Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM

Your healthcare CRM by Itransition

Our custom medical CRMs raise customer relationships to a new level through automation of administrative tasks, AI-driven marketing, and tailored experiences.

How it assists caregivers

  • All-round view of patient data
  • Efficient patient management
  • Care cycle analytics
  • Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Interoperability with clinical systems and portable devices
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    Adding CRM to your digital mix

    Our CRM solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, so that we can set them up to meet your needs. Here are some of the types of CRM adopters in healthcare that we serve, along with selected CRM-driven benefits:


    Access to patient records across integrated clinical systems

    Efficient partner and referral management

    Health systems

    A single patient registry across all facilities

    Seamless cross-departmental communication

    Private medical practices

    Health risk evaluation

    Personalized care and prevention plans

    GP offices

    Customer education

    Optimal care plans

    Rehabilitation facilities

    Complete customer health profiles

    24/7 health data monitoring

    Automation areas

    Administrative duties

    Reduce paperwork, operational workload, and related costs:

    • Omniplatform interoperability of records
    • Standard documents available as pre-designed customizable templates
    • Data monitoring on portable devices in real time
    • Streamlined day-to-day workflows


    Foster lead generation and conversions with intelligent marketing automation tools:

    • Multi-channel behavior monitoring
    • AI-powered marketing analysis
    • Personalized campaigns

    Analytics & reporting

    Streamline data transparency and accessible reporting with built-in tools and AI:

    • Bird's-eye view of each patient’s profile
    • Noise-free insights for decision-makers
    • Handy dashboards for performance tracking
    • Timely patient risk assessment


    Upscale engagement with 24/7 omnichannel communication:

    • Integrated patient portals
    • Messengers and AI-powered chatbots
    • Educational resources for patients
    • Contact center automation and integration

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    Related services

    Healthcare solutions

    Our company is fully fit to deliver a range of services and solutions for the industry, from mobile healthcare to software for medical equipment.

    Medical data analytics

    Our data engineering team creates BI and medical data analysis solutions for healthcare providers to assist in precise diagnostics, care personalization, facility management, and more.

    Healthcare mobile apps

    We cover the full cycle of mobile app development to facilitate remote patient monitoring and engagement, build networks of interoperable connected devices, and ease medical staff workflows.


    We bring together patients and care providers via custom-designed telehealth solutions, supporting real-time audio and video communication, EHR integration, and compliant data processing.

    Healthcare CRM consulting and implementation

    We have ample experience and a set of technologies to build tailored or fully custom CRM systems for healthcare.

    Salesforce Health Cloud

    A Salesforce Partner, Itransition is ready to leverage this highly flexible platform to deliver sought-after CRM features for healthcare practitioners. In case the platform lacks the modules you’re looking for, our experts will develop and integrate them.

    • All-round health profiles
    • Ready-made templates to optimize document management
    • Auto-detecting weak spots in care workflows
    • Integrated portals for doctors and patients
    • AI-driven contact tools
    • Personalized campaigns via Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    • Intelligent reports driving marketing insights

    Custom solutions

    Backed by our expertise and healthcare domain knowledge, we offer custom CRM development to meet most specific requirements. We will help you deliver a positive experience, foster referrals, and maximize patient acquisition on your own terms.

    • Catalog of diseases and treatments
    • All-channel detailed health record availability
    • Patient profiles enriched with data from third-party sources
    • AI-powered insights into patients’ behavior
    • Built-in communication tools
    • Integrated portals for patients, doctors, and nurses