Pharmacy management software

Pharmacy management software

Pharmacy management solutions help organizations streamline everyday medicine-related operations, protect customers from fraud, analyze the company’s performance, and increase revenue. They include tools for document, inventory and financial management, and integrations with other medical apps.

Pharmacy management software development by Itransition

We will build a custom pharmacy management system (PMS) that complies with international and local regulations, integrates robust data security mechanisms, and aligns with your specific business requirements.

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Multiple benefits of pharmacy software solutions

Millions of people depend on medicine providers to get their meds on time, and as the demand grows, pharmacy operations can get harder to manage. A properly implemented PMS can lighten employee workload and improve the pharmacy’s efficiency.


medical prescriptions distributed by US pharmacies in 2020.


Enhance customer service

Pharmacy staff to focus on customers’ needs and wishes and serve them faster relying on automated prescription and inventory management enabled by a pharmacy management system.

Improve staff productivity

Pharmacy professionals can spend hours on paperwork or labeling. PMS adoption frees them up from routine tasks and improves their job satisfaction.

Reduce paperwork

PMS helps to minimize document processing time and human errors and enables pharmacies to store digital information in a structured way.

Prevent medicine fraud

PMS-enabled electronic recipes and automated order fulfillments eliminate the possibility of obtaining medicine with counterfeit prescriptions.

Ensure security and compliance

Secure-by-design pharmacy software systems ensure that health data is stored and handled in accordance with international and local regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

Systemize the inventory

Partially automated inventory management helps pharmacies keep track of medicine expiration dates, availability in stock, and proper storage conditions.

Key pharmacy management systems’ features

PMS encompasses a set of features aimed at optimizing medicine ordering, documentation handling, payment processing, and streamlining interactions between the pharmacy, warehouses, patients or customers, and healthcare institutions.

Pharmacy management system

Medical institution



Inventory management

Prescription management

Documentation management

Analytics and reporting

Financial management

Regulatory institutions


Key pharmacy management systems’ features

Document management

The document management module in pharmacy practice management systems facilitates the reception of health records and treatment plans from the various healthcare organizations, their secure storage, and automatic update. The pharmacy database management system is one of its subdivisions, which is essential for keeping all medication information in order, including names, licensing info, unique barcodes, registration and expiration dates, etc.

Inventory management

The pharmacy inventory management software provides timely information about the stock availability to front-desk staff, customers, and procurement managers and streamlines filing orders, logging claimed and unclaimed prescriptions, and locating items.

Prescription management

The prescription management module helps organize prescription flow, dispense treatment to customers in time and according to their treatment plan, and notify healthcare providers if the prescription was fulfilled.

Financial management

The financial management module helps process pharmacy billing, validating the payer and receiver against the prescription and database, automatically requesting confirmation from healthcare or insurance providers.

Analytics and reporting

The analytical module helps pharmacies to understand customer behavior, keep track of medication usage, predict the demand levels, and build an effective sales and marketing strategy. Pharmacies can use the reports to optimize their performance or share them with the regulatory organizations.

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Pharmacy software integrations

Depending on the specifics of your business, you can integrate your pharmacy management solution with other modules. Such custom pharmacy software would help automate particular tasks and facilitate data transfer between different systems.

Delivery and shipping solutions

By integrating your PMS with delivery service modules, we help you manage pharmacy orders, track delivery progress, and ensure a timely medication supply.

Pharmacy compounding software

This integration will help pharmacies ensure drug dosing accuracy, enable multi-batch compounding, and automate the transfer of pricing and billing information about the custom-made medicine.


Through EHR integration, we enable in-hospital pharmacies to get access to patients’ medication records along with the current treatment plans and make more accurate medication prescription decisions.

Interactive Voice Response systems

Connecting PMS to IVR systems, pharmacies help customers quickly check medication availability, fill prescriptions, and receive other services without having to speak to the salesperson.

Hospital management systems

Hospital pharmacy software has to be seamlessly integrated into the institution’s ecosystem to simplify dispensation of medication to in-care patients and facilitate drug demand forecasting.

POS software

The POS platform integrations help pharmacies coordinate back-office retail operations and synchronize sales, transaction and inventory data flow with pharmacy management systems.

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Our pharmacy software development framework

We use our industry expertise to deliver you the most fitting pharmacy management solution and seamlessly implement it into your institution’s ecosystem, ensuring transparency and full support during every project stage.


We analyze your PMS requirements and gather stakeholders’ and customers’ feedback. We also establish the project’s goals, scope, and tech stack and estimate timeframes for each stage.


Our software engineers along with UI/UX designers and business analysts build a pharmacy management solution in line with your business requirements.


We implement the solution into your software ecosystem, performing necessary customizations and integrations, and migrating data from the legacy system to it.

Testing and maintenance

We analyze the completed solution’s performance and fine-tune it if needed. Post-development, our team can provide you with support and maintenance services on demand.





Testing and maintenance

Mapping out the project

Quality assurance

Acceptance testing

Ensuring pharmacy management security and compliance

We equip your pharmacy management software with data encryption engines, multi-factor authentication, and automatic vulnerability assessment to make it fully compliant with HIPAA, FDA, and other vital data management regulations.