Pharmacy management software: key features and implementation best practices

Pharmacy management software: key features and implementation best practices

Pharmacy management software market stats

medical prescriptions filled by US pharmacies in 2022


pharmacy management system market size in 2022

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increase in inventory turn-ups attributed to PMS

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Key pharmacy management systems’ functionality

PMS encompasses features to optimize medicine ordering, handle documentation, process payments, and streamline interactions between pharmacies, warehouses, patients or customers, and healthcare institutions.

Decision-makersMedical institutionWholesaler/WarehouseInventory managementPatientsPrescription managementDocumentation managementPharmacy management systemAnalytics and reportingFinancial managementRegulatory institutions

Document management

A document management module in pharmacy practice management systems facilitates the reception of health records and treatment plans from various healthcare organizations, their secure storage, and automatic update. A pharmacy database management system is one of its subdivisions, essential for keeping all medication information in order, including names, licensing info, unique barcodes, registration, and expiration dates.

Inventory management

Pharmacy inventory management software provides timely information about the stock availability to front-desk staff, customers, and procurement managers and streamlines filing orders, logging claimed and unclaimed prescriptions, and locating items.

Prescription management

A prescription management module helps organize prescription flow, dispense treatment to customers in time and according to their treatment plan, and notify healthcare providers if the prescription was fulfilled or a refill will be needed soon.

Financial management

A financial management module helps process pharmacy billing, validating payers and receivers against prescriptions and databases and automatically requesting confirmation from healthcare or insurance providers.

Analytics and reporting

An analytical module helps pharmacists to understand customer behavior, keep track of medication usage, predict demand levels, and build an effective sales and marketing strategy. In addition, pharmacy businesses can use generated reports to optimize their performance or share them with regulatory organizations.

Our services

We offer our expertise at any stage of healthcare software development and adoption, including PMS. Our experts provide consultation, development, integration, and support services to independent pharmacies, chain pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, and other pharmacy businesses according to their requirements and budget.

Our services

We help pharmacists choose between cloud and on-premise solutions, determine a future system’s functionality, pick the best pharmacy software, and carry out its implementation. Our team can also analyze the current PMS platform and suggest upgrades to increase an organization’s profitability, enhance pharmacy workflows, and ensure compliance.

Our custom development team provides pharmacies with the functionality and interfaces relevant to their daily operations, adding only the most valuable modules as not to overburden the user. We offer scalable, flexible, and secure solutions that benefit specialty pharmacies but don’t cost a fortune to adopt.

We improve healthcare interoperability by facilitating smooth data exchange between pharmacy and clinical service providers. Depending on business specifics, our integration team will supplement PMS software with additional modules and applications to expand its capabilities. Meanwhile, our migration specialists will help transfer data securely and efficiently.

Our customer support team ensures the successful usage of the system after it is implemented. We help to train pharmacy personnel quickly and efficiently, monitor the system’s real-time performance and suggest improvements, solve any operational problems, and keep the software modern and secure.

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Pharmacy software integrations

Depending on the specifics of your business, you can integrate your pharmacy management solution with other modules. This can ensure the automation of particular tasks and smooth data transfer between different systems.

Delivery and shipping solutions

Integrating your PMS with delivery service modules, we help you manage pharmacy orders, track delivery progress, and ensure timely medication supply.

Pharmacy compounding software

This integration will help pharmacies ensure drug dosing accuracy, enable multi-batch compounding, and automate the transfer of pricing and billing information about custom-made medicine.

Through EHR integration, we enable in-hospital pharmacies to access patients’ medication records and current treatment plans and make more accurate medication prescription decisions.

Interactive Voice Response systems

Connecting PMS to IVR systems, pharmacies help customers quickly check medication availability, fill prescriptions, and receive other services without speaking to a salesperson.

Hospital pharmacy software should be seamlessly integrated into the institution’s ecosystem to simplify medication dispensation to in-care patients and facilitate forecasting of drug demand.

Point-of-sale software integrations help pharmacies coordinate back-office retail operations and synchronize sales, transaction, and inventory data flow with pharmacy management systems.

We help you get a full view of your patients’ journeys and make care more personalized and effective by implementing a healthcare CRM into your hospital.

We help you uncover valuable insights through intelligent data processing and analytics so that you can enhance treatment efficiency and improve your healthcare staff qualifications.

Through mobile app development, our team enables healthcare professionals to consult and monitor patients remotely while providing them with on-the-go access to their medical data.

Selection of the best pharmacy software solutions

A rising number of independent and community pharmacies are choosing this pharmacy software with a user-friendly interface to manage their daily operations.

Key features
  • eCare plans
  • Medication adherence tracking
  • Workflow management for all types of facilities including long-term care
  • IVR
  • Customizable report templates
  • Communication tools including notifications for patients and clinicians
  • Other eMar tools
  • POS systems
  • EHRs
  • OutcomesMTM
  • CoverMyMeds
  • Integrates with fewer systems than other similar software
  • A quote is calculated for each case by the vendor
Free trial
  • Not available
  • Only demo

This affordable pharmacy software positions itself as the most suitable for small pharmacy businesses that are planning to grow fast.

Key features
  • Customizable workflow management
  • Multiple medication synchronization
  • Prescription request prioritization
  • Specialty drug support
  • Multi-dose prepackaging
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Automatic cloud-based backups
  • Telehealth tools
  • eCare collaboration
  • Inventory management
  • Digital calendar
  • POS
  • E-remittance
  • A mobile delivery app
  • Fewer customization options compared to competitors’ software
  • $2,250 per month
Free trial
  • Not available

McKesson’s pharmacy solution is popular among mid-sized and large pharmacies across the US for its powerful capabilities and a broad range of integrations.

