Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM

Your healthcare CRM by Itransition

HIPAA-compliant custom medical CRM solutions enhance every digital step of the patient’s journey, helping acquire, manage and retain patients while delivering high-quality medical care. We build our solutions around your practice’s unique needs, with security in mind.

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Vital features of medical CRM software

Vital features of medical CRM software

Patient management

Healthcare CRM software safely stores all relevant information about patients, including their personal, insurance and billing details, medical and appointment history. This information can be accessed, edited and used by medical professionals anytime anywhere, which creates consistency and accuracy in records, liberates patients from filling forms during each visit, and facilitates communication.

Sales and marketing automation

CRM systems can provide marketing teams with data for smart patient segmentation and better promotion targeting. It simplifies feedback collection, which helps to understand the correlation patterns in patients’ needs. At the same time, measuring patient satisfaction can help organizations improve their performance, identify at-risk patients, and reduce churn. Lead management is also one of the main capabilities of medical CRM, as it helps follow up leads on time and detect if there are any consistent issues in lead nurturing.

Customer service integration

Сustomer support representatives get immediate access to patients’ relevant personal and medical information and personnel schedules, which means a support agent can answer condition-related questions, book an appointment with a proper specialist, and perform other informed actions during the interaction with a patient via any channel, be it phone, text messages, social media, live chat, or email, with the same efficiency.

Referral management

CRM holds a record of each medical session, including the diagnosis, prescriptions, additional tests or procedures, and referral to other specialists. Users can see the entire patient’s journey, automatically make a referral appointment, send out reminders if patients don’t show up, and follow them up on the next steps. Such data can be easily exported from the CRM and transferred safely between departments, hospital facilities and practitioners.

Document management

All patient management documentation can be stored securely in a CRM and provided immediately upon request. A variety of built-in templates allows creating documents such as invoices and certificates fast, easily and in compliance with regulations. Reducing paperwork and automating record-keeping tasks will let your employees focus on patients and high-alert work while also lowering operational costs.

Task management and collaboration

Automating routine workflows helps CRM users stay on track through notifications about scheduled events, urgent tasks, planned maintenance or training sessions, etc. It allows departments to quickly exchange requests and information, submit tickets and receive the needed help. Managers can view their team’s progress and schedule in order to correctly distribute the workload. Professionals that are located in different facilities can communicate in a secure and compliant way via a mobile CRM app.

Reporting and analytics

Medical CRM software can analyze data across sales, marketing, and customer service processes and report important findings. It helps identify factors that influence conversions, measure campaign results, find the most successful acquisition approaches and track marketing and sales performance. Analytical dashboards can provide a clear and comprehensive outlook on current leads, opportunities, existing and referred patients.

Healthcare CRM options to consider

Itransition provides custom and platform-based CRM consulting, development and implementation for hospitals and other care-delivering organizations.

A Salesforce Partner, Itransition is ready to leverage this highly flexible platform to deliver sought-after CRM features for healthcare practitioners. In case the platform lacks the modules you’re looking for, we will develop and integrate them. Our experts are also here to provide consultations, business analysis, and optimizations for a richer Salesforce experience.

  • All-round health profiles
  • AI-driven contact tools
  • Ready-made document templates
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Auto-detection of bottlenecks in care workflows
  • Intelligent reports
  • Integrated portals for doctors and patients

Medical CRM integrations

Get a 360-view of all patients’ details and streamline workflows by connecting your CRM to other types of medical software.

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Key benefits of healthcare CRM software

  • Attracting new patients
  • Facilitating internal and outbound communication
  • Enhancing patient loyalty
  • Improving billing workflows
  • Ensuring security, accuracy and compliance
  • Optimizing resource distribution
Key benefits of healthcare CRM software

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Healthcare CRM: a quality checklist

Security & compliance

CRM systems contain sensitive information, therefore we use the latest security technology to protect it from cyber threats. In particular, we comply with the global healthcare standards and data privacy regulations, including HIPAA.


Your CRM solution should be able to transform and adjust as your organization evolves. We develop software that can be customized and expanded according to your requirements.


To create a barrier-free data flow throughout the organization, all systems should be compatible and connected with each other. That’s why we make sure that our solutions can be integrated with third-party systems through APIs or custom connectors.

Ease of use

Healthcare CRM should reduce the manual workload and routine tasks for medical and administrative personnel. Our solutions have logical and user-friendly UI/UX to create a comfortable working space for your staff.


To get the most out of healthcare CRM, admins and executives should have easy access to internal workflow and user account management. We provide simple and functional administrative panels for these purposes.

Cross-platform compatibility

A truly accessible CRM should run on any operating system and device. Our healthcare CRM solutions are developed for all major platforms and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud depending on your requirements.