Construction software development services

Construction software development services

Construction software we deliver

Construction project management software

Streamline building activities planning, resource allocation, project progress tracking, and coordination of team members, general contractors, and subcontractors to ensure the project is completed within a fixed timeline and budget.

Construction equipment management systems

Track and control the location and utilization of construction assets like equipment, materials, vehicles, and machinery. Use maintenance scheduling and inspection capabilities to optimize maintenance efforts, prevent equipment downtime, prolong asset life cycles, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Bid management software

Automate the creation and distribution of invitations to bid (ITB), bid packages, and bid templates, consolidate contractor and bid data, and create criteria for bid analysis to accelerate the bidding process, increase bid accuracy, and make contractor selection faster and more convenient.

Project scheduling software

Plan shifts and jobs, schedule workforce and equipment for required activities, monitor staff hours, and track employee task completion without spreadsheets, improving human and material resource allocation and achieving construction project predictability.

Submittal management solutions

Consolidate all project documentation, including specs, shop drawings, plans, change orders, and RFIs, into a central database and automate the entire submittal management lifecycle, facilitating quick and secure information sharing with team members and project stakeholders.

Inspection management software

Provide construction managers and supervisors with tools to plan and schedule inspections, systematically track, record, and address issues, and generate inspection reports. Standardize and streamline the inspection process, enhancing job site safety and ensuring compliance of the construction process with the project’s specifications and quality standards.

Field service management software

Automate the creation and dispatching of work orders to on-site workers, provide work details and instructions accessible through a mobile app, and monitor ongoing field activities, optimizing workforce availability and boosting productivity.

Homeowner & tenant portals

Provide homeowners with an intuitive self-service platform to submit maintenance or repair requests, pay rent, communicate with property management and maintenance staff, access relevant information such as community guides and announcements, and get alerts in case of severe weather or security issues.

Enterprise solutions for construction businesses

Enterprise solutions for construction businesses

We build enterprise resource planning solutions, integrating and streamlining core business processes within a construction company to increase its operational efficiency. Our experts can equip ERP systems with specific modules, like purchase order or construction estimating management, to better align them with the company’s business needs.

We deliver comprehensive customer relationship management solutions to help construction companies consolidate information about clients and prospects, streamlining marketing and sales activities. We can incorporate a bidding functionality into the CRM system to help organizations track bid opportunities and facilitate their conversion into projects.

We develop high-performing, intuitive web portals that allow construction businesses to securely share project information with their clients and contractors, providing greater project visibility and improving service operations for better partner and client experiences.

We implement user-friendly learning management software that enables construction companies to create training courses, track learners’ progress, and evaluate their performance. Our training software facilitates quick onboarding for new employees, continuous skill development, and safety training for employee or contractor teams of any size.

We deliver analytics and BI solutions to help AEC companies consolidate data across siloed systems and gain meaningful insights to support decision-making at different corporate levels. We equip our solutions with interactive dashboards for complex data visualization, facilitating project metrics interpretation and trend and bottleneck identification.

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Client spotlight

CRM development for a construction company


generated opportunities

Itransition helped a multinational supplier of construction products optimize their Salesforce-based solution to automate several sales processes, establish seamless data synchronization, and enable KPI tracking and reporting. This resulted in a 30% increase in system usage and 10,000+ additional events scheduled within a year.

Acumatica Construction Edition development


platform use growth

Acumatica partnered with Itransition to adapt its cloud-based ERP system to the needs of the construction industry. We customized the solution and developed a set of separate modules on top of the Acumatica Framework. As a result, the platform attracted many customers from the industry, including the top 10 construction companies.

Innovative capabilities for advanced business tasks

Relying on our technology and industry expertise, we can augment your construction software with advanced capabilities or create standalone software solutions powered by emerging technologies to solve complicated business tasks.


Computer vision

  • Monitoring workplaces and construction sites to detect safety violations and warn managers about potential hazards in real-time.
  • Creating heat maps to spot productivity bottlenecks like long distances between material storage and construction areas or overcrowded zones.
  • Tracking movements of workers and vehicles to assess the impact of construction activities on the road, ensure road safety, and minimize traffic flow disruptions.
  • Automatically checking the quality of construction materials, including their dimensions, consistency (like color or shape), and the presence of defects, and getting alerts in case of deviations.

ML-powered risk management

  • Analyzing safety incidents, weather, site, and equipment usage data to detect and mitigate safety risks.
  • Identifying hidden patterns and correlations in sales, inventory, supplier, and external factor data to forecast supply chain disruptions.
  • Analyzing the data coming from machinery and vehicles to identify the likelihood of a failure and schedule maintenance activities to prevent breakdowns, costly repairs, accidents, and disruptions in operations.
  • Predicting environmental hazards like severe weather conditions and assessing their potential impact.

Site monitoring

  • Collecting real-time data from your assets, like equipment or vehicles, to track their location, optimize their use, and plan maintenance.
  • Remotely monitoring environmental factors like temperature, humidity, noise, and vibration on the construction site.