Key features
  • Multi-store management
  • Powerful analytics and reporting
  • Automated multiple prescription processing
  • Automated refills
  • Supply chain management
  • Medication adherence tools
  • Electronic signature
  • Cloud-based backup
  • Mobile delivery apps
  • Reimbursement management systems
  • POS terminals
  • OneStop Generics™ and SynerGx® proprietary purchasing and distribution programs
  • Is more complex and has a steeper learning curve than similar software
  • The quote is calculated individually by the vendor
Free trial
  • Not available
  • Only demo

Custom pharmacy management solutions

Specialty pharmacies often prefer custom software that fits their unique requirements without overcrowding the interface with unnecessary modules. While it involves larger initial investments than out-of-the-box solutions, custom software supports even the most peculiar workflow management, contributing to a quick ROI.

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How to select pharmacy management software

Selecting a suitable pharmacy management software type and deployment model can be a tough choice. Comparison tables below can help pharmacy businesses make an informed decision.

Cloud-based vs on-premise

Cloud-based pharmacy software is hosted on a vendor’s servers and requires an internet connection, while an on-premise system is installed within the infrastructure of a particular pharmaceutical facility.



  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Takes less time to set up
  • Lower upfront payment
  • Backups are managed by the vendor
  • More protected and secure as data is stored on internal servers and can’t be accessed from unauthorized locations
  • Full control over productivity and settings
  • Works well in areas with poor internet coverage
  • A target for hacker attacks
  • Requires a stable internet connection
  • A system’s performance depends on a vendor’s service capacity
  • Large initial investment
  • A pharmacy is in charge of its own backup schedule
  • Can only be accessed from the facility itself
  • Takes more time and changes to the company’s infrastructure to set up

Custom vs out-of-the-box

An out-of-the-box solution is an excellent fit for pharmacies that require a quick setup, don’t need a lot of customization, and aren’t ready for a significant upfront investment. On the other hand, custom systems are more expensive and take longer to implement but are tailored to the specific workflows of a particular organization, thus yielding a higher ROI.

NoYesNoYesYesYesNoNoYesDoes your organizationalready use a pharmacy management system?Will general out-of-the box solution's functionality be enough?Does it cover all your requirements?Do you require extensive customizations?Would you like to upgrade it with additional modules?We can help you choose a plug-and-play commercial PMSOur experts can build a uniquely tailored custom solution to fit your practiceOur integration team can help you get more value from your EHR with add-ons and fine-tuning

PMS software implementation roadmap

Our Healthcare Center of Excellence covers skills and knowledge necessary for full-cycle PMS software development. We implement cloud-based and on-premise pharmacy management systems, ensuring their interoperability, scalability, and security.



Defining pharmacy management system requirements and tech stack



Mapping out the project and determining milestones and timeline

Developing a tailored PMS solution

Integrating hospital, laboratory, or other third-party software

Carrying out all-round quality assurance throughout the implementation process



Integrating PMS software into the IT ecosystem and migrating data if needed



Keeping the system’s performance in check, solving issues if they come up, and implementing upgrades

Multiple benefits of pharmacy software solutions

Enhanced customer service

Pharmacy staff focus on customers’ needs and wishes and serve them faster, relying on automated prescription and inventory management enabled by a pharmacy management system.

Improved productivity

Pharmacy professionals can spend hours on paperwork or labeling. PMS adoption frees them up from routine tasks and improves their job satisfaction.

Reduced paperwork

PMS helps to minimize document processing time and human errors and enables pharmacies to store digital information in a structured way.

Prevented medicine fraud

PMS-enabled electronic recipes and automated order fulfillment eliminate the possibility of obtaining medicine with counterfeit prescriptions.

Security and compliance

Secure-by-design pharmacy software systems ensure that health data is stored and handled in accordance with international and local regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

Systematized inventory

Partially automated inventory management helps pharmacies keep track of medicine expiration dates, availability in stock, and proper storage conditions.

Why are pharmacists reluctant to adopt PMS?

Many organizations hesitate to adopt pharmacy software because of the perceived challenges with the system. Let’s explore what the common issues are and how professional experts can help overcome them.


How to overcome them

The healthcare industry is notorious for its sensitivity to cyber crimes. Pharmacy management systems contain sensitive patient information and can become a target for hacker attacks.

The healthcare industry is notorious for its sensitivity to cyber crimes. Pharmacy management systems contain sensitive patient information and can become a target for hacker attacks.

Our experts protect medical pharmacy management systems with the latest security tech. We also ensure PMS software’s HIPAA compliance and adherence to other global pharma privacy standards.

Some PMS systems are incompatible with other vendors’ healthcare software and pharmacy management systems.

Some PMS systems are incompatible with other vendors’ healthcare software and pharmacy management systems.

Our team makes sure that every solution we implement can be easily integrated with third-party systems through APIs or custom connectors, and data can be transferred securely between them.

Pharmacists worry that PMS software will disrupt their well-oiled workflows and contribute to their burnout or even layoff.

Pharmacists worry that PMS software will disrupt their well-oiled workflows and contribute to their burnout or even layoff.

We always implement software with the most user-friendly UX/UI and provide sufficient user training to the pharmacy personnel in order to make their user experience flawless.

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