GDPR, FTC Act, PIPEDA, and such.

User data security

Our developers can equip your banking application with an array of security mechanisms and tools to prevent unauthorized account access and activities, fraudulent transactions or theft of funds, and leakage of card information and personal data.

  • Multi-factor verification
  • Biometric authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Access management
  • Payment confirmation

Application security testing

We conduct a multi-layered analysis of your mobile banking app to gauge the state of system protection along with the safety of financial and personal information processing. Our team will root out any security faults present and offer appropriate fixes.

  • Detect bugs and inconsistencies in the source code
  • Simulate a hacking attack to validate protection mechanisms and seek out vulnerabilities
  • Review app compliance against industrial and regional standards as well as corporate requirements
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