Supply chain management

  • Tracking the location and movements of your fleet and heavy-duty machinery.
  • Accurately calculating fuel consumption based on fuel sensor data.
  • Optimizing routes by analyzing vehicle data and traffic conditions.
  • Monitoring driver behavior.

Construction design visualization

Creating interactive virtual models of buildings and infrastructure so that project stakeholders can better understand spatial relationships, find design flaws, and explore alternative construction solutions.

Staff training

Generating simulations of high-risk activities, emergency training, and safety procedures to provide your staff with hands-on experience in a controlled environment, minimizing their exposure to real-life hazards.

On-site construction support

Overlaying important information, like building plans, equipment guides, and safety instructions, onto real-world objects.

Our construction software services


We offer advisory support to help companies adopt software solutions that address their specific needs and challenges. We assess your IT environment and business workflows, conceptualize your future solution, recommend a suitable tech stack, and draw up an optimal implementation plan.


We build construction software from scratch or customize an out-of-the-box solution. Our services cover the entire process, from solution design and conceptualization to deployment and post-launch support.


We connect construction software with other corporate systems or third-party services, like accounting software, through APIs or other connectors to create a unified ecosystem for managing day-to-day business operations, ensuring secure data exchange.

Legacy software modernization

Our team can migrate your legacy construction software to a new platform or revamp it by re-engineering, refactoring the code, redesigning the UX/UI, and introducing new capabilities. We select an optimal modernization strategy to help you achieve better software performance, scalability, and lower maintenance costs.

Maintenance & support

We provide routine or on-demand maintenance of your construction solution after its implementation. Our team runs software health checks to detect vulnerabilities and resolve technical issues, makes code-level modifications to optimize software performance, and delivers updates to mitigate security risks and keep your software compliant with industry standards.

Our construction software development process



We begin by analyzing your construction business needs and eliciting the requirements for your future solution.



Based on the project’s requirements, we design software architecture and select the most suitable set of technologies.



We define the project scope, map out development and testing activities, and plan the project’s budget.



Our developers customize and configure off-the-shelf platforms or create the front-end and back-end for custom software and build integrations with other corporate systems.



Our QA engineers perform testing to ensure your solution is secure and reliable and performs as expected.



When the software is approved for deployment, we roll it out to the target environment and perform user onboarding.



After the deployment, we monitor your solution’s performance, resolve issues, and make minor improvements based on your feedback.

Platforms we work with

We create construction software solutions on top of the most trusted platforms, setting them up in line with your requirements and business goals.

Custom construction software development

Itransition helps companies in the construction industry build custom solutions that are aligned with their specific needs. Here are some benefits of implementing bespoke construction software with Itransition:

Tailored solution 
designed to support your unique workflows and processes, differentiating you from competitors

Software designed with scalability in mind
to accommodate increasing workloads and data volumes, supporting your business growth

Custom security mechanisms
conforming to the strictest requirements and industry-specific regulations

Smooth & cost-efficient integration 
with your IT environment, ensuring smooth data exchange between your corporate systems

Lower TCO in the long run
due to the absence of license costs, additional payments, or fee increases associated with out-of-the-box solutions

Benefits of custom construction software

Looking for a reliable technology partner to build construction software?

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Why partner with Itransition

25+ years in custom software development

Certified Salesforce, SAP, Odoo, Atlassian, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud consultants and developers

Acknowledgement in the IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnerships program

Listed in the Forrester’s Modern Application Development Services report

Featured in the Everest Group’s Digital Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 report 

Recognized as a top service provider in the 2022 Zinnov Zones E R&D Services report

Ranked as 2024 Top Developers by Clutch

Maintaining an ISO 9001-certified quality management system


What engagement options do you offer for construction software development?

We can take on the delivery of your entire project end-to-end or provide a dedicated team to support you with the required expertise. Contact our consultants to discuss your project needs and choose the most relevant cooperation model.

How do you ensure construction software security?

When developing software for construction companies, including residential home builders and remodelers, our teams follow company-wide secure coding guidelines and DevSecOps practices. This helps ensure we deliver construction management software solutions resistant to cybersecurity threats and compliant with general and industry-specific standards. 

We equip our solutions with robust security mechanisms, such as data encryption, identity and access management tools, and antimalware modules, to protect them from malicious activity and safeguard your sensitive information.

Enterprise application integration


Enterprise application integration

We provide comprehensive application integration services, helping to integrate your web, cloud and mobile software with other tools.

Software security consulting


Software security consulting

Tap into application security consulting by Itransition. We offer security testing services to evaluate and enhance your digital assets protection.

Odoo ERP system implementation

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Odoo ERP system implementation

Discover how Itransition customized an Odoo ERP system to help the customer automate their business processes and improve service quality.

BI for incident management

Case study

BI for incident management

Read how Itransition developed a customizable incident analytics BI solution for a global risk management and safety assurance company.

Building access control system development

Case study

Building access control system development

Read how Itransition helped design and develop the frontend part of a building access control application.

